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Formed initially from a group of like-minded people 15 years ago the informal club became official in October 2006.

Many members of the Club have a long history of competing in motor sport events, with members competing at a high level in Hillclimbs, Sprints, Autocross, Autotests, circuit racing, Rallies, and Navigational Runs. It aims to be encouraging to new members to start competing and then providing the stimulus for them to further develop their skills.

If you are interested in finding out more then come down to one of the events in our calendar, or our monthly 'first Friday' meet at The Old Colonial, Dunbottle Lane, Mirfield, WF14 9JJ just off the A62 or the A644 at Mirfield (M62 - junction 25 eastbound or J27 westbound.. You can then meet the members of the friendliest motor club in the North, or apply for membership by either downloading the membership form or by e-mailing membership@northernroadsters.co.uk
for details of how to join by snail mail.

Check our calendar page for details of our forthcoming activities.

Meeting History



Christmas Cheer 2019
Tis that special time of year
We all imbibed in festive cheer
Quaffing wine won at test
Ales of Camra supped by the rest 

Sec adorned in usual yellow
This year calm and remarkably mellow
Yellow Ra Ra (’not a TuTu’) awaits a dancer
High heeled memories retold of the Prancer

Long lapsed friends all reunited
With promise of more interactions cited
Frivolity and fun put us in mood
Filling our bellies with Carol’s food

Shared love, laughter and best wishes
Before departing with plenty kisses
Enjoy festivities and have a ball
Merry Christmas to one and all

Decadent December and discussion about the moon, gravity science and why tides rise and do we weight less at the full moon then moon. This then went surreal with men hiding on the Dark side.  Fencewrecker talked about delivery woes especially with spanking new Transit vans. Discussion continued about Emerald vs. Noble and the bike carb artists Bogg Brothers and car engines. Colin’s Mate talked about his army career and how regimental maths doesn’t add up when the 7th & 4th were amalgamated to become the 5th!  The Tiger Twins with minutes to spare only just booked their Christmas meal in time with Sec. Mr Corgi fumed about government false new energy economy claims and scrappage cons with lies of net & gross boiler measurement. This lead onto the eco-energy cycle of new cars with the conclusion kit cars rate the best not Lithium hungry and rare metal electric battery powered units shipped al over the world. When we are all forced to be electric where are people going to plug-in in London, plus how can we expect to charge them all when there is domestic power shortages muted even now!! 
Mr Darkbeer is enjoying the Porker. Discussion about MSA grass roots membership and the new Clubman License free for now but what is it going to do in the future? The final debate about renting or buying it concluded but whatever it is, it’s cheaper to rent in the long run! Looking forward to the Christmas dinner see you all next week.

November  A small, yet quality grouping were in attendance to give audience to Lou who was present in lieu of a Christmas Meal appearance. (Mr. Corgi was on his best behaviour).  Our Glorious Leader was elsewhere, giving some other souls the benefit of his wisdom. Sec. laboured dutifully, striving to sort the chaos that will be become said Festive Meal.

OctoberWetfest.  A happy few at the meeting which got off on a good footing with conversation about holes and trenches.  Fencewrecker dug a big hole in his garden, just deep enough to see over (so that’s four foot deep then!),  Sec did the footing for his garage and went on a journey to the centre of the Earth.  0GL employed the motorway digger to do the footings for the mansion extension - one scoop, 10 minutes. Job done! Seasick P will soon be first footing in the new house soon to be ready to move. Colin’s mate told more tales of his days at Nelumbo Nucifera.  Corgiman gets frustrated, vexed and discontent at the Imperial/Metric/ UNF/UNC methods of holding his car together.   Gulfman, like OGL is an ex-non-gardener and enjoys playing with loppers, choppers on Cupressus Leylandii and the neighbours.  An interesting discussion ensued about antibodies and semicircular canal hairs being affected leading to Mal de Mere motion sickness and poor karting outcomes.   Some ‘Top Trumps’ car wish lists were discussed if you hypothetically won $8 million.  Fence wrecker wants a DB9 but 0GL wants a Metro 6R4 with much derision form everyone else!  A few were going to try the Elland Festival of speed on Saturday.  Tim wants us all to put on a show at the 10th November Remembrance Sunday car parade.  The 14th of December is the Christmas party so to get your foot in the door and choose your menu.  Deposits and choices to Stu at the November meet.
Time to Choose

September & the sun finally set fair.  Seasick P was riding on the crest of the dentist chair so blobbed with pain. A newby - Wayne brought his tidy CC Cyclone. Tim the Landlord kindly brought out the Aldi LED searchlight so we could all play in the car park. Very very bright - make mental notes must buy one... Colin’s mate brought piccies of his faux Ferrari and extolled the virtues of the Porsche specialist in Brighouse.  Mr Darkbeer is now looking to do a Caterham / Porker swap.  Sec told us about the Huddersfield MC Centenary Hillclimb plans as well as the old cars and the history of the cars that competed originally piloted but a pre “Sir” Malcolm Campbell. This car and the family are due to attend.  Some memories of the tractor pulling event were shared with one car producing 7000 HP plus other jet propelled units to boot.  The may be a possible new weekend meeting venue at Sherburne in Elmet – Maybe a Sunday brekky run out.  There’s no camping date set this year (probably as well with the way the weather has been!!). The assembly attending were split into three separate groups but some babble overheard included drone holidays in Corfu at the RC Hotel, The Nomads now settled into the new home and doggy sitting and the huge topic of sweets getting smaller such as Curly Wurlys and Kit Kats.

August and we’ve made it! We now have a Porsche in the clan.  Only one yellow car turned up for the club named “The Yellow Car Club”. Turnout was good 13 came with a few away on holiday.  A new member came all the way from Hull in the nice Ron Chapman self built from scratch.  With warm weather most decamped to the car park and all descended on CD (LP)’s misfiring 4-Age with plenty pulling off leads and sniffing carbs until two plugs and one lead were assessed as dodgy.  So, with a loan of a spare lead and some mismatched plugs the car was fixed.  OGL obligingly took the new barmaid out for her requested trip with much jealousy from Colin’s mate.  Tiger man and Mr Darkbeer revelled in tales of very late nights and thickheads at the Olivers Mount Meet including the hilarious tale of midget bouncers and buxom barmaids.  At the event the commentator was in a world his own blathering on about all topics rather then commenting the same race as everybody else was seeing but the racing was good and fast.  Mr Corgi had his new phone sorted as his old one was nicked in THE most secure place possible – an airport security checkpoint whilst being strip-searched trying to explain the metallic knee !!   Upcoming events are the tractor pulling set for the 24th, possibly a Diggerland revisit on bank holiday weekend, the last Scammy Hill Climb on 17th and Brooklands Nursery Car Show 18th August.   Tim also asked if we can muster some cars to be in the Remembrance Sunday parade again.

Wheels In The Park and a relaxing coffee rendezvous at OGL’s before we set off the huge distance of 600 yards to the park and met a Sylva Phoenix coming the other way fighting past the parked public cars already amassing.  We asked if he was going to the “do” in the park with the answer was what do?  He was just coming back from breakfast and lives locally to OGL  A little information later there was a promise to attend.  Onto our pitch and Wayne another new member who drove the Ron Chapman build a car for £250 from Hull scurried over to see us all.  Dan the new man and his wife came later. Sec kept snaffling up children to sit in the cars for photo opportunities for the parents.  The Motown tribute band struck out a song or two then people started to go.  The weather was fine and a lot of public turned out. With some interesting cars there, a few yanky muscle cars, eclectic mix of motorbikes, many 60’s & 70’s , some tractors, retro tin tops and delightful 1983 kit car replica of an 1898 Stanley Steamer-created a lot of interest puffing around the park sounding like Thomas Tank.   Interesting event hopefully it will grow in stature.

Detached July & good weather took Gulfman, Mr. Darkbeer, the Mustang Gang and OGL to the Wakefield Fleur de-Lys show to view probably over 1000 cars, wagons, tractors, bikes, buses, etc.  Fencewrecker couldn’t get home in time to go to the show.  It’s supposed to be for cars over 25 years old but there were many more modern than that! However, a good show.  Then back to the Colonial to meet the rest wondering where everyone was.  The Nomads now housed Seasick P is hoping to be nomadic soon.  CD original (LP) P) was wheezing and sneezing with hay fever so couldn’t come.  New boy Paul came to check us out in the Robin Hood and Colin’s Mate brought his offspring who told some tales of test driving McLarens. Plenty cars turned out.  There were more red cars than yellow so id it time for a revamped nickname? General babble and talk ensued with the usual topics of F1/tyres/bikes/Silverstone Classic/Festival of Speed/Olivers Mount meets with plenty events clashing on July 28.  Did Mr. Darkbeer buy a tractor off EBay whilst drunk?  If not he definitely wants a Selecto-matic David Brown Sunday is the Beaumont Park Wheels In The Park event and the rendezvous set at OGL’s first. 

Filey Fish ‘n Chip Run - Three hardy teams met at the old Three Nunn's, the Mustang Gang, the 220’s (formerly Nomads) and yours truly in the Red Peril. After a quick if somewhat muted hellos we agreed that OGL and Sec weren't coming so, off to Leeds. No issues on the way up the M1, A1, A64. Seasick P, Jo and the kids in the super quick i10 were waiting. Then the happy campers arrived (says she hates it but I never saw anything but the biggest grin). Last and well late Mr. & Mrs Corgiman in the unknown car (more on that later).  Whilst we waited we diagnosed the Red Perils skittish steering. Bent suspension again from its last Autotest.  Argh but thanks Rich, Nige and Paul for helping to identify. Consensus was it shouldn't get any worse.  Once again off we go, Red Peril path finding in case it had to stop.  After the first roundabout the convoy was split with the lead cars disappearing leaving, the Mustang Gang, Happy Campers, and i10, to find their own way.  Next stop Seaways for a much needed coffee and toilet breaks.  The last chipper to join Disco Man was waiting with a table for us.  Coffee and snacks for all plus some tales of adventures past.  Off we go again. This time the speedy i10 leading the way through the Wolds, through Sledmere and on to Staxton Hill, no brake failure so we couldn't test the emergency sand pit. …...And so to Filey. We parked in the usual place.  With several drivers going to get tickets.  Machine 1 not accepting cash Mr. Corgi tried using his phone. First he needed the reg of his very new car (only had it since he was a lad) so walked back to the car for that, then back to the machine for the car park number then back to the car, all on his worn-out knee.  As we waited a car came literally bouncing across the grass, yes, Mr. Darkbeer and Cost Centre 1 had arrived.  Apparently he was testing Ford suspension.  By now Fish and Chips were calling so various places were tested.  All good.  Then the games.  Sandcastle building for both kids and parents, with stone in the coffee cup challenges for the teens and "grownups".  Crews made their own way home (sorry again Cheryl).  A great day with fantastic weather. Thanks Tiggergal for organising.  DW (Thanks Dave – OGL

Flaming (rainy) June !-a tad precipitous and following the storm only OGL turned up in the kit.  Still a lot made it and Tiggagal turned up later in the Stang. Mr. Darkbeer came and went en-route from work to tea not before enjoying the hilarity of Tigerman's self-inflicted radiator leak at Blyton.  Seasick P has been gazumped so still has his abode. 0GL played out in an 1896 Stanley Steam Car replica at the rainy Myers show so conversations moved to boilers, super heated steam and gas turbines, and why more power is  available from steam once it condenses, regulators and steam powered MOT's problems.  Colin’s Mate mentioned some McLaren consultancy for a chappie who has a collection of Ultimas and Porsches,  Droneman Darrel brought his new ‘four prop’ drone so conversation switched to model planes gliders small-scale Vulcan bombers, blade technology, blade stress measurement and dye stress testing as well as x-ray, and general radio control issues.  Now we all like model aircraft a trip to Elvington is probably pending on the agenda.  Mr Corgi has fuel pressure starvation on the striker Striker at Blyton so several offered their advice and now he is more confused than ever!  Tiger Man thinks he can get an extra half second per run on sticky tyre remoulds and some evidential photos were shown of spectacular skidmarks at Scammonden as Tiggagal crossed the finish line lifting off over the 'crest' causing a mild twitch in the chinos and a little grass cutting.  There was some bus lane rants (and delight) when Jo Public don’t read the signs properly so allowing those that do vacant carriageways. The fish and chip run was discussed in more detail. And outline plans made for the annual pilgrimage to the beach.

Stoneleigh Show 2019  a few braved the cold with the usual early rendezvous at Woodall services.  The run down collected a TVR Tuscan and Johnny Petrolhead in the tin top just as we left the service station.  A few max power pilchards seemed to tag on to the convoy but thankfully they left to go to some other bling show. Colin’s mate nearly being sideswiped at Junction 21.  With more campers than there were cars this year as the Tiger Twins were on Anglesey at a Sprint with Sec assisting as pit crew. Seasick P was absent due to enforced offspring birthday duties - that's bad timing.  With HS1 bisecting the show ground, finding the newly allocated pitch took some time.  Mr Corgi was bailed out with cash having forgotten his wallet.  Still 17 came through the stand over the event. There was interest in OGL’s GTM and Colin’s Mate brought the nice Ferrari lookalike and Mrs Italia came on the stand on day two taking pictures, convinced it was the real deal. Overall the show was generally poor with three major manufacturers missing, stated to be due to high exhibitor prices. There was also less trade support and those attending brought little or no stock leaving a few to go home empty-handed having to order online. On the plus side AB Racing had a good stand showing plenty diverse cars, there was a new but rather ugly 7 was on show and an ingenious potassium nitrate fire extinguisher (OGL bought one).  The campers took benefit of the warmth and the band in the hall but the bar was very dear at £4.50 per bottle.  Dawn came too early for some with a motorbike blasting around at 5 am.  Dawn was dry so easy to pack up, before breakfast and another lap of the show. The event shelter came down by 1pm by which time most had set off home. Does the industry need new directions as the kit car scene seems to be waning? Maybe the way forward is just re-bodied exotica on MX5 or BMW chassis?

My My May  & is Darren really back! 15 came this month with a diverse agenda for many this weekend notably with the Tiger Twins going racing and Seasick P having a party. Sec’s car blew up on the way to Blyton (but was only a sticking thermostat in the end) so took eons of time to get there.  Mr Corgi was frustrates as he couldn't get fast enough on the straight to catch Fencewrecker.  He puts it down to lesser driving rather than outright BHP.  Upcoming events of interest; June 14th is Cock ‘o the North at Oliver’s Mount held on the same day as Kit Fest at Santa Pod. – Decisions time chaps and chapesses!  6th June Thornes Park - Cars in the Parking and Lotherton Hall Cars in the park in July.  Seasick P has some problems with wobbly suspension so advice about his top hat was proffered.   There was much diverse conversation about bikes and general tech, Colin’s Mate and mysterious package deliveries to Milan and the progress report of Mr Darkbeer’s car in bits. We are all surprised his car didn’t blow up with the racing fuel tank venting valve being the wrong way round.  He is now looking for Vauxhall engines and a bell housing with integral sump to add to the tyre collection. A time was set for 830 rendezvous at Woodall services for a 9 am departure to Stoneleigh for those going.  See you at Woodall.

Exodus April (or not as it seems) and a few disturbed some settled dust after the winter storage lay up. Tiggergal was absent again so we assumed she is out with the new Stang, although a few muted does it really exist? Tigerman defended his corner and a few claim to have seen it! We welcomed a new member into the fold - Colin’s Chum who regaled anecdotal tales of testing and driving. The two nomads were also away but look soon to be housed again. but Seasick P may soon join the nomadic club with the recent sale of his house. Sparkyman came announcing he has just had a special birthday joining the Septuagenarian Club. The Tiger Twins will both be Quadragenerians this year. We’re all looking forward to the party! The gathering was spread out but Johnny Redmist, Gulf Man and Mr Tango talked carsd on another table   Fencewrecker is now back on the road and brought the car following a shakedown to test-the new up-rated diff mounts that look to be holding on well.  The racing Tiger is now complete bar the oil change and ready for the first track day.  Sec retold the history of Blyton to Colin’s Mate and the associated history with McLaren.  A few now also want to be in the 200 mile an hour club.  Two impending quizzes and a Blyton testing day on the 29th are pending and Stoneleigh is looming with a new potential Kit Car Show at Santa Pod Raceway in June.

AGM and only a year since a Beast from the East previously prevented proceedings but where was the Treasurer this time?  Only at the Rhinos game. Tigerman had flu so Tiggergal was being nursemaid. The AGM agenda was rattled through although Mr Darkbeer wants to be the adult entertainment organiser! OGL overpaid subs again due to lack of bank home fund coordination. More social functions were discussed and wanted. ideas to spend the cash pot to the benefit of the members needed. Maybe a key fob for each member. The available tools list requires updating so send lists to Fencewrecker for sharing.  Mr Corgi was the only one venturing in his car the rest whimped in tin tops. But he did proudly announce how he negotiates getting discount on pound shops. 
Tête-à-tête subjects of conversation this month included tow ropes, motorway driving, cameras, safe speed, turbine cars, modern battery technology with lithium-poly versus nickel metal-hydride, car impact zones with sips made of polystyrene on Volvos doors and bumpers! Then before home time the ongoing saga of trying to organise the authorities for the upcoming Huddersfield Centenary Hillclimb was discussed. That’s going to be a BIG event. Then it was home time with a few pledging attendance t the quiz the following Wednesday.

Febrewery decided after dry/vegan/new resolution saw the usual bods but with noted absence from Tiggagal - set to arrive later. Seasick P needed an early night-and we all thought ‘lucky fella’. Mrs Nomad - still nomadic but maybe not for long, agreed with the sentiment. Gulf Man was still plastered so can’t yet drive. Another few weeks before the pot comes off.  Mr Darkbeer was collected en route and bizarrely his road and only his road was covered in snow. So the latecomers joined the assembled for food but with no space we moved. Then more people came so we played musical chairs and moved again – away from the cackle in the corner. Corgiman has new and expensive Speedo issues not reading no matter what the factory seems to do with it. Tigerman talked trucks and trailers and about the wider track upgrade on the racing Tiger asking the factory for a recommended spring rate. He want happy when they increased from 300 to 350 pounds just because he likes his chips!  Fence wrecker got some 4mm plate to reinforce the diff mountings so his beastie will be back on track soon.  Memories of motorboat parties and trips with the hefty consumption of ale plus the sight issue of a yacht doing only 2 mpg versus a sailing boat but that used 2 gallons the whole trip.  Sec’s single seater is not yet fried up due to Luluman’s hand being strapped up scuppering plans. The Ginetta trip was fabulous and the 3-D sim stupendous.  Worryingly conversation moved to the village people and YMCA so it was decided to vacate reluctantly taking Tigerman as Tiggergal taxi never turned up.

January a good turnout for the first meeting, but where were the Tiger Twins! Having a curry elsewhere. They said they would turn up later. We all know where their loyalties lie. Luluman is expecting a hand op and Lululass needed the new Christmas present pedometer setting up so OGL obliged. A charged talk of dead and low batteries with voltage reduction of 2.2 V per cell and motorway blockages, bumpers in the middle of roads a. Mr Darkbeer was on form. Fencewrecker Junior now has his own mini that he can grow into. Talk turned to tanks and about the World War 1 heavy Little Willie derivative  needing four drivers to steer (at 2 mph), the massive noise and smell inside, operators requiring gas masks and the gunners firing the male or female weapon versions before a video or two of a T34 in action was passed around. Sec mentioned the organisational issues of the HMC centenary celebration hill climb and the Motorsport Association and local council regulations regarding Holme road closures frustratingly going around in circles driving Sec up the wall. With a call for subs due we left without seeing the Tiger Twins – well they did say later but didn’t specify how much later.


2018 Gregorian Penultimatus and a nice tough quiz started the evening. Mick came and went. Seasick P had other engagements but CD1 – where was he ? The guest beer on tap was called ‘7’  and had to be drunk because we all drive ‘Sevens’ except Mr. Darkbeer who does drive a Seven so he drank the other guest beer, number 11. With the new beat chum at the bar he now wants to take up dancing but can't stand the point or all those jazz hands. However, ‘Digger land’ was well enjoyed by those that went. 
Conversations varied from De Dion axles and F1 cars De Dion theory and other such suspension talk. The racing tiger upgrades are not yet finished, the target is to lose 60 kg before Tiggergal can have her winkers but the beast should be a better a balanced machine after it all, especially after some driving school tips.  Lulu-man showed videos of the Sprint at Cadwell, Fencewrecker Junior is now a beer and whisky addict ! Mini handling is dependant on wheel sizes with 10 inch much better than 13 inch. Smaller is better. Vietnam is now a venue for F1! A new street race but will they have to negotiate the bicycles? Track limits could be interesting as overdoing track limits may have issues running over landmines.  The Christmas Dinner menu was passed around and mostly sorted with only a few ‘we didn’t know the date’ comments. It’s only been on the website for a year.  The next social gatherings are the bonfire party on Saturday 3rd and the 100th anniversary Armistice Car Parade on the 11th.  See you all there.

October - A very busy pub for those attending so we had to split into two factions east and west squeezed into the cosy corner. But where was Seasick P ? -Yerting in a tent somewhere and Gulfdriver was currying somewhere for an anniversary.  The Nomads were there but with no house yet. 
Various topics of conversation were Tractor pulling tales - apparently size matters! cornering techniques treating a bend as a 50p piece apparently it's faster. (Mmmmmm really – ed), ZZR vs. ZZS tyres and the confusion of what list is which so confusion reigns over which are legal and can be used? Last year was different to this year – MSA eh? – Huh !! Etna and Italy, Sorrento, Positano, Capri & Corfu holidays talked about.
Some debate occurred about the Lotus now in bits. The new chassis from Arch Motors (noted as the original suppliers) has been used but does that change the car VIN?  Nobody knows. Immaterial really as it's just a track car. Fencewrecker’s son was out partying for the first time. However Papa was worried (that he was sober !). Sec talked of the 60’s but he can't remember much of them – so good times were to be had. 
Some misunderstanding occurred when discussion turned to Brazilians – OGL & Mr. Corgi both had similar thoughts but were down the wrong track. 
Johnny Petrolhead proudly announced he was involved in the production of Viagra, and then it was time to abandon ship and go home.

September First Friday ..... 8 cars present - 2 of them yellow. Silly quips sent in from those toasting themselves far away places.  Non attendance is not an excuse even in foreign climes. Latest car builder picks up first speeding points - seen as badges of honour!

Hot August Panorama Pictures as 17 bods in 9 cars plus tintops cluttered up the car park. A few panoramic pics were taken with the more athletic sprinting to pose at both ends of the picture.  Mr Darkbeer had his car there in spirit but now in heaven so not physically there but he has his eyes on a replacement cat so is off to Harewood to seal the deal. Gulfboy’s car now has its MOT but a lumpy tickover so Tigerman took over with magic hands and played the throttle position sensor game sorted it. Gulfboy was so please he lost his phone under the seat which took a deal of manipulation to retrieve.  Good to see both Mr and Mrs Seasick P and Sec was aghast as she told us of “Cost Centre number 1's” misadventures.  Johnny Petrolhead told tales of Wuthering Heights hostels and how his “Cost Centre number 1” dumps any boyfriend who happens to like dad.  New potential member Steve came with a brand spanking tasty bright red Westie with a brilliant configurable dash board.  Marlinman and Fencewrecker made the grade at Blyton with 118 laps with the latter doing just an extra half lap due to the Marlin losing the throttle cable on its very last lap otherwise it would have been tops. All the bonnets had to come off of course to compare the shiny bits.  Tigergals new car is called Tilly, so is in good company with Milly and Molly. Milly’s rear lights are brighter than Blackpool illuminations requiring sunspecs for those following Mr. Corgi has finally joined the Tec-age with a new iPhone so is now in WhatsApp range.

July Expectations. With the World Cup in full flow with hopes of it coming home one car is dead, one is awaiting MOT, one is in bits awaiting diff set up for Hillclimb use, one is now free from its captive drive building jut finished but couldn’t get an MOT slot, Mr Tango has his car due for a new wing repair as well and Sec just didn't bring his car!  So the cost of repairs was hot on the agenda - where do values come from Mr. Darkbeer’s car is £17,000 to repair – mostly labour but there are only three similar in the country for sale –one at £24k. He does now want a tank. Conversation then turned to the last event where one HMC member was VERY lucky with a QR boss steering wheel failure at 100 mph but his car is only £7k to repair. Even so, luckily the tree branch went above the leg Sec worryingly discussed his Fritzl cellar and regaled tales of plod’s embarrassment with old-fashioned style seatbelt's and pop out indicators. Conversation then turned to IVA and required indicator positions, rolling road problems with calibration of speedos on rolling roads with LSDs. Mr. Darkbeer fancied an automatic lawnmower then Tigerman then mentioned someone with an auto-vac managing to smear the doggy poop accident all over the carpet one night ! Blandy's fantasy garage is the envy of many with a tractor too.  Deliberation raged about Mustangs/Mondeos/Mercedes and Stangs vs. Vettes.  OGL liking the latter but most preferring the horse. A busy weekend of fun sees an England match to be viewed at the pub adorned with waistcoats, a Cars in the  Park & Harwood hilclimb.

The fourth Filey Fish and Chip Run. 13 Made it. Sec & the Tiger Twins dissented to Silverstone (two competing on a late passover entry, the other acting as pit boy. Mr. Darkbeer blobbed because there may be a cloud or two – no excuse! The first rendezvous was at Miller & Carter and setting off on time in bright sunshine at 9.15 prompt to RV on route with the rest. The remainder arrived at the Old Red Lion to a photo shoot – the landlady was impressed. Then onwards to Seaways for a coffee stop & bike feast. Onwards and eastwards into the overcast, passing the prancing horse and reaching the North Bay car park without any farmyard detours. The weather was OK if only 14 degrees. The ensemble descended down to the landing and of the breeze for fresh cooked fish and chips. 
Entertainment was provided by two yokels trying to launch their day boat first nearly running us over at forty MPH on the sand then getting stuck reversing into the ocean. So attempt number two included unhooking the beached trailer, attaching a forty foot rope that soon became fifty foot following the leap up the seashore as the vessel catapulted forwards nearly knocking papa over and spearing the back of the 4x4 luggermobile. Eventually the boat was launched but father had to wade up to his chest to catch it floating away in the breeze. Grand amusement. With the clowns parked safely the mandatory sandcastles were made before half opted to test Olivers Mount café whilst the other half walked on the prom to the paddling puddle where the sun properly came out. Young (and old) played and chatted for an hour before walking back to the North Cliff to meet the cake hunters and set off in convoy on the way home passing by the bad accident which must have only just happened. Comments later said it could have been one of us if we haven't stopped off for fuel! All got home safe and sound with no breakdowns this year. All in all a grand day out.

Misfortunate June and early attendees having tea saw Mr. Tango shake in after being run into en Route, the posh Jaguar diver likes oranges it seems. Not too much damage but a new wing required. So after tea everyone hotfooted out to look at his car followed by random standing around each vehicle in turn generally chatting and looking at shiny bits. Johnny Petrolhead talked about ‘cats’ for MOTs, Mr. Corgi talked about his new kitty and vets bills galore ! The Tiger Twins have a misfire following the Scammy event and after scrounging some sparky leads & new NGK's are ready for Blyton. Gulfman’s car is still stuck in the garage awaiting completion of the drive. Not turned a wheel in the fine weather - timing is everything! Collective nouns for kit cars were a topic with the most probable conclusion being a ‘frustration’.  Mr. MK having just completed jury service brought out some conversational points and showed off the new front wing on the supreme green Saab MK. Everyone likes the green colour. Plans were muted to go to the Cock of the North road race. Various offsets seemed to crop up, Fencewrecker having new spacers to fill the arches properly, Seasick P having some & Mr. Tango now having a big one! Spring rates for a comfy supersoft compliant suspension  Filey Fish & Chip run out itinerary was sorted before we all drove off into the warm night.

Sizzling Stonleigh. The weather was hot hot hot and 17 eventually made it in 13 cars to the same place as last year. A good thing since the old camping pitch was still a paddy  field after recent rain and the MNR transporter got stuck up to the axles.  Mr Darkbeer was on daughter duties and anyway doesn't do camping and Gulfdriver has a good excuse since the baby was on its way. Seasic P was on hospital duties with family. OGL nearly didn't get there - breaking down 4 miles from the Showground running on no electrics alternator. Johnny Petrolhead & Sec came to the rescue put some juice in the battery so he could  drive the last 3 miles with the pair riding shotgun. Everyone descended on the car to test what the problem was and confirmed the alternator had packed up but with no warning light.. And attempt was made to pre-book a breakdown for the next day to flatbed the car home but this corrupts the system so it would have to be attempted the next day. Sizzling Stoneleigh. Tigerman wined all the way down (that's straight cut gears  for you). A busy show with a few tuning company omissions but the major manufacturers were there (except Caterham).  Sporadic barbecues were fired up for an afternoon tea and followed by a perimeter lap round in search of more beer. We chanced on the North West Oners Group stand where CD! And dad were and watched some half price pizzas being delivered (all 17 of them) and MP3 passed round a very swig-able apple whiskey from America before cajoling a few in to the fluorescent orange alcopopapothecary when the next door stand sponsored by a beer company announced that had an excess so we just had to help out! The temperature dropped dramatically in the evening but was survivable if wrapped up warm. The talking continued on into the early hours before the hard turned is as well. The following morning saw breakfast at the farm shop and more laps around the show. OGL phoned the breakdown in and much joy and frivolity was had as the car was loaded onto the trailer with pity for the driver to be trapped in a cab with OGL chattering incessantly fro 120 miles. The reminder set off in convoy an hour behind with Tigerman whining all the way home. Everyone got home safely and let's hope the weather is as good for next year! Talk is there will be a tripleheader band on the Saturday night so it may be a full weekend affair next year.

May 4th be with you – Plenty cars came out to play for the first time this year. The nomads are still nomadic but no Sec this month as he was having a culture night at the theatre so Darfdriver lowered the tone instead with tales to the assembled clan about Ravensthorpe ramblings and daylight liaisons - shocking all it seems. The Tiger twins are set to go racing starting on the 20th. The new tiger is set for the IVA and should pass easily ready for the roads and track. Mr Darkbeer enjoyed a 100 : 1 girl boy ratio concert at the garden centre but couldn't find the correct toilet in the expansive display of 50 new bathrooms but did find the frog gnomes. Johnny Petrolhead confessed he is into gnomes with a frog adorning the drive then entertained us with USA relaxed gun laws and the stupid strict drink laws in Denver where you need an ID drink under 15 but anyone can fire a weapon ! Mr.Darkbeer also has designs on the plastic palm trees at Batley and wants to convert his house into a Thunderbird Island set with the black panther splitting the trees on departure from the garage.  Tigerman admitted he can't change straight cut gears easily on track. Data protection forms signed for those present. Roll on Stoneleigh but Mr Darkbeer doesn't do camping and Gulfman has a pending new family member ETA bank holiday Monday so aren’t attending

April & Deferred AGM - the Coterie attended the postponed AGM- the longest yet. OGL must be slipping.  The Junta sidestepped and became the banger of the baton loaf admirably assisting proceedings.  A new promotional media position created with existing posts re elected and dynamic H&S risk assessment proposed for every venue attended and more trips out penned for this year with Thornes Park car show getting on the list, maybe a mid month venue meet or a First Friday drive around to pastures elsewhere.  A list was passed around for people to add more ideas summer/winter trips out, social events or perhaps a barbeque hunt.  Ideas so far muted - going to the dogs/speedway/tractor pulling/bowling/eating/breakfast club, TOCA, etc.  Mr. Darkbeer fancies becoming the Adults Entertainment Officer!  Watch this space. 
Events since the last gathering see the nomads as still nomadic, OGL had windscreen washer woes, Sec had snow woes as his car set off down the hill and had an accident all by itself, on the ice and snow whilst he was watching telly at the time.  The TiggaTwins are nearly ready for IVA and MOT to get the Martini completed and on the road and the beast on the track but illogical changing MSA tyre lists causing frustrations.  Gulfdriver told us about his mini adventures of youth with spurious copper stops and how Westfield's (and Minis) were not square, Sec and Tigerman talked about gearboxes and years of gears  So with tonsils oiled, the world sorted, an extensive year mapped out, costs ratified races penned everyone set off home but where were the lemon pancakes?

Snow Show AGM – The Beast from the East battered the hills and dales and the Pests from the West were hunkered under drifts so, the AGM is postponed until April First Friday. A couple of Yokels made it in, Mr Darkbeer and the TiggrTwins plotted a mutiny with the new sheriff in town clad in ceremonial robes of LUFC shades.  The new rules immediately set by ‘Fidel’ Darkbeer consisted of increased club fees to cover the costs of Fidel’s replacement M&S R888’s and rules of how to get full marks at the quiz with every answer being Kylie…… Marshals Tigerman and Tiggergal posted possessive placard rights to Cas Town warning all to stay away, no doubt this will not be hard to heed.  The quiz on Wednesday will doubtless see the new ruling junta deposed and the failed coup d'état quashed and consigned to the annals of lore.

February First Friday and a meal for many early attendees helped down with lots of retro music from the birthday party.  The only person turning up in a kit was Mr Corgi braving the sub zero temperatures !  Mr Darkbeer walked the bad week blues away and cheered up once oily bits were discussed.  Tigerman now has 7 seats but only 2 cars, and one car has two seats fixed already!   Fencewrecker has one car and no seats !  Tiggergal was showing off her partly clad body to everyone who cared to look at the photos.  A sight but no blue stripes showing yet  Tiger man is barred from working on his own car until ‘Martini’ is completed and a big push needed to finis the build to get ready to fit in with the hectic social events and 2018 competition calendar.  Johnny Petrolhead questioned the durability of BMW bushes and Mr Corgi questioned the cost of government courses teaching you how to do the job you do daily and already know.   Both the international and league ‘egg chaser’ season started this week and sparked a debate of rugby vs. rugby with  a debate of which is the best and proper discipline .  No actual conclusion was reached.   Sec admitted mixing up his pop artists way back in the day, hob-knobbing with the stars.  Seasick P thinks offspring no. 1 looks cool with the accidental skinhead cut but   Cost Centre One didn’t seem to agree.  Many are sad to see the grade girls go.  Most subs are now paid but more will be accepted by anybody not yet handing over their cash.  The AGM is next month.

New Years first meet January 2018 and the question is raised - Is it 12th night yet? Some say 5th some the 6th. The pub decorations were still looking very festive even though half were removed!  Mr Tango is back and good to see he is OK and is now added to the WhatsApp group. A small motorsports quiz started the proceedings then various tales of the festive holiday were told.  Tiggergal transformed her holiday in an exceptional creating much jealously amongst the other lasses! Holly Willoughby was there too and OGL announced she is his mate although she didn't know it at the time.  Mr. Darkbeer likes the USA because it has trucks, big cars, muscle cars, barbecues made from Tractors, gung galore, big birds and belly dancing barmaids. Tigerman has been given window of opportunity to put the gearbox back in his Tiger before work recommences on the build of ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’s build.  Fencewrecker's dad apparently likes washing phones (in toilets).  A new business idea for a sure fired Dragons Den investment cert for a spiffing local business venture was countered a little until the possibility of a pole to gyrate the ‘meat’ round was mentioned.  Some talked about ECU’s, V6 Mazda & Ford engines and which gearboxes mate up, hydrodynamic catamaran sailing theory and the technology of the Americas Cup boats, others about driving instructor teaching on the limit counter steering to steer into a circle. This years events calendar is planned in outline and new ideas are being put forward so keep an eye out for updates on the Calendar page. Christmas dinner is the diary so no confusion this year.


Christmas Dinner - Fun friendly frivolity featured & with fab festive food, frothy festive tipples.  A few failed to join the feast as one had to work in the USA, one convalescing from some former hospital fiddly functions. Fencewrecker frowned, focussing firmly at some full-on features filling the vista festooned over the bar. The evening flew by and merry farewells were given all to soon with expectations of what with Father Christmas and the future will bring?  Merry Christmas and best wishes to all for 2018. See you all next year probably fighting the flab in the first month until February.

December First Friday – The Sec teased all those present with an examination of their understanding of Paddington's rough treatment at the hands of the Robertsonian Golly slayers. There was surely more of which to tell - now let me see, once the Fug n Fog of Booze n Cake begins to clear..........

November and the early meal attendees played musical chairs so that the stragglers could all sit together.  Fencewrecker’s car is in bits, Tigerman's car is in bits, OGL's GTM has the door off in bits, Tiggergal hasn't put spanner to the chassis yet so has boxes of bits & Milly is always in bits.  The rest said it was raining so everyone came in tin tops. Nige and Dancer are currently squatting, looking for a double garage with house attached. Mr Darkbeer (the music encyclopaedia) says there is one two doors up as he persuaded them to move out probably with engine revving. ‘Twas revealed that two cars will be in Martini livery next year- the white MG and the new Tiger. In fact fact they could be painted Any Time, Any Place, Any Where…..    Tigerman will commence the build on Saturday.  Ideas formed for next years agenda including days out at the speedway/stock car racing/tractor pulling/Rally cross/ Le Mans Classic (but don't tell Mr Darkbeer he will be camping – he doesn’t do camping), oh and then thee is the camping trip probably to Helmsley this time at the YHA.  Blyton dates are set for next year except due to Sec’s Typo; Monday 2nd is Monday 23rd April.  Competition is hotting up as to who will be the fastest between the Mr Darkbeer’s Busa or Tigerman’s track car? Both pledged to lose weight to become the fastest.  Sec started more intriguing tales and whilst most were intrigued Mr Darkbeer mentioned his embarrassing special Sunday lunch.  Christmas dinner choices were ordered, noted and deposits paid for those attending. The rest will be contacted by Sec   Plans were made to meet up Sunday morning at new breakfast venue, the Jem speed shop in Batley for a tin of Spam Fritters (as they are now in season) and Busa rides with the usual quiz contest on Wednesday.

Christmas Menu 2017 
Can all comoing th the meeting on Friday have a look and then we can compile the list of  numbers and requirements please 

2017 Christmas Menu

October A glorious 12 attended and OGL demonstrated the benefits of a Nano to the uninitiated.  Questions were raised as to why Vettel took such care of the Ferrari steering wheel and what are they hiding?  A brief resume of the latest track day and we were honoured as we were attended by a current Renault f1 engineer.   Mr Corgi brought a box of Emeralds (ECU) and recounted tales of how incredibly nervous he was thinking the engine would self destruct on the rolling road.  The Mulsanne Straight - nobody could remember what year the chicane was installed.  General babble from the throng included car electrics and smoking wires that tell the tale of where the fault lies, more bad driving tales of woe and the Tiger gearbox has a few missing teeth (don’t we all !– ed ) and they are straight cut gears! This led to a discussion on gear theory.  Next years camping is set for a venue change other than Masham.  Possible options are Yarm (as Croft is very close), Wales, The Lake District, etc. etc………… Ideas on a postcard to the event secretary or OGL. The Christmas dinner is on 9th December and the menus will be posted on Facebook. . Paul's wedding do is tomorrow

Masham Camping the rendezvous was set at 12 in Yeadon but all bar one came in tin tops, no kits. The CD1’s (aka LP) exhaust fell off en-route so he had to return home.  Fence wrecker’s car was slightly customised by some pro-driver tuition so couldn’t bring it. The Tiger Twins were late (collecting bits and running errands) but had problems with the manic tiger gearbox mounts and clutch levers.  OGL had way too much camping gear to fit in the GTM.  Only Mr & Mrs Corgi turned up in the kit, but then they are local and were not stopping.  So a nice drive to Masham accomplished and a light lunch in the cafe on the corner next to the church.  Very tasty. Then it was off to pitch camp (except those doing posh B and B Mr & Mrs CD1).  The Tiger Twins arrived confusing the Camp Fuhrer with the Berlingo tin tent before walking in the town to help drink it dry.  Sec was laid up due to op recuperation and was missed so we all did a tribute photo shoot to the Toblerone Bear outside the Bear Pub before having a few at the Black Sheep Brewery followed by a tasty tea in the Bruce Arms sat semi outside. Then just another ‘one for the road’ before trekking back to camp where the Tiger Twins learnt that it is easier assembling the new jigsaw puzzle bed in the back of the tin tent a/ whilst it is still light and b/. not under the affluence of incerhol…….. The night was warm with no rain so comfortable even for the sceptics amongst the clan, followed by a full monty breakfast at the camp cafe with a morning reunion to compare sleeping notes before everyone set off on their various ways for Sunday chores. Roll on next year with possible alternative venues suggestions accepted now Masham is perfected..

Mensis Septembris and the assembly talked about an eclectic variety of subjects including bonkers tractor pulling, truck racing, quarry hill climbing with Mr Darkbeer interested in the sport of canal boat turning!  We though watching paint dry could be more fun.  Plenty to look forward to in Septembris such as Seasick P’s stag do, Blyton and the Hospice Challenge, Harewood, Cars in the Park and Olivers Mount, to name but a few.  Tiggergal and Tigerman are now well suited and booted in Nomex and ready to collect a racy trailer.  Concensus is don’t buy tyres for next year yet. Wait until the new MSA list is published. Masham camping was sorted with the challenge from Curlylocks that if she can then Tigerman should.  Then the topic of cats on competition cars came up.  Johnny Petrolhead has to fork out for yet another Beema steering rack at £3000 per pop! Mr Darkbeer’s Busa has problems cold starting - many cures were proffered. 
Mr Corgiman talked about model aircraft costs and scale models of Vulcan bombers with engines at £5000 per pop followed by circular flying theory.  The recent HMC Autosolo was well remembered but the set courses weren’t. Does the course setter get inebriated under the influence of alcohol before setting out the cones? Next gatherings are the quiz, the satg do on the 9th and Tim/s party including the Quo tribute act on the 16th,

Jolly Holiday August -saw a good turnout but Tiggergal was at a wedding leaving Tigerman in charge of the oven.  Sec, announced he is the equivalent age to the Edinburgh festival and held court starting with the announcement of the tingle in his leg and the photo techniques at Wheels in the Park followed by an entertaining spree of jesty banter that had many perplexed.  Some even tried bringing the conversation back to motor-vehicles but skilfully Sec reverted back to his topical tales (as there wasn’t a straight jacket available).   A few took up a Silverstone classic deal with the Booking.com hotel just by Copse. Pottering among the pits Tiggergal was spotted besottedly taking selfies with her hero Howard from Take That. With a beaming ‘smile’ these days they don’t ‘rule the world’, but they can still ‘reach out’ with ‘patience’ as ‘it only takes a minute’ and is she now ‘back for good’.  Masham camping days are looming and this year we hope to do a brewery trip.  This means no Old Peculiar until teatime.  PS bring a straight jacket to restrain sec or at least some bromide to dilute his tea.  Mr Darkbeer doesn't do camping and neither does Mrs CD Original but Tigerman and Tiggergal will have to camp as ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’ is.   Byton sponsored circuit day totalled 998 laps with good funds raised for the Kirkwood Hospice, Fence wrecker having completed the most but still hasn't managed to wear his front tyres out yet!  (Must try harder-Ed)  He lives in hope of buying a new set soon.  This weekend saw Croft Classic, Hebden Car Show and a Harewood so all will be spread thinly attending the preferred venues.  Northern Retro is next weekend up at Crosland Moor Airfield.  Loughton Hall Cars in the Park show is 17th of September. Seasick P is having a stag do In Hudds 9th September-so all that attend come along. Mr Darkbeer has nearly sorted the Busa electrics whilst dreaming of JB Goode’s Stef and her gyrating double bass.  The usual participants will meet for the quiz on Wednesday night. Anyone got any bromide…………….?

July and a tardy few arrived from a busy Thorns Park Car show.  Mr Darkbeer wants a Man but will settle for pulling a tractor on 31 August and not in July as texted as that that's an agricultural show.  He is slowly rewiring the Westie, maybe two batteries, two separate charging circuits considered. One for ignition, one for sundries  Tiggergal admits Tigerman has rhythm ! He paints dancing to Little Mix but now wants urgently needs a fan since the last one went up in smoke. Amazon won't have any as they are staff to down today. Apart from the limited availability off the shelf a few ideas evolved ranging from hair dryers to punkawallah flaps that can be adjusted to add downforce.  Topics for discussion centred on the new battery power hybrids.  Not environmentally sound with heavy metals and power station generating. Plus where do all the plugs and leads go?  Steam might be the new low carbon emission?  A traction engine at each end of the motorway – cars lock on & get pulled along.  So driverless cars and eco friendly all in one go!  An eavesdropping heckler contributed to the bespoke track question.  Audi four rings design quizzed the minds of a few with the companies that they were derived from. Le Mans was an exciting conclusion; Vettel was a very naughty boy and should have been black flagged  A few are talking about booking  Silverstone Classic and Santa Pod.  The Westie boys want to challenge us to a karting competition, we will put in our drivers from the Eebygum Racing team.  Sunday-is Wheels in the Park and JB Good band – either meet at OGL’s for around 11am or make your way there.  Anyone not already done so let Fencewrecker know who has what club kit so he can update ‘the book’.

Filey Fish n Chip Run – the estimated departure time came and went as the organisers arrived tardily, but nine cars set off in convoy to the first RV point to collect a further four. An emergency P pit stop was added in to the itinerary urgent relief before the RV3 and the scheduled stop off for coffee at Seaspray cafe.
Mr Corgi took the lead this time managing to lose half the field on the way to Filey but everyone reunited in the north car park then the fun started as the payment machine wouldn't accept new £1 pound coins and the credit card machine was out of order. So after scrounging some shrapnel from the nearby cafe everyone became legal.  The entourage then set off to the beach.
The sandcastle competition went fine until Fencewrecker broke the buckets, so an ad-hock Stone skimming competition saw James skim his way into the title book with a "fiver' whilst the rest enjoyed the sunshine. The return journey came all too soon but a food stop at a duck pond pub (with no ducks so it was renamed a pond !) before setting off back home.  All went well until Mr Darkbeer broke down, the new MBE Westie dead as a duck having no sparky juice. A possible regulator fault or in-line fuse to the regulator.  Those that stopped had nothing with them to be able help so we left him to the AA (that's the motoring society).
He eventually got home safe and sound on a trailer to investigate the cause of the malady.

June it came so soon saw 17 turn up but mainly in tin tops due to the power wash from the sky, those that arrived early having food. Nice to see Mr and Mrs CD Junior. Tigerman is already looking to change the Tranex diff to a torque bias in the new beast and is impressed with the constant whining from the car middle (not from Tiggergal but the straight cut gears ) . Power loss from helical gears was explained to all. Tiggergal wants a Martini Williams .colour scheme on her new toy and ‘carped’ on about the new "swimming pool" which is actually a pond.
Mr Darkbeer has a new MBE Westie but not driven yet.  Anticipated to be quick and Fencewrecker announced that he very aware of his speed
Some discussion of F1, Monaco stands, Billy Monger and Zanardi continuing racing following horrendous accidents
Newby stories recounted and Silverstone classic mentioned although others such as Croft or Cadwell classic were mentioned as well as. Harewood VSCC on the agenda this weekend for some. Johnny Petrolhead discussed testing driving circles on the limit and being trained to turn left to go right. Counter intuitive but works.
The whole story of the Hole of Horkum being one of the best roads in England recounted.
Plans were made for the Filey fish and chip run with a first ETD 9.30 Three Nuns to collect others en route. Those meeting were looking forward to the sandcastle competition. Sec announced he wasn't leading this year to a sigh of relief all round.

Newby P's & Q's An early rendezvous at the Three Nuns for the part one convoy to travel to Mr Corgi for coffee and for other locals to join up.  Several tripped over Tigerman’s bottom lip as the new purchase wasn't quite ready for being set free yet. Then convoy part two set off with Seasick P popping in to take pictures before having to hunt iPads for cost centre one offspring.  With Corgiman leading the way proudly confident of venue knowledge led us along some nice back roads before promptly getting lost just by the event. So Tiggergal took charge and took us down some nice scenic farm tracks (deja vue anyone?) so after a minor delay we arrived via back roads to join the front of the queue by the entrance rather than the back of the queue by the A1.   Entry was slow with a single file queue fanning into a triple lane queue before filtering back into a single file queue. Then there was some confusion as to where we were supposed to park so an executive decision was made en-masse.  Many trotted off for P’s before a nice picnic followed by walkabout to see the various cars, gardens, teddy bear collection, partake in train rides before returning back for soup and sandwiches.  Cars included Italian and British exotica and supercars, Japanese and past British sports cars, yank tanks, Fords and Porsche’s everywhere, There were some nice reunions with Mr.Polish popping by.  Tank Man and family came as they were in town and it was nice to see a lapsed member from afar - Dave Roberts still racing (but about to retire) who expressed interested in Blyton days one the 750 club boots are hung up. Queues built again as exit cars ripped down the drive showboating so we all waited before setting off home before some final P’s. Mr Darkbeer made it to a garage running on fumes but all got home safe and sound. Great day with some nice cars

First Friday May  - the usual suspects arrived early for Carol’s cuisine and two new potential members - Mr Marlin and ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’. Mr Cobra and Quantum Gal enthused having secured a BOGOF deal from Tiger Cars so they are now renamed - to be called the Tiger Twins or Tigerman and Tiggergal. Mr. Darkbeer was extremely chuffed as the wheels of unknown origin have been sold, packed and posted with the MG rising up the price scale on the seaside auction site. A few groups formed with the normal banter.  Topics including Harewood Hillclimb School, polish types and MOT’s with a few yet to be patented ideas hatched for a V8 toaster. The Newby trip itinerary and numbers sorted with one exception being Sec who is otherwise engaged setting up Scammonden for the following week - but is not playing out yet in the new single seater which won’t start !

Stoneleigh 2017  The appointed RV at Woodall for most except Johnny Petrolhead who decided to try Woolley Edge instead!  Some motorway chaos ensued with two separate rolling road blocks on the way down, one due to animals grazing the central reservation.  Ten cars met, parking close to a snobby Stratos that didn't even say hello!  The convoy set off with no anticipated issues at the new airport junction.  The new plot was easily found (next to GTM) - a much drier plot and still close to everything.  Camp was pitched in windy conditions, the event shelter acting like a sail in the lee of the support van.  Then after a relaxation break where the North West defector CD2 saw the light to return and say hello, many set off for the first look round as more late-comers arrived.  Some members were looking to choose and buy cars.
The show seemed busy but with fewer manufacturers present than normal – no Sylva based manufacturers displaying with inside space now taken by spares suppliers usually sited outside.
NR assistance helped Kevin recharge the flat trike battery due to a defunct regulator before he headed home.  A few used the farm shop for tea, the rest tried michelin starred salmonella entrecotes from the Tesco finest disposable barbecue slow cooker !!  After the burger and pork tartare was wolfed we were joined by two HMC members the entourage enjoyed a mass walkabout in warm conditions, eventually getting to the event hall only to find the band had been and gone even though it was still light outside !!  So it was back to base camp for booze, barbecue (now fully ablaze), banter and balloon game.  Most turning into bed by 11 pm !!  We must be getting old.
After a noisy night of rain the farm shop was the favoured spot for breakfast before another lap of the show to allow the tents to dry off.  Some packed up to go early, CD Original arrived, the others in serious purchase negotiations opted for a later return to chance the weather.

April, OGL away so no report unless someone feels they want to wax lyrical.

March and AGM –one hour of officialdom rattled through with new posts created- Club Tools Coordinator, a new Social Secretary a Facebook administrator .  Recently purchased club tools and existing items are now collated into letting list. This now includes members own tools for assistance throughout other club members. See Fencewrecker for details. Keep a close eye on the event calendar which will increase with newly added dates soon. We have confirmation of a new pitch at Stoneleigh now away from the paddy field.  Space to pitch gazebos and have official barbeque time for quality social club interaction. 
Mr Darkbeer thinks the club is turning into a home and gardens club with himself installing a new kitchen, Cobraman building an extension, Fencewrecker replacing several avocado bathrooms.  Babble this month included the new F1 cars, Ferrari International Assistance (FIA), Braun car in a Northampton garage, Bumble, The blue MG and Cobra up for sale.  Tyres availability at Polly Motorsport then Darrel turned up. Being one of the founder members (lapsed) prompted a club history lesson.  Then it was time to be thrown out at 11.30 - the night having passed so quickly. 

Febraquarius- 17 babbling conversationalists swarmed the pub. Subs were taken all around except OGL who had no cash so paid his by standing order (note everyone this is an option!). Merry banter abounded - too much to be specific but Cobraman is after a campervan and just has to persuade ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’ that it is a good idea to have one.  Tales were told of house extensions and planning department woes but at least there is a spare oven now going for grabs if anyone wants one for powder coating.  Mr Darkbeer will just use the one in the kitchen anyway but don’t tell ‘she who is obeyed’. 
Stoneleigh is booked on the usual site but with some hopes of possibly moving to a dryer pitch   The club now has some tracking kit and being so central & close to the meet venue it seems logical that Fencewrecker will become the official keeper of the tools. A few muted a possible name change to Dave the Tool with some mild titters. Nice to see Mr. Tango back almost fighting fit after all the recent health battles. Hopefully he will give the Nankangs NS-2R’s an airing at the first Blyton day reporting back with a definitive answer of their capability after the outing. The 2017 agenda is filling up and a definitive list of ‘floating date events’ should be published after the AGM.  Quantum Gal is now looking at a Tigers but definitely not a Radical.   Some discussed the dirty word diesel vs. petrol. Conspiracyists think diesel stealth taxes will ensue to persuade the public to purchase petrol and half fuel consumption doubling the government coffers ! Someone even mentioned the return of a scrappage scheme in diesel disguise. AGM next month – any notifications send to Sec before 24th Feb

Surprise Surprise Birthday Boy - 21 of us, mostly dressed with items of yellow attire attended the surprise party for Sec who unusually wasn’t dressed all in yellow. The party was a well kept secret with the bemused Sec aghast that he had no idea. The vibrant yellow wig was passed around for photo opportunities for those that wanted to look like a Limoncello Gelato. Mr. & Mrs. CD Original baked a HUGE yellow cake adorned with car and road icing, Carol laid on a buffet and thanks go to Extreme Gal for organising the party and Mr Darkbeer for the balloons. One very notable conversation discussing fantasy cars had the usual R8, Lambo, Ferrari, Healy 3000 dreams but with Mrs. Fencewrecker just wanting a light blue car (that will be Wilshire Blue then?).  Cobraman and Extreme Gal had a very Radical time over the holidays but neither was as fast as the instructor. Mr. & Mrs Santa from HMC arrived later being double booked for a 50th to join the party.

================================================= 2016 ======================================================

Christmas Fayre - 24 jolly souls enjoyed the festive feast. Sec dressed in yellow of course. A car quiz was passed around after the fine food then those with babysitters on overtime left, the rest reclined to more comfort to sign off the rest of the year. Thanks to Carol and Tim for hosting us and feeding us favorably again. See you all in 2017. Merry Christmas

December Grotto The festive season is here. Sec announced 24 for Christmas Dinner. A few are looking to put CV's into McLaren for the new job. E By Gum Racing can act as driver agent. Consensus was Nico had to go as he can't be fined retrospectively for cheating the way to the title. Bumble is now in hibernation as Gerry defaulted on the Brexit deal. Sec entertained with a history lesson on the M62 motorway and 1,800,000,000,000 gallon dam building project and is a ‘special’ key holder worth £6000 a throw if lost. HMC put high pressure (ha-ha) on the Water Board to make a special track up the dam - one of only two dedicated car tracks in this country (Corby being the other). The HMC new project is to try to re-instate Holme Moss Hill Climb where Mr. Campbell still holds the hill record. In those heady days the gravel had to brushed back onto the track after the event ! Now you just have to sweep bicycles out of the way. Then talked about helicopter display rides with Bells and a Lynx at a council function. And finally mentioned the Citroen Dyane squished by a hay bale on the drive! 
Mr. Darkbeer is starting a kitchen carb clinic and rubber recycling club now he has a full collection of wheels from 22 to 10 inch. But only into the wheelie bin as KMC refuse to take rubble refuse any more (including plasterboard). Dates for 2017 Blyton are already in the diary The McLaren track car had £6000 spent on 15 sets of new pads in 2016) but Mr. Darkbeer doesn't do camping so will commute. Extreme Gal needs a hotter sleeping bag. A few fancy trying more Rallycross events in 2017 and a few have interest in forming a team to compete in some soap-box derby somewhere. Branded Y.C.C. or E-by-Gum Racing of course. Finally is Stoneleigh on for 2017 ? If not we will have to find another venue

November – a mischievous night with a few eating plates of Sizzlers and Bangers. Sec feeling under the weather with man flu sneezing like a Volcano wanted to share it with everyone sitting close by erupting like a Roman Candle occasionally. Corgiman arrived like a Comet with some Sparkler tales. Quantum Gal has sold Bumble so the new car shopping list-includes a Riot/J 15/Striker/Westie/and even a cat C Caterham write off (must have missed the Traffic Lights in a Snowstorm !). All shipped in with their favourite – even an MEV Rocket was mentioned. Mrs. Fencewrecker broke her leg on the first day of half term so currently isn’t a Jumping Jack!  Conversation centred the rallycross day out, tales of retro car racing-Renault 4’s, Sporting Trials intricacies (with Fencewrecker & Johnny Petrolhead wanting to take a look sometime). A few potential events were mentioned for next year for fun days out – such as tractor pulling, more rallycross, and trials. Blyton is booked for 2017 - the dates are in the diary. Johnny Petrolhead announced he is into recycling, Brexiting bottles back to Krautland - the only person to be taking boot-fulls back into Europe. A regular recycle Repeater.  Machinery purchases for the club to share talked about with Post Office scales being the first and possible laser alignment tools to follow for those Catherine Wheels set-up. Christmas meals are all being booked and paid for so those not yet on the list talk to Sec or Jo otherwise there won’t be enough Fawkes for the Guysgroan !

10th Anniversary All members and rarely seen partners came togged up (Sec dressed in yellow as always) for the celebration dinner. A pretty full turnout at Luigi's for a convivial meal in a babbling noisy atmosphere.  There was amusement over the head waiter as we weren't sure if he was actually Mr Luigi who looked like a cross between Manuel and Mr. Super Mario Kart.  After the meal the 10th Anniversary cake candles were lit and the car shaped cake shared. OGL was full of cold so couldn't fight against the background noise to do a speech. However a big thank you to all the club members for the ongoing support over the past 10 years. Here's to the next decade of fun and frivolity.

Oktoberfest A good turnout but where was Sec? We all missed him but where was he? We were jilted for a jazz jape in Marsden so – we’re not good enough? Unbelievably we had a CD and CD 2 – rare so refuelling the debate of LP/MP3, Senior/Junior debate. Plus a welcome back to Mr Tango after all his trials and tribulations of this year. The last Blyton of the year was a wet affair with a few calling quits by lunch.  Bumble is up for sale and Extreme Gal wants a dedicated track car. Everyone put their two-panned in suggesting Tiger/Riot/MK Indy/J 15/MEV/ et al,et al…..… Mr. Tango has some slick ‘n trick Toyota Racing oil but isn't sure whether he can actually use it. Lecky Man came bearing gifts but there were no takers for the open face helmet up for grabs.  There were plenty tales of Masham & tents and return home woes sharing the road with Le Grande Départ wannabies !! The whole evening was a babble of happy conversation. Fencewrecker entertaining us with the Scarborough ‘coitus interruptus’ dash. 
The Christmas meal is booked for the 10th December, the menu is on the forum, Facebook, whatsapp……   Numbers, choices and deposit to Sec or Jo preferably at the November meet.  See you all next week for the anniversary of officialdom at Luigis Birstall.

Mmmmm Masham a beautiful hot weekend, 12 noon the appointed rendezvous and most arrived late. Quantum Gal tripping over her bottom lip due enforced use of the tin top carrying camping kit as Bumble was in dry dock. So, Cobra man redistributed the camping wealth around the remaining so she could travel in Cobrastyle. The posse set off on the scheduled route via LBA to collect some more northern members. About a gallon of 4-star was consumed in the tunnel with throttle blipping gusto sounding divine. Then onwards through Pateley Bridge to Masham, The campsite was found, a nice site clean shower blocks & wooden tepees. OGL pitched the dog kennel to cries of 'is that it' but was the first to tuck into the beer waiting for everybody else to catch up.
Most walked to town except those travelling back on the night ferrying the injured Sec to the square for a potter then food at OGL's namesake pub. The youngest and oldest both enjoyed Old Peculiar before moving on to Theakstons which was closing so, set a route via the backstreet garages to the Black Sheep Brewery for some Golden Best and sticky cream cakes in the beer garden. Sec displayed his ‘Bear’ poses, dog barking and trumpeter skills. Next venue had to be The Bear refuelling Sec’s Toblerone imitations once again. The final visit was the Kings in the square before the sober drivers set off home and walkers swayed back to camp for the nightcap.
Dawn rose and another sunny day. Corgi man and Quantum Gal set home early to start the 10k. The rest having full English at the cafe whilst the sun rose to dry the dew before packing up and into the square to join the bikers for a coffee before setting off home over the moors via Pateley and Stump Cross, fighting with bicycles two and three abreast all the way! A cracking trip out.

September 'Twas a fine , dry night - and a GTM owner travelled many, many, many miles to the Old Colonial in the hope of meeting the driver of a special red machine. Pa ! OGL couldn't be bothered to turn up, AGAIN, (excuse no. 231 – Sunnier climes) our valiant crew made the weary traveller welcome, whilst he in turn showed a very brave face. Some have endured many a sleepless night wondering whether that poor northern soul will overcome his disappointment and join us again – Please do, OGL will suffer many slings and arrows and will be truly repentant and may even have a few pennies ready to fund a welcoming glass. (No chance – Brasso Inlcutcho Intacto – Ed !!)  Otherwise many a tale was told and a jolly and fulfilling evening so, all departed in a glow of good cheer.

Filey Frolics &  Fish ‘n Chips – a rendezvous at 10am then Sec speedily set off in the direction of the rising sun with the rest following but every traffic light turning red holding half a pack back. The convoy whistled past the nominated late rendezvous point before turning off the A64 heading for the back roads. So, the first stop was to wait for Corgi Man to catch up. Then it was onwards to the Sea Spray for a cuppa and comfort break. Sec then speedily set off eastwards again turning left here, right there in a very scenic route but without the rest on his tail.  Eventually when we all got together Sec led us through some interesting roads (a.k.a. farm tracks!) before we got to see the seaside spray. Parking on the cliff top - cars now polished underneath! we eventually paid before heading down to the beach for a compulsory paddle. Seasick P and Jo met up with the young ‘uns and after fish ‘n chips the sandcastle competition began for some with others enjoying the sun. Then a walk up into the town past the band playing in the gardens where, a few had refreshments (the stragglers missing out) before a final walk along the prom then up the cliffs back to the cars. OGL did a fine job of wending a bit more of a direct way westwards back home. A grand day out enjoyed by all 12 attendees.

Hot August Night a fine warm eve with 14 of us, yellow cars prevailing apart from one  Wilshire Blue and orange (3707 Zenith Blue, and 3957 Tangerine by the way),  one furious navy and one red GTM being the exceptions. Mr Polish and Johnny Petrolhead in a tintop The Silverstone Classic featured highly in conversation as did the Sunderland Air Show trip with about 15 on the boat.!  Blyton fired the cockles of the hearts of those that attended again with Quantum Gal topping the lap league with Fencewrecker equalling 86 laps apiece. Many poured over the throttle body conversion with the anticipated aero screen and FIA spec roll bar upgrade ready for competition after the 2 L Zetec is installed.  Then comparisons between the Elise and VX 220’s with much detail such as 145bhp/875kgs vs. 134bhp/725kgs, height, width, length down to roof & doors all compared  Plans were set for the Sunday run and the route taken from Sec’s old fashioned analogue map - yellow of course. Masham weekend is set for 10th of September with probable camping and the anniversary celebration plans simmering for 10th of October - a probable Italian with Zizzi's in Birstall being favoured. In between times Carol has invited the club to Tim's 60th party on  on  Sat 17th September.

Wheels In The Park. A gaggle of cars turned up at OGL's house at 10 am Sec having arrived earlier then all trickled down to the Park to line the cars up opposite the bikes and tractors before bacon butties  & tea all round. I&K Classics arrived next in a cacophony of V8 burble and some clubs stragglers arrived later.  The weather was good (better than the pessimistic forecast) with no rain. The Ferrari 308 and McLaren never showed because of the threat of rust-aid but all in all a nice family day out and plenty interest in the cars from Jo Public with a few knowledgeable about kit cars having wanted them in their youth. Than mid afternoon some returned to home to watch the GP. The party organisers have given us big thanks to all who turned up and they were very pleased with our support. Feedback might include some local garages & AA/RAC on stands next year?

OCC Breakfast Tour - a convoy party met at the Three Blue Ladies with other making their own way. 15 went on the tour and the anecdotal history tour conducted by Ian.  Through the body shop to the garage’s inner sanctum. Then back into the cafe for tea and cakes before zipping off home again. A nice trip out.

Woulda Coulda July - wet wet wet and full of excuses of  could've brought the VX 220, Escort 1600, Cobra, Quantum (although mid TB conversion), Westie, Caterham, Fury, Striker, Raw but all remained cosy, tucked up in garages.   However two cars did brave the deluge the GTM & MR2, Some Caterham guys came looking for CD Phantom - but so are we!  A good turn out - a bit like the referendum. Discussion centred a lot around brexit vs remain and whether we would still masticate bratwursts, or buy BMWs, K-series cooling and engines featured a lot along with Blandy's car collection, how Castrol R is the best perfume (at which point James said it worked for him! ) and using dishwashers to clean oily bits. Corgiman is looking for some new tyres.  Sec has installed new R1 carbs and OGL  now wants them too. Fencewrecker showed off GoPro videos of the Hayabusa turbo MEV on track zipping by on a wet Blyton day. Dancer and VX man invited Sec to a class but Sec thinks her mates wouldn't keep up with him. Corgi man is worried about cats catching fire on Millie. The meeting time and venue was set for the convoy to OCC Sunday then Darren & Fencewrecker legged it home whilst others paddled.

An early mid summer June night and a good turnout on a warm night sitting out and a few eating al-fresco. CobraMan & Quantum Gal went on a racing school and taught Marc Hynes how to drive but cam away with copious notes from the day which, we all enjoyed. Mr Tango returned with Frazer Nashman albeit trussed up like an Eater Turkey with hospital bondage. Sec enjoyed the Monaco Historic F1 and the disasters with the recovery hoist dropping a McLaren back on track just as the safety car pulled into the pits! only to come straight out again mid field causing havoc with a Tyrell. Track day tales were told & Johnny Petrolhead recounted memories of Circuit de Frog and sleeper Xantias plus super fast Trannies (the van type not the people type).  Liveried merchandise was handed out for those that ordered, with sec and Quantum Gal both shining out in day-glo yellow. OGL had to leave early with excuses of family commitments and the meet carried on ……….. Maybe more to add later

Oil Can Spring Meeting, OGL got there early (for a change) to blag a "plot" all together. But where was everybody? The convoy had steering issues with union joints coming adrift on a Westy! Still plenty of hands helped speedily mend it. Once mobile again the convoy joined the tale of a very oversubscribed meeting which saw cars queuing as far back as New Mill to get in on a one in one out basis. So the reminder got there eventually with a good turnout of 11 cars to view an eclectic mix on display of cars, bikes, wagons, tractors and even a whirlybird helicopter. The party was good, barbecue & beer stand well attended, then, black clouds loomed ! A few spots started. Many put the roof up and a mass exodus ensued to get home before the downpour. Roll on the next HMC meeting in July.

Balmy May  - a warm balmy evening sitting out and a first run out for a few. Cobraman was playing in rugby all day so left the V8 at home. Seasick P showed off the Fury with the new engine and thinks Dennis Vessey is the man to tickle the carbs. Johnny Petrolhead entertained us with more tales including the one about Viagra - why did James Bond take Viagra ? SO he could Roger Moore Ha Ha. She who thinks she is obeyed learned of OGL's new engine desires – a shock to her! Interest was seeded in the potential Sylva Mallory track event in August.  A few were looking to Harewood for Saturday & also Sunday to watch the big boys blast up the hill. Sec got fully up to speed with Facebook getting friendlier by the minute with WhatsApp in the wings as well. All left with plenty events to fulfil those with an empty diary in the next few weeks.

Kit Car Party 2016 – with the usual rendezvous at 08:30 Woodall Services. Sec swooped in en-route to Donington Classic. The convoy set off on schedule with a few taking the lead at different stages. Finally Sec peeling off to play with priceless historics and Fencewrecker deviated to McBurgers to purchase promised treats for cost centre 1. The rest travelled in convoy until the airport when Cobra Man lost his tickover in traffic to trickle to a garage. Extreme girl came back to save him the remainder carried on regardless in true Top Gear style and set up camp. Cobreman then pitched up but where was Extreme gal? Lost on site. CD2 formally called CD Junior but now renamed MP3 played with the Tigers - the turncoat, but Ma and Pa knew the correct people to side with & joined the proper party.
The day was sunny and warm, the snow of the previous week a dim memory. More members straggled onto the stand to bolster the reasonable turnout with Sec eventually joining the posse later in the day. The show had lots of new shiny bits including some nice Tribute Ferrari 250's, many Z3 based things and plenty of Cobra types from GD/AK/Dax/Hawk, as well as the new Riot and Sylva, Some tried the farm shop for tea, 0GL grazed from GTM to join Fencewrecker et-al at MNR hospitality before the move to the evenings entertainment to be deafened by the live band where the WhatsApp group was formed. Show time over, all returned to the cosy Coleman shelter, befriending Jack Daniels Fire. A few called it quits and turned in for the night. Then twang!! The false Ferrari neighbour trashed his tent in deference to camping. The hardy few continued until Jack had gone then swayed to bed.  Dawn broke and many tried the farm shop cafe big brecky – all bar one who was still under the influence of Jack! Tents and shelter were hastily taken down before the forecasted rain came.  
CD Senior, temporarily known as CD Phantom, formerly known as CD Original but ought to now be called CDLP arrived just as the convoy for home set off. Extreme Gal was running on fumes so, in a roundabout way called in to tank up whilst OGL sped off into the mist. All were soaked by the torrential storm on the way home but skin is as they say waterproof

April Fools Day – well the weather fooled us – Nice and sunny until mid pm then the heavenly power wash arrived so, only the Quantum plus gal drove there, the remaining (including two potential newbies with a VX220) used tin top transport. The Quantum got it first trip out to the Oil Can Café for a HUGE afternoon tea before returning in the rain. Mr. Polish on the way back from London had a bit of T-bone this week (but not the steak variety). Going to need a lot of Autoglym for that one.
This months news: Seasick P is mid engine swap, orders for merchandise were taken, Cobra boy burnt his trousers again! this time on the Quantum exhaust, Mr Corgi has floaty wishbones which were held together only with rust, A few use umbrellas in lieu of car hoods. James helped Richard, who helped Dave, who helped OGL who is a helpful soul anyway. The joys of the club membership. Plenty new dates are now listed on the calendar- see website for new additions but Facebook is taking over from the forum so keep an eye on that for new news and meet ups. Track dates are looming and several are booked to play out especially now since the motorsports bureaucrats new regs seem to be stopping competitors (who pay for these rule makers with self funded fees) from competing in the cars they love and have used for the past 20 years !! We all know the risks of completing so let grass roots be cheap otherwise more than a few are looking to drop out of competition t seek fun elsewhere. The annual convoy to the Stoneleigh camping puddle is organised for a 08.30 Woodall meet for those that like getting out of bed early. Johnny petrol head is looking forward to another chicken sandwich (please send in pictures from the last one!) and he is already collecting fruit ciders now to get his five a day intake sorted. We suspect the rest will all have sausages again ! Roll on the 1st May

March AGM and a good turn out. A much longer than average officialdom for our 10th year anniversary with an  h&s event officer appointed, Money to spend on communal tools or techhie kit. Requests to be voted on at the next First Friday meeting.  Memorabilia uptake was mentioned and a request for hoodies (yes possible). With the demise of various shows ideas of days out were given as suggestions to fill the gaps appearing in the calendar. So car shows in Wakefield, Bolton, and Hebden Bridge, muted and subject to sunshiny days got plenty of interest. Rain means no open toppers just tin tops.. Cold rain means snow go - ha ha.
Suggestions of runs out include the new British Sports Cars Saturday coffee mornings, MEV, Squires, Whitby and Harewood Hill Climb. Also social events including meals, bowling, etc. involving those normally left at home lady folk are all options. See the calendar page on the website and use Facebook or the forum for the more ad-hoc adventures. October should see a celebration dinner, maybe with the Dogs at Bell Vue/Bolton?
Two splinter groups then formed with various banter. One side talked about suspension and suspension bushes, poisonous plants, LS7 Chevvy power plants weighing only 150 kg (pure joy!). Corgi man seems to have more bolts than Usane and also has a double decker garage full of bendy wheels to fit on wider wishbones. He has also come of Smartphone age so plenty specialist car apps of interest can now bamboozle him. Cobra Man has a collection of some new ‘breathing bits’ in the greenhouse, especially to delight Extreme Gal. Finally before departing the debate over metric fine and metric course bolts, the tensile and torsional strength of both when tightening was set as homework for Sec to bring ‘The Book’ in for next time.

Let’s get Quizzical Again All participants felt thickos but a few good 50-50 calls gained fine points. Some tuff mudder questions were asked and we talked ourselves out of a few answers - again! But Ben-Hur helped us out. So, all in all a reasonable showing as we did OK. Next quiz second Wednesday in March

The February Reunion saw Bracey re-emerged from hibernation and CD Phantom swoop in. But you never see CD Phantom at the same time as CD Junior. Corgi man flashed through en route home from Brummieland. Extreme Gal has taken a Quantum leap (Yeah it's yellow!). Garage space is full of a snake so either it’s a bid to go into soft fruit production or, the car is nesting in a poly tunnel. Plans are afoot with plenty eBay purchases arriving. A few others admitted to double-click shopping under the affluence of incerhol.   Seasick P wants more GG’s under the bonnet so going black top. Trucker Tim turned up but without the bike LK. Maybe March.   Banter centred more around luxury manufactures lowering average EEC emissions like Aston Martin and a £40k Smart (is that it called an Aston Smartin – groan !!) , OGL liked the YouTube vid of the Smartuki GSX engined ForTwo overtaking Porsches on track days,  few giggled at the sketchy tuning tales of Hooray Henry Caterham toffs. vs. us real world boys and girls, caravan car trailer conversions to hide your pride and joy. Webber’s book furtively swapped hands with a few subversive comments but not about ‘multi 21’ – apparently a good read.  Extreme girl really really wants some yellow seat belts like SEC got cheap last year and Cobra Boy has a new wardrobe now after the snake burnt most of his coats and trousers. Some complained about the weather until Johnny Redmist mentioned he was experimenting with bonnet snow moulds in frozen Germany.  All said a friendly ta ta, some ready to meet at the Wednesday quiz and Fencewrecker promising to come to the next First Friday on the ‘Land Rover’.

Quiz – We named ourselves The Yellow Car Club - of course !! The first round of photos was hard, followed by forty questions of varied topics. We talked ourselves out of some answers and didn't write others in. All in all, three points off the winners who had equally low showing. Carols super hot curry and buffet to finish. OGL winning the chance to win £100 in the raffle but fluffed the first London Undergrounds tube station to have an escalator question. Still he was a bottle of red to the better. More revision required for next time boys and girls.

New Year New Member - Newby Dave with a Saab Turbo Indy and Omega gearbox joined the madhouse and was treated to ‘Turncoat’ turning up in full yellow, getting animated about the official Gulf Racing colour names (powder blue ‘Wilshire Blue’ and marigold), the new and potty MSA regulations regarding roll bars, classics and kit cars which were unanimously voted as stupid with added confusion about three wheelers and motorbike/sidecar combos.
Then other banter about breaks/ brakes/ bonhomie /bad boys / boyhood boozing and the biggest sign wars battling between McDonald's /  KFC. But nobody has noticed. Fencewrecker divulged how we nearly bought an F1 team under our guise ‘E By Gum Racing’ before tangenting off to the red mist driving of Irving, Hunt, Prost & Senna. Christmas TV had a few enjoyable treats like tractor pulling and monster big feet as well. OGL reminisced about tractor wheelies at Cholmondoly with a JCB GT doing over 100mph !! Cobra Gal wants to ‘Rush’ about looking for Robin Hood but will be happy to be treated to something a bit ‘Extreme’ from Cobra Guy. The correct Blyton days are on the web with high hopes of the 1975 F5000 Andretti car turning up again, maybe with another local collector who also has few to play with. Techie talk this month centred around special paint & flowers on motorways put there to absorb CO2 . How knowledgeable is that ! Well we’ll see at the Quiz on Wednesday night.

‘It’s Christmaaaaaaas !!’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ on ‘The Twelfth Day Of Christmas’, at ‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ we ‘Made It Through The Rain’. for it‘s ‘Only A Winters Tale’ to ‘Santa’s Party Tonight’ where it was ‘Christmas All Around’, We were all ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’, all except Turncoat - Lotus Collaborator. Double booked like ‘Last Christmas’.
Seated amidst ‘The Holly And The Ivy’ with some ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ music playing, Carol's festive feast with ‘Mistletoe & Wine’ was enjoyed by all non traitors. Then surprise surprise, after the last mince pie crumbs had been consumed, turncoat turned up ‘Walking In The Air’ singing ‘Don't Mess With My Tutu’ - yellow of course, giving just a hint of  what could have been. A few shouted ‘Run Rudolf Run’ but thankfully there were no ‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ or any ‘Silver Bells’ as the ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’ was not being worn.!
So after ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’ we all ‘Wished You a Merry Christmas’ and said  ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ we  went ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ all except Fencewrecker who said ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and walked.
‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ roll-on 2016.

================================================= 2015 =======================================================

Decadent Double Booked December. Is Gold the New Yellow? Sec (aka “The Traitor“) had a couple of dilemmas;
1/. Seeking approval; for a "Special Underwear Dispensation" for the party, with a gold thong thing that apparently came as an eBay 3-set (which the rest all thought would probably be called a bikini). This prompted many comments and several quizzical looks leading to final approval .....
Then 2/. The Traitor’s bombshell! Double booked ……..again  !! and by his own hand, admits he is losing the plot. So, after a good chastisement and drubbing the history of why we are nicknamed The Yellow Car Club was explained to the newbies who couldn’t understand why the ‘Traitor’ is regaled all in all shades of lemon & custard.
This month heard tales of old runs out,  and various convoy catastrophes, discussion about MGB roasters and a re-body having to go Q plate, Jenson versus Mark in former Karting days, with Fencewrecker confident he could beat him from a standing starter away from the lights but the trophy for that would go to the local taxi drivers! Desires of superchargers on the LS Chevvy, with possibly another one on a Mazda/MNR as well. OGL has had starting issues with ‘old’ fuel and some fuel facts such as the new potions setting like jelly over time. Blyton dates are booked for 2016 – contact ‘The Traitor’ for dates.
So we all departed the Festive Grotto armed with loaves of bread and bananas ready to meet back at Traitors Gate in a week.

Twas a Dark November Night, and OGL never stirred. Corgiman asked a simple electrical question, and left for home with a head reeling from a flood of complex answers. In between talk was of the Christmas Dinner, with names and choices added to the chart - if you're planning to come along, then get your details to Mr Sec. by Friday 4th December then turn up in your party frocks with cash in hand on Sat the 12th.  WARNING !! _you might need your sunglasses if Sec chooses the yellow attire again !!

Omnivore October as a few turned up early for food. Sec was very chipper - stealing everyone else's before deciding on a plateful of his own. A good turnout with several roadsters including the sumptuous snake braving the dark and cooling weather. 
Banter centred on the recent emission scandal with new models likely to be called the ‘Loophole’, or ‘Fiasco’ and sold with an advert called ‘Emissions Impossible’. Anyway anyone who has just bought a new peoples car is probably now fuming - Ha ha !! We reckon all other manufacturers will have similar software but just haven't been caught. Another fine Blyton Test day was talked about, Corgiman got the ‘newbie’ McLaren 650SC intro ride then, found out the Striker’s fuel pump doesn't produce enough oomph, probably due to two 20 year old blocked fuel filters. A few,  bitten by the competition bug wanted to know more about MSA hill climb regs with pending purchases of suits, helmets and tyres but not the super sticky one lap tyres used by the frugal fuel single seater brigade. Motty is now on engine version 4. Not to be confused with a V4.!  Snakeman and Snakewoman are looking to build a new track car but haven’t chosen the type yet. Several had memories of a good final Oil Can Café meet and the beautiful Lola was mentioned by a few. Energy company help lines got some wrath as we learned about Bill’s bills before Fencewrecker talked a lot about his ‘grandmother’ and her rights to tow trailers. Seasick P however, nearly couldn't keep awake due to Tamsin teething troubles terrorising the household.  The last topic was an economics lesson of population growth vs. electricity grid supply and probable future power cuts. 
Choices and numbers please at the next meeting for Christmas dinner on 12th December, 
Finally our good luck wishes go to Mr Tango and the pending lung op. Hope all goes well and we hope you have a speedy recovery...


Splendid September. Sec having played out close by opted to arrive way before time rather than fight rush the hour standstill home & back. Then promptly fell asleep in the car park. Tim nearly called in the hearse!  Lots turned out and two newbies came to investigate in a very tidy Dax Cobra with a nice sounding 5.7 (or was it 5.8) Chevvy & camber compensated front end. Very trick.
Plenty of banter and beer, 0GL expounded recent diesel exploits, two tales of devaluation of loan cars,  exploding karts and brakes discs burning in a pit of petrol!!
Mr Tango has bought the new Nankangs but can't use them yet as he is taking it easy with a collapsed lung.  Pah excuses! Fencewrecker likes his three penny bit Tankman remoulds and we reckoned they are now anti aquaplaning too.
Fantasy garages were discussed with imaginings of Fergies to fast Astons. Some nice free red caps were handed out and soon OGL will be as colour-coordinated as sec in Incy the Spyder. Tankman has now fixed all the doors, so installed heaters in the workshop. No excuses now. The car has to be ready for first Blyton or Stoneleigh next year whichever comes first...
Next meets - Oliver’s Mount on the 12th & the Oil Can Cafe BBQ on the 19th September to wave bye-bye to the season. Plans were finalised for Blyton on Monday,. To camp or not to camp was a big question. Christmas dinner was confirmed 12th December.

Sunny Blyton
Grrr thup Grrr thup Grrr thup. 140 mph. Whoa !
Turn ooof, Turn ooof, Turn ooof
Grrr thup Grrr thup Grrr thup.
And that's just the first quarter lap in the MEV turbo busa three wheeler with circa 900 bhp/t !!
Others then transported this reporter around in various jalopies from the quiet and production to noisy fly spatting open cockpits 7’s. All fast and furious. A new circuit layout used. Interesting variety of lines folk take especially in Curva-Grande with the deliberate bumpy bits jus before the hairpin. Good weather, good company, ACE day out.

Anticipated August  OGL & Sec nearly didn't make it when their mini convoy was attacked head-on by four cars going up a one way/no entry!!  They parked perfectly, but there was some pretty poor parking performance practiced by Fencewrecker. Corgi man however has the excuse he just followed the diagonals. The 7’s were outnumbered by shapely roadsters but all were highly coordinated in red, yellow and blue (except the silver MR2). After cheers and plenty thumb voting, talk turned to tyres. Toyo TR1’s & Triple 8’s plus Yoko AO48’s of course featured highly but praise from several sources sung for the new kid on the block Nankang & the cheap NS-2R’ and they do 13” too. It was mentioned that the coloured spots on the wall are there to align either the rubber or ally valves for good wheel balance. But does Mr. ThickFit actually take note?  Corgi man fumed about repeated incorrect gas bills invoicing Cu ft as CuM then others mentioned the freebie gas from the aged next door. The can of gas worms now opened, gas pipes replacement, road works and high pressure siphon back problems everywhere gave us a little entertaining talk. Cheap diesel prices noted - put down to supply and demand (not) or, is it juts some ‘cracking’ good offers before we get the noxious tax!!  Other banter involved re use of V8 engines as a wine rack but a 24V head holds more, the best use of a selfie-stick is to assist with holding books for reading with aged eyes, ball joints for strikers, sparky lead degradation and modern car multi-compound. OGL may have a possible water rail leak that needs investigating but replacement late K-series Freelander with cams has triple thick head gaskets & is a strong replacement 135 hp engine. The next Test Days are September 7th and 27th.

July Japes - In accounting terms all the cars attended in ‘full employment’ with one driver per car. All kit types with the exception of Alberto in the Tonka Truck. The meeting was back at the new old venue following dissent for the old new venue. Mr Polish wasn't there, a few suspecting he couldn't get the car over the pebble on the drive ! Neither CD Junior nor CD Phantom was present....  Has their parallel time warp now collided them as one? Fencewrecker was full of the joys of cricket and describe how the cricket ladesses ‘seam’ the ball.  As Mr. Evans is the new Top Gear presenter.  Who would make a good co-host? Maybe we should join forces with the wooden Suzy P fielding the full ‘Eee by Gum Racing’ team for track tests.. Anecdotes of the last Blyton were told with those F1 Williams/McLaren mechanics joining in on the fun, plus tales of the journey home avoiding BMW / Audi chicanes following a rain storm. The last 30 minutes of track time saw Mr. Tango giving backwards passenger rides to the unsuspecting - gives new meaning to the words ' You've Been Tangoed'.  Now a few tyres are truly trashed, the temptation for new Toyo Triple 8 R’s or other cheap sticky rubbers inevitability torment the wallets of the needy before the next Blyton play day on 27th July. Other news; Seasick P only securing second dibs, missed out on a tidy 1800 Zetec on the Locost Forum,  Lekky man has designs on next years Glastonbury with his son feasibly featuring on stage. But who needs Glasto stage lighting when you have the recent impressive UK wide storm cloud display and the latest swiftly approaching thunderstorm. So as all were in tin tops a swift exit was made to beat the deluge. See you all at Blyton and next month's first Friday.

Nuns Back on the Run Again  Nuns in June …… Return to the Colonial in July.
There were several new faces at our June get together (I’m not even going to guess at the excuses for the usual missing bods). Interesting vehicles featuring great touches, good chat – spoiled only by the lack of seats. After much deliberation, the consensus was – we are back at the Old Colonial from July.
See you ALL there !?

Stoneleigh 2015 - breakdowns, boggy, booze, banter, bourbon & a band The plan was for 16 to meet 8.30 am at Woodall for onward convoy to the show, but the Mr T breakdown on Friday night & wet torrential rain saw only five, comprising three Westfields, 0GL and Seasick P. The latter two only just, as the red car got waterlogged on the slip road into the service station & the blue Fury few miles before. Both recovered to drive onwards to the show. The rest of the troop set off at different times ad-hoc to avoid the initial downpour & make best use of an improving day. Sec arriving on the stand in a ‘bath’ with waterproofs of course yellow coordinated with some snazzy fimbles gloves. 
Camp was pitched by the hardy 10 albeit in the paddy field again but in glorious sunshine as the day improved. Due to the lack of dry ground all were squeezed together in the strip of high ground, much to the delight of Johnny Petrolhead once more worried about his snoring. Notable absences were Mr Polish (under the thumb?) and Mr T whose car was lifeless. 
The day got warmer the barbecue came out and the hardy enjoyed a night of frivolity, Seasick P, worried about the journey home texted to say he'd made it safely so Johnny petrol head could now have a drink. (who had forgot and had already been oiling the tonsils since 6 pm). So booze, banter, bourbon & a band - the deafening tones of The Original Members kept the team occupied.  James managed his five a day - all in one glass drinking fruit cider, followed by beer, honey and eye bourbon. Once back at the camp. The stamina boys hit the wine and shots before bed.. 
Johnny Petrolhead’s alarm went off 6 am to wake all those who didn't want to get up to a nice morning but more rain in the night had re-filled the paddies. (New pitch has been requested for next year?  Another look round the show and some bits were bought including relays with inclusive beepers. Interring bits:- for the Striker boys, a nice retro fit anti roll bar set up on the Stylus Stand, an exquisite new Ultima spinning showing all its glory and some low entry high lift hydraulic lifting ramps that the club will purchase for sharing.

May Day Mayday, Mr. Tango with the car ticking over at 3000 rpm !! It was ‘fixed’ but only to break down again on the way home for a 4 o'clock end to his night ! Sec looked dapper in a bowtie plus all clothes yellow. 16 came in various cars; CD phantom (nee CD 1/CD Senior) appeared, but no CD Junior. Funny they are never in the same place together? Maybe they live in a time warp zone……
The next Blyton track day is set for 22 June, display banners were discussed, camber and castor mentioned, Mr. Polish didn't bring the snow plough & Johnny Petrolhead is rekindling interested on the Pinto boat anchor now back on eBay yet again. The new F1 girl, Carmen Jorda raised plenty approving comments
The plans were set for Stoneleigh and an 8.30 start at Woodall approved. Corgiman and Lou wimping out of camping. Johnny Petrolhead needs to be in the next field to avoid snoring. Tank man and Mr. Polish aren't planning to make the Stoneleigh trip (told so by 'her who thinks she should be obeyed’).  Seasick P exhibited how to count to 4 3/4 on the fingers of one hand.  See you all Sunday Bright & early

April Fools Our brave adventurers arrived at the ‘New’ venue only to find that the “we must move brigade” had not turned a wheel - and the usual suspect(s) will surely have a good excuse!  We didn’t even outnumber The Nuns.  Two of our three knew that the Old Colonial drive had been modified by the council, so the little convoy returned to try it out and see Uncle Tim. On arrival, we learned that CD1 had turned up, found himself alone, and set off to find us. Ringing home, we learnt he had not returned so presumably he found a party elsewhere.  So now the question is “Whither meetuth us?”

Beardy March A hairy month, for those without were definitely in the minority!! Mr. Tango has been cultivating his all the winter and it's now down to his toes, Seasick P looks a bit upside down with shaved head and full face fungus, Fencewrecker and Leckyman sport the usual Goatees, Albere is cultivating some competition to Mr. Tango. Sec got bored with a full one so shaved the middle out of his creating a fine pair of Mutton Chops. Nobody understands what hair grown in ears is for.
0GL rattled through the AGM shouting over the noisy bar props with apologies from the ill Mr Tankman where the phantom treasurer remains elusive.  The AOB section  proposed a change of venue due to the car park size so, from April First Friday the new venue is now the old venue of the Three Nuns Cooper Bridge. The First Blyton track day of the season beckons on the 30th March.
Albere is on with another new car having restored his brother’s Ford, James has a tappety 1.8 and Paul chirped he has one too, but nobody cares as replacements are only 100 notes from a scrapper. Sec announced that James’s old Red Westie has been repaired yet again after it being parked in the barrier at Harewood. Mr Polish is keeping the warranty in check with the Elisything ECU “Big Brother” printout of all activity since driving it off the forecourt. Mr Tango wants some Bluetooth comms  and it looks like a new Kit Car Show is penned for August 22nd at Croft – it’s just one day so we may be looking for camping on the Saturday night with a run over the North York Moors Sunday? Other weekend ideas were muted; maybe a Lakes weekend and camping in North Wales.
OGL showed some nice pics of a very shiny mx5 engine churning out over 500 gee-gees. Fencewrecker bought some nice blue supercheap Silicon hose right on his doorstep & Bill announced Milly is nearly back on the road with a new tank.

February Frolics.  Sec arrived early, and when the boys turned up, they found him basking in the afterglow of that Steak Pie n Chips. Lips and fingers duly licked clean, it was time to collect the subs and issue pretty yellow cards – Seasic P received a good hand of them for his growing team. In and amongst the usual banter, quizzical looks were exchanged when it was suggested that a regular face was missing – no name could be conjured to fit, but it was agreed that whoever it was bound to have a good excuse! (I wonder who could that possibly be ?? Must pay my dues too– OGL)

Only Just January and soooo close to New Years Days some may still be recovering, Seasick P had a cold so he is excused.
The meet started with OGL regaling a day playing out over the holiday with a Russian T-34 tank, then tales turned to tractors, combines and new MOD tanks vs. old ones and tank theory with modern versus the old from Mr. Tankman..  It was decided that women accessorizing with cushions everywhere (and why have them on a bed?) is OK as we men accessorize with tools, fluffy dice and car DVD’s. Stoneleigh in May is the only show as the Newark date is still vacant, so we can possibly look at another venue on the calendar such as Croft Touring Cars with camping in Yarm or, possibly Helmsley Hall with camping and a car show.
The fastest car Sec has ever been in was a BMW CSL fantastic car with uber speed for such an earl type. Fencewrecker is upgrading the Ferrodo’s over winter as Clive is still trembling from almost not stopping at Blyth with a stuck open throttle.
A bit of F1 banter re Hammy being excellent and a deserved winner then talk switched to rally cars and Erik Carlsson's skill, agility and speed. We like the local TV using local locations - The Northern Lights studio filmed in last Tango, Happy Valley, etc. Some road range chatter ensued, followed by tales of youthful battles between Mods and Rockers in Scarborough and then Mr. Stag and Porsche Man came to join us for a while before we went our separate ways.

================================================= 2014 =======================================================

It’s CHRISTMASSSSSSSS as Noddy shouted – but where was Sec and Mr. Polish? Oh double booked at their Lotus do so, OGL took up the mantle of wacky attire dressed in a garishly fetching tropical parrot shirt. Whatever happened to Johnnyredmist. Also absent? May still be in the land of Kraut.. However CD Phantom came so can regain his status as CD Original (aka CD1).  A cosy night was had by all, being fed a feast of food in a festively furbished backdrop closely resembling Santa’s Grotto and in the very busy pub.  Chit chat, laughter and hopes for potential events in 2015 with new summer runs out discussed.  Even Mrs CD1 might try some ‘glamping’ if the venue is right...  Newark is still off the calendar as is the date for Donington so, the sparse diary can be filled elsewhere. Suggestions to the committee.  The evening passed very quickly and at 11:30 babysitters beckoned so we all bade farewell with Merry Christmases all round and a reminder that the next First Friday meeting is on 2 January. So, Merry Christmas to one and all and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.

 Glittery December Sec & OGL attended early for a meal and much entertainment came from beer names being renamed by the fruity lasses perched at the bar – one with delightful cheese grater pants. Shock and Awe soon became Splash and Hoare.  The rest of the ‘gang’ arrived and the sagas continues with tales of  village shops masquerading as knocking shops with Mr. Corgi called out to mend the pipes (that’s his tale & he’s sticking to it) !! Christmas meal deposits were paid. 
General banter decided that there are enough funds in the kitty to now buy Marussia F1. Button even though he is on ‘holiday’ at the moment might be a possible target for a preferable driver with Magnussen as the option and we will have access to our own private testing circuit at Tockwith- “The Triangle”.  We reckon we can get a hybrid car sorted but we might have to have a long electric cable.  If we hurry Magnussen might bring some money with him to drive for us. Mr. Polish has 150 miles on the new Exige with the special seats that even have fatty lump gaps in them to keep phones in place.  YouTube has some amusing videos of how to get in and out of these Eliseythings.  Sec described his reversing antics in sleeper cab wagons challenging for Fencewrecker’s title and how planted the Hyabusa 3-wheeler was at Blyton, and Seasick P talked about replacement stair newels.  Mr Corgi has found a new stainless mini van tank for the Striker from an outlet opposite the Harrogate Showground entrance so at least Milly will not leave vapour trails wherever it goes now.  So generally a happy night all round with plenty of groan worthy jokes told.

November Nights: 12 regulars with apologies from Mr Tango. CD Junior (nee CD2) temporarily named CD Phantom2 for also not attending, turned up so, as CD phantom1 didn't attend CD Phantom2  is back in full CD Junior status. Confused, so are we all! James has a new car - a Westfield in Gulf livery, Barry always has a new car, OGL has a new car, Bracey has a new car, Johnny petrol head has a new car and Mr Polish is getting a new car next week. Bracey also had a fine track day experience at Silverstone in some mega single seaters. Mr Corgi has recycled his soap box but worries when the radio brakes on modern cars that being linked to the ECU they will have to be scrapped ! This months techo discussions centred on MT75 Gearboxes vs. Type 9’s, ECU's, historic Mercs starting up on methanol which, makes you cry when the fumes get in your eyes, racing car smells in general and diesels and why they don’t rev but have HUGE torque, Lesser formulas make for more enjoyable racing on TV and are more like the cars you buy. Christmas Dinner went from the 13th to the 6th to the 13th again so confusion reigns but those who can make the new/old/new date let Sec know numbers and menu requests.  

OctoberFest – where’s the rest? Only 9 made it in three cars, Seasick P had an excuse being his birthday but a lot of happy talk of another sunny track day out where the car in front is………. fictitious (as there aren’t any)! Even the bikes hold you up in the corners now says Mr. Tango who is now much faster but on the way home he broke down manually and Leccyman broke down physically. The speed increase is known as ‘Progressive Driving’ and you can get a nice certificate for doing that on the road – only it does cost quite a lot to get the documentation !  Johnny Petrolhead recalled days of past tracks and it is noted that two up in the manic trike on track makes it more stable. Lots of blabbery talk included OGL’s car which now has brakes again after the trip to Bury to play on steam trains and Riley cars!  Corgi Man always sets off the metal detector at airports now with his techno knee. Modern fuel degrades over winter rotting pipes. And why are British Touring Cars all LH drive on clockwise circuits? A cautionary tale to depressurize the fuel system before working in injectors otherwise you get shot! A conundrum of the new Mazda Diesel engines that have a compression ratio of 14.7:1 vs. common diesels that have 20:1 whereas the petrol engines have a compression ratio of 14.7:1 vs. common petrols that have 11:1 – both for better economy – how can that be? Sec mentioned he is now a great granddad 5x over. Now the licence law has changed Sec has Smiley Faces aplenty as Lee Mackenzie now accompanies him on EVERY journey. Others are smiling too. A few asked about some new social events like karting, meal, bowling, quiz, knitting, etc. so Mr Social Sec is going to be busy. The Christmas Dinner is rescheduled to the 6th not 13th December ‘cos the venue is full up with weddings on the 13th. Take note all those who read plus view the forum l 

Super September & 12 bods in 9 cars made it. Sec dragged himself away from the death bed and ALG made his comeback. A guest appearance from a SpongeBob Sec bedecked Freddy Flintstone in the ‘Lotus’ Bouldermobile brought cries of ‘what’s under the barrels’ by Mr. Tango. ‘Twas a balmy night and so we all sat out in t-shirts till ten – or was it eleven? James has sold the GTM and came in a gas guzzling Jeepything which sounded nice revving up but probably used 4 gallons in the process. Tales of a rainy Cadwell track day with Mikey spatting with a Porsche. Blyton to come on the 22nd. Monsieur Alberrre has bought a garage and entertained us with You Tube clips of bike flip vids and the Fraser Nash Strip down. With holiday season over, reminiscent Wales tales, good roads and cars sinking on a beach kept us entertained. History lessons of Exiges/Elises/Evoras/Vauxhall  220 ‘copies’ were told as we learnt that Mr. Polish has deposited on a shiny new one. Stickers were distributed all round (thanks to James) now we just need to sort hats, polos & fleeces again. A Heritage Riley Day at Bury Train Station was mentioned. OGL is going and a few talked of  a Scarborough Day out

Donny Dash – 8 cars met up at a busy Woodall to convoy to East Midlands but where was Sec – laid up with a deadly lurgy virus. Well that news went viral as it’s the first event he’s missed in about 143 years !! The pitch was set in a better place and a quick look around the hall (nice Kit Car Supercar display) plus the usual superspark, digiwidget, dodgy juice stalls as well as a few selling the contents of their garages. Fern Motorsports and pals were impressive with the pirouette driving but no Westfieldthrill rides this year. So out onto the track in some nice weather to watch various races with heavy heavy Jags thundering around, followed by various classes of endurance races. The silhouette racers were fast with some interesting old beasties bombing around at a pace to frighten a lot of modern stuff. So at the end of day one CD Junior and Dad arrived just as OGL left to get home to set off early Sunday to go jalopy hunting. Sunday dawned and CD Phantom appeared as if by magic so may now be renamed CD 1 again…….. The usual Sunday sausage scoffing contest sta5rted the day and CD Phantom (nee CD1) came on Sunday. Fencewrecker enjoyed  the museum at half price entry with Tarmacwrecker in tow.

August Aquawash – It was a Bit wet so no open topped cars came. Some were still buzzing from Blyton where the sun shone bright all day.  Tankman had a brown trouser moment with a stuck open throttle and the flat spots on the tyres looked impressive until the brake pipe burst under pressure, LOTS of pressure.  He’s probably still shaking now. Lee Mackenzie wasn't there though to interview him after though.  Mr Tango is getting faster, ML chased a lot in his tin top without a tin top.  Fencewrecker managed the day with a wired on exhaust. The fastest road beast there was a three wheeler MEV MBE tR1ke now adapted with foot gear change and a hand lever brake. An ex Shuey Benetton played out along with a VERY noisy ex Andretti? F5000. Fears all round as apparently Shuey hasn't yet spoken since awakening. Bill has had a lot of six theory this month trying to fabricate springs & links for the Fury TB's, Mr Polish & CD Junior have been camping in Wales, the Llangollen Bridge Pub featured heavily. Johnny Redmist has the yellow boat anchor back in service. Nurnburgring has been sold so what will happen to teeny Sabina? Doesn't matter, just so long as Lee Mackenzie is still in employ...... A comparison lesson of VX220 vs those Elisey things and also Rover rear brakes were discussed.  CD Junior thinks Former CD1 is now named CD Phantom. There was some oil talk and how good modern ones are, but how bad modern fuels are are rotting all things brass and rubber. Albert has funds for a new car needed urgently as the old one has now evaporated back into earth elements again.  F1 talk this month - its fixed, this year is all German celebration year so Niko it is. Hammy will still get more 'breakdowns'. Still Lee Mackenzie will be there to talk the talk and walk the walk.  F1 talk this month – it’s fixed, this year is all German celebration year so Niko it is. Hammy will still get more 'breakdowns'. Still Lee Mackenzie will be there to talk the talk and walk the walk. Plans for Donny muted, sausages all round, the poundshop pans are packed for burnt offerings breakfast but CD Dad obviously has experience & will test the bun van and coffee shop. Looking forward to meeting Ronald Wood to update us on the garage full of jalopies

Independence Day 4th July and independently all were late except OGL sitting all independently alone until those that could get through the M62 debacle arrived. Even Fencewecker was late - his excuse was couldn't get home!! A few cars with watertight hoods fought off the heavy rain but it was a Red Car Night. (c’mon you yellas). A lot wussed out and came in tin tops including CD Junior who said his was tucked up in the new remote garage later to admit it is about three doors down! Soon talk turned to top TV totty and Lee McKenzie with eyes to die for was the favourite of Sec. VB-H was another high up the charts. Tamsin Outhwaite hailed a vote. The Newsnight girl has some charm but definitely not as much as Lee McKenzie. An MG specialist in Baliff Bridge was noted by all Elisey boys with K-Series units, and MGF trophy caliper upgrades to GTM's pondered.. Sylva Autokits is for sale - Jeremy is retiring. Seasic P hopes the  status quo remains with the car ranges so he can order a Vectis. More editorial space gained, this time in PPC a certain Yellow car owned by a yellow man with Tarmacwrecker still in one piece at the time of the picture. Mr. Polish is about to dig into his deep pockets and order some Nitro Shocks. Talks centred on TV history lessons followed by trolley bus tales and how green Huddersfield busses were, generating their own power from waste. Fine until nationalisation came. Free calls in telephone boxes with click technology.  Watch out for the sneaky mobile speedy cameras planted on the A64/A1 hiding behind the junction bridge Yorkbound . A sporty weekend is due with the Tour de France, British GP (featuring a certain MISS McKenzie) Wimbledon tennis (has Lee McKenzie been doing some commentating?) & World Superbikes. Some say modern F1 is boring allowing some sleep catch up – the Classic GP is cheaper with easier access and open pits. Leccy Man had an entertaining day at a wet Cadwell. Was Lee McKenzie there?  At the end of the night Sec started telling jokes so we all took this as their cue to go.  See you all on the 28th, at. Blyton track day.  Maybe Lee McKenzie might be there..............

A rainy morn' brings broken promises - The Armed Forces Day get together was somewhat diluted by the weather! Sec got there, OGL arrived a little late, and Fencewrecker called in to say he'd forgotten he was due to be elsewhere .... the rest ... 'NIL POINTS'

June Junket  A sunny summer June evening saw 6 cars lined up, and heard the till ringing with the subs of new members: James GTM Mottram dragged some change from the deep recesses of his wallet; Colin Caterham Steele brought cash from Marsden whilst dragging along Jimmy “Lost Spark Locost” Gallaugher who also released the months – Welcome aboard chaps. So who wasn’t there? OGL started anew chapter in his excuse book; Dave “not looking a day over” Patrick stayed at home to blow out the candles on his cake; Dave Wright forgot he was at a wedding; and there was a sign of a CD of any description. Worth a mention were two Striker boys in tin tops, with the same I’ve a broken wing stay excuse – surely there can’t be a tale we haven’t heard yet …. Watch this space! Several of our happy band promised to turn up at The Old Colonial for the Armed Forces Day event from 1.00pm on Sat. 28th June ahead of our usual first Friday meet in July.

Stoneleigh 2014 The convoy set off 9.10 am with others following in their own time and pace.  Ernie brewed at 11.prompt, with 6 kit cars plus support that pulled 15 on the stand.  Johnny Petrolhead is still fettling the boat anchor, Seasick P was excused as today is the day and Tamsin was born early doors. Mr Polish was on work duties.  A new member joined immediately winning the furthest to travel award.  From deepest Suffolk , Graham aka "Ronnie" enjoys our company at shows so why not participate in techno babble and generic talk, Hopefully the Strikers development going in a pace to maybe be ready for a reunion at Donington?  CD2 nee CD1 where is he?  Camping was on the sponge again somewhat wet. so much so that MNR got dragged out to hard standing as their supertruck sank to the axles.  Nice to see the Caterham chappies have decided to join the elite and become neighbours at our pitch.  Jeremy popped by and the ex Riot demo is for sale again and the J15 demo is up for grabs. A busy well attended show and Bill got lots of bits its, Mr Tango got lot of bits and some natty spanners.   The sun shone so we sat out until half went to MNR half did their own BBQ then went walkabout.  After several cold beers an exhaustive survey of all he toilet facilities over the showground . Then we met up with the friendlies from the faux Evora mob hiding on the edge of the Lotus stand.  Fencwrecker spent the night in A.& E after Fencewrecker Junior broke his wrist so now he will be called Tarmac Denter. The night got colder but no ice this year and definitely no yellow style ice.  OGL provided the Juke Box whilst booze and tales were swapped then we turned in but still no Fence & Tarmac Denter. Dawn was nice but we were in the shade of the buildings (note we need to move one up or down next year).  The usual full monty brekky revived the hung-over, before the camping gear was shared to allow space for the wounded to travel in a soft sprung car for an early bath.  CD Junior used the disposable £0,99 pan that needed wanging before the first rasher was sizzling whilst Mr. Tango revelled in the luxury of the £2.99 reusable version !  OGL. & Mr Tango did another lap of the sheds, talked a lot of Raw and liked the Murtaya then visited GTM and learned a lot about Incy then the remainder set off back to beat the dowsing arriving home 10 minutes before the clouds burst.  .


Brrrmm May and we are off.  9 cars with 13 humans attended as a prelude to Stoneleigh.  Who will brings sausages - we all will of course!!  We started indoors then went out to see the new Yella Fireblade and the new member Barry's white Pinto.  Mr Polish left his carriage at home as the battery was flat and Mr. Tango whilst pushing his around the car park it was commented that at this point it is much faster than a slow Elisey thingy even though it due the new shockers to keep up with the low rider look on Sec's up rated beasty. Seasick P was absent cos Jo is still awaiting a bambino so he can be excused but come what may baby will appear this weekend with sciences help.  If it is born on the fourth then it could be called Leia (may the forth be with you - ha ha).  CD Junior maybe wants a new bonnet. OGL is researching 4AGE options for the yella car. This months dialogue included; a great deal of reminiscing about past show mishaps, karting finances for an entry level sport with an arrive and drive package now a snip with a Sheffield maker charging a mere £10,000 a race, Monsieur Albert who is restoring a tractor, oil theory for gearboxes and tyres from ex Ginetta racers.  Johnny Petrolhead still wants a R1ot but now he's advancing in years my end up with a nice sensible Royale. Sabre….. Then we decided that in age related terms Sec was Whitworth, OGL imperial and CD Junior is metric, (maybe there are a few AF’s in between?). Blyton was a successful hoot, and we got a potted history of the track from the first to ever use it.  Castle Coomb KC Show is too far so will be boycotted by us but the BRM Car Club day is mustering interest. The Forces Day in June is looming and Tim wants a few of us to assist and take veterans for rides. We will oblige. Sunday - meet at Woodall services for dipartite in convoy prompt at 9.00 am.

And it’s April - the gaggle formerly known as “The Yellow Car Club” may now be renamed the Mid Engine Car Club with 12 bods and 6 multi coloured cars, 2 red, 2 yellow a black and silver.  Incy’s big GTM brother turned up with VVC, leccy central locking and mirrors to boot.  Jolly tidy example too.  Westie cars who now own the GTM brand had plans to sell some turn keys but reputed production costs of £25k put pay to that so, the plans were shelved.  Seasick P wussed out of bringing the Fury but since Jo is nearly there with our newest member we can forgive him.  He now has the best value family membership around.  General babble about nothing in particular (no change there then) in several groups ensued and MOT law and EGR valves raised vocal unity.  The new MOT laws mean you must have EGR valves fitted if OEM supplied.  So it’s going to cost those driving oil burners as daily runners thousands in future.  Jonny Petrolhead commented he once failed an MOT on an air freshener dangling from the mirror - on viewing obstruction grounds.  Then CD Pa explained MOT law and what garages should do with their time and place.  Mention of the Seat Leon Cupra 280 getting a new Nurburgring FWD record with a sub 8 min run reminded those partaking that Blyton Monday was imminent with a few taking to track.  Other topics of amiable babble were Top Gear track times lies, TVR and a new owner - are they being resurrected from the ashes?, & the T350C is a nice beastie.  New Ford engines vs. the K series and the new fords is said to be even lighter.  A few want a 2 part Striker bonnet so plans for bulk ordering could be afoot. A replacement to the Newark KC Show may see a run to Bourne Motor Clubs Classic Car & Bike Show with those having pre - ‘94 donors being allowed on the field.  The Oil Can Cafe do on the afternoon of the 2ndMay with classic cars should be some fun. Tim kindly put some food on, but most shied away from the special spicy pickled onions. A girl perched at the bar was dubious to put some black sausage in her mouth but her barmaid matey t'other side of the till said she does it all the time.  (That’s black pudding for those of you with a mucky mind !!). The Grand National Sweepstake got spenders and Fencewrecker picked "Soon to be Glue" with OGL getting the favourite that turned out to be some sluggish donkey !! CD 2 now declares that he is CD Junior and CD senior not being present may be considered CD Senile – the plot deepens…..

March First Friday Formalities Eight attended the AGM with CD1 (see later) absent, we all thought Rhino watching but was actually due to work commitments.  Latecomers bolstered numbers to 13.  Only one car though - OGL in Incy the spyder.  The officialdom was rattled through with officers re-elected.  Notably the flush status of retained funds & the low expectation of expenditure, the proposal to reduce fees won universal acceptance.  So now a snip at £10 single, £15 joint.  In the Notification of Other Business a “Naming of Names” motion was called, ‘Chris Downes 2’ suggested that on attendance rights he should become known as ‘Chris Downes 1’, and ‘Chris Downes1’ be known as ‘Chris Downes Senior’.  After a deal of humorous debate, the suggestion was adopted by vote so CD2’s Nom de Plume coups therefore means he can be called ‘CD1’ with the former ‘CD1’ now being called ‘CD Senior'.  Subsequent electronic dispatches from the deposed former ‘CD1’ explains that as the longest serving Chris Downes, exception is taken to being called ‘Senior’ and feels  that the original ‘Chris Downes 2’ should be known as 'Junior' or by some other name.. To be continued..............  Mr. Redmist will have help from Clive on the newsletter. After the officialdom the chairman moved chairs for a pint and broke said chair because he can because he's the chairman - ha ha. New CD1 has uprated the bath tub with some nice shiny Hi Specs to haul down the speed. Should look uber cool now.  Alternative plans were muted for the cancelled Newark Show with camp sites by pubs sought near Borne for a summer party car show. Plenty banter ensued with some distraction from the Galpharm Rhinos/Fartown Thriller draw on Sky.  Jo is 6 weeks off making the new member - good luck from us all. Johnny Petrolhead wants to have a R1ot.  Turns out Billy Boy & Landlord Tim are former work colleague form way back when former CD2 was in a highchair. Mr Polish is camping Ribble Head at the end of March if anyone else is brave enough to join him.

February Fourteen First Friday An Olympic meet, well 9 made it.  It’s so wet that Somalian pirates have been seen looting in Gloucester.  Bill opened up debate on the little known and incredibly hushed up Audi 2.0 L recall affecting Seat and Skoda as well.  A small allan bolt shearing in the oil pump with .expected dire consequences but the Garages know and they wash their hands of it.  Jo is nearly ready to produce our newest member – due in April......  A camping venue in lieu of the cancelled Newark is needed, perhaps the Bourne Car Show day or some other nice venue yet to be found (Lakes perhaps?), Cholmondley POP - if we can afford the mortgage, but the Brighton Classic Car Show might be a trip too far as is Total Kit Car Live from Blyton to Brands.  Happy memories of an oil slick convoys following Sec (caused by piston pressure of 8 Bar+!!). Towing off m'ways is now illegal so we need to be recovered.  ML thought it a good idea to be 'recovered' to Wales for holiday then 'recovered ' back home again to save on fuel costs.  In fact is rope towing allowed at all or must it be a fixed pole?  Campervan and car tow on brackets are allowed but only with electronic braking conversions.  No dolly's allowed unless you trade so, Bill threw his dollies out the pram.  Wouldn’t have been like that back in his day, he was a good cop (not a bad cop) letting all those fugitives off with just a warning. . Soap box talk of motorway speedy cams left on still clocking folks at 70 when ‘turned off’ - Xmas party funds we thinks !! Ecclestone is going down for a few months, Shuey we all hope will recover.  F1 noses - what a laugh –they look phallic. (OGL under the influence of a creative cider or two has since thought about the F1 cars rear ending each other.  Could be a problem with the phallic noses ramming up the now compulsory Forced Air Noxious Nacelle Yttrium Spout (F.A.N.N.Y.S.), or the Vented Air Gas Inner Neat Aerator Spout (V.A.G.I.N.A.S.) A few finally thought over fantasy garages and opinions varied from Ferraris to Ferguson tractors, V8's & sixes in Cobras, Holdens, T5's & DTi's.  Then there was a tangential digression into HUGE articulated caterpillar monsters and double decker busses before time was called on another fine night.

New Year, New Boy, Old Rain and wind and that’s not because of the Yuletide food excesses of Noel !!   Eleven made it with just one car.  Mr. Tango & Bill proffered excuses.   Banter abstracted around ski helmets and Shuey, Wella Wella Wella steels vs. alloy wheels and 13" rims vs. big uns shod in rubber bands.  Braking efficiency was questioned until F1 ‘stop on a sixpence’ brakes were mentioned as was undertaking rights on motorways with the legalities and the rights and wrongs - not illegal according to a plod mate.  HGV & caravan granny towing rights was brought up as was cheeky speedy cams on the M180, Downtown & Last Tango film locations - where are they?. Fencewrecker is mid clutch change & a special grabby  material grafted bespoke onto the old plate for just over £100 notes (including bearing and pressure plate) sounded good.  Mr. Polish has some new carbon seat and cammy things.  Seasick P wants a 4 poster for the garage and a few thought he meant a bed!!  OGL reckoned an ex 'Tester' would be better than a 4 poster – but few got the gag.  CD1 & CD2 sat together and they are different,   CD2 found out we call his jalopy the 'Bath Tub' cos of its 60's retro Armitage Shanks colour. This years social calendar is to include Bowling at Kirkstall Road on a Saturday to be arranged, Oil Can Café visits, quiz night Wednesdays at The Old Colonial., and summer will see a BBQ at Clive’s.  Then a debate ensued of how many cars we can get on the drive.  He says 6 we say 12 as most have teeny weenie cars. Bracey is looking at a yellow car under wraps.  A few left early then Sec told tales of the Torrey Canyon disaster how it led to bonus hours on Tacho's.  EGR’s & turbos with pre cat cats, LEGO – exorbitant costs and happy memories,  even Meccano and an even older 'Engineers' set where even threads had to be die cut & fabricated before assembly.   Finally BMW's ‘Fly by Wire’ steering – with no physical connection was mused with aghast reactions if tis true.  This needs confirming - answers please next meeting.

================================================= 2013 =======================================================

Delicious Decadent December Dinner and lots of Christmas cheer with 17 attending.  Sec of course maintained the 100% Yellow Car Club tradition of being dressed totally in the canary kit, even with yellow socks and flip flops.  A warm warm warm room with fine fayre, fine folk, fine food and fine chat..
Crackers cracked and some decided to be avant-garde with alto hat style wearing, groanworthy jokes performed with the most apt being 'why did the mechanic sleep under the car - cos he wanted to get up oily in the morning'.  So much fun and happy banter was had, that the evening soon evaporated and the clock watchers amongst the throng were surprised that baby sitters were now on overtime rates.  The ladies present thought 10 pin bowling a good idea for the 2014 social calendar and an ice cream parlour rendezvous would certainly do well. Fencewrecker is plotting a party/bbq in the York area but York Area Man doesn't yet know this.  The remainder left just before the witching hour happy and full.
So th..th.. that's all folks for 2013.  Only job now is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  See you all First Friday in 2014 and we can compare notes about what DVD’s and widgets Santa brought for those of you that were good boys.

Dazzling December with Christmas decorations aplenty. But not a Carol in earshot only retro rock from the 70's, 60's, 80's 90's..............   The eight that came had a roundabout recommendation from Mr. `Polish about roundabouts in a non roundabout sort of way, and he will continue to round up more bits like Nitron dampers and ECU's to replace MEMS, especially after Bill waxed lyrical about the Emeralds electrons Guru Dave Walker’s flatliner torque talks extracting 185 BHP from a wheezer 135 block.  CD2 has uprated the bathtub with some new headlights and yet more wax.  General worries about what Kit Car shows will be on next year as so far only Stoneleigh is listed. We all want Newark, we all like Newark.  Sec told us of his tyre history and lack of traction being 2 seconds off the pace up the hill so, upgraded to some new List 1 tyres and got 2 more seconds. How cool is that, except all the others got a sniff of regs changes and bought List 2 rubber got 4 seconds. Status Quo maintained.  Speaking of which Mr. Polish is blobbing Christmas Dinner to see this Zimmer Frame rock set but 14 others are playing out.  General ‘Soap Box’ discussions this month centred on speed humps on corners, lane discipline on motorways, driving tests and F1 2014 which may be interesting than 21003 although  DTM/Formula Ford/TOCA seem more entertaining. 
Sec reminisced about 'muffology' & velcro sideburns before turning to his Red Coat Butlins days in the 60's flower power era and how he had to take several 'Duvet Days’ with that particular new fangled invention.  Nearly ‘Finished’ him off !!  Tim brought out his ‘special’ onions which were hot hot hot and got a few to cry in pain.  Then the dogs arrived & rounded us up so it was time for home.

November Night Nine tin toppers rolled up at the Old Colonial and spent a few hours talking the usual scribble. OGL’s absence was accepted with little or no discussion of the proffered excuse, we just couldn’t be bothered. ( ah a good night with Live Wire and lots of ACDC ringing in the ears). 
Dinner details were settled – menu choices now due! – even though a couple wanted a dance option out of the drafts !? It was Clive’s moving in day – he’ll have no excuses to miss the December meet and those beyond.

Intimate October (or should that read inmates)..  SEC sent apologies as he was propping up a bar in Homeland Town so everyone could take off their sunglasses because of an absence of blinding yellow clothes.  Seasick P also had a bye as it was “She who thinks she should be obeyed’s” birthday. CD1 also had the work excuse but where was CD2? Maybe signing autographs after all that after fame with the bath tub in total view in Total Kit Car Mag with OGL's lurking behind. So only six this time but that didn’t stop the banter and tales.  Corgi Bill had petrol tank woes but liquid metal saved the day until the rear of the car comes off to access the colander tank but don't mention the Demon Wiring !! Lights just coming on & off but not when he wanted or, needed them to. Science followed with lessons on galvanising vs. paints on chassis. Short tales (from Fencewrecker) & long tales (from Mr. Tango)!! - Fencwrecker told us of ski holiday limbo dancing, criss-cross crashes with Clive and administering an ad-hoc appendectomy on an unsuspecting Austrian sunbathing.  OGL regaled past times of 'surfs up' and windsurfing in force 8's (with Mr. Tango asking why?) then tales and bumping into Hilly Willshebe of 'The Voice' fame without even realising who she was. A star struck showbiz stalker he ‘aint.  Fencewrecker has met Keira Knightley although OGL thought she should be called Keira Daily and live up to the name!! Blyton Live show tales were told with the Lotus fire at the end for those who hung on long enough.
Nights are drawing in so, those with square eyes like Strictly and everyone has their favourite but newsy Susie Reid gets the most votes. The pubs retro background music is fab but worryingly Whippersnapper Albert knows them all. Along with EVERY episode of Southpark.  Current news reading naffs us all off as there are no presenters any more, just reporters who add way too much comment. Oh, and why send a crew to stand outside the closed door of an empty house!  OGL is vexed that it is all speculation these days not news (past tense). But don't mention the weather ‘forecast’ that tells us what happened earlier.
However the curmudgeons liked the Americas Cup and the bonkers boats. What a spectacle.  Topho Ben.  As we're all getting old we all like Radio 4 cos it has it all - news summaries, debates, gardening, books, farming and the best comedy around but being old we decided it was time for bed so off we went till next time - maybe the Oil Can Café

Bloomin’ Good Blyton A great event where the sun shone and seven thrill seekers filled the paddock for fearful rides in furiously fast fabulous cars. Fencewrecker and Sec were nominated drivers. With old friendships rekindled with Paul and the superb Vectis – only 1400cc !! Unbelievable.  Racing Paul brought ‘The Beast’ and had a track day on Friday and camped over for another track day on Sunday. The show was well attended with loads of  manufacturers (AK, AB Performance, Buckland,/Penguin, Fury, FRS, Gardner Douglas, GBS, GKD, Grinnall, Mach#1, MK, MEV, MNR, MEV, Raw, Road Runner Racing, Vindicator, Westfield, , etc. the list was probably more than this plus Engine and spare bits suppliers also turned up. Apart for a lunch break, several bonkers cars were tried all day such as the Z-cars minis, Buckland, MNR’s (MBE & Mazda engined) and Sec’s star of the show the MEV MBE Trike.  But where did the hollow tube with the nut on the end found on track come from? Nobody laid claim.  Overall a fantastic day for the first airing of this show, with a unique flavour of try before you buy.  Cars were getting faster and faster all day as drivers danders raised and track knowledge was gained.  Mark N took the LMP for a shakedown before Snett next month. The day was too short and we all had to go home but with happy memories of a grand day out.

A Soggy September so nine (plus mum) turned out in tintops with only one hoodless to be entertained by the Bonny Band in the room next door.Sec looking dapper in a gingham check shirt, all yellow of course, but no CD1 and no Mr Polish who was camping in the sun soaked – well the predictive text message couldn’t spell soaking rain.  Summer holiday discussions varied from Bill having a sophisticated holiday in Verona watching 6 hours of Aida in the culture vulture sweat bowl, Spain/Italy and Italian Lakes hailstorms damaging cars BIG time (alternative panel beating), Johnnypetrolhead visiting a shooting range in good ol’ US of A and dyslexic gunslingers firing at picture of Bed Linen, to Mike who went to a family party in a forest with pop bands aplenty. He said it was like ‘Kidstock’ but OGL thought that sounded like a tasty stew or soup !!  Other tasty nuggets of chatter ranged from Donington Speed of Sight Claire & the other ‘Claire’ with anecdotes of pre-change days.  Johnnnyredmist then remembered a 6'4" work colleague in size 12 stilettos but didn't notice the change, Mike L loves Ribblehead Scotland and Wales roads ‘cos they don’t resemble Port Stanley runway after a bombing raid.   CD2 has some new car highlights - a set of headlights. We don’t like car spaghetti wiring or reuse of old looms especially when all wires are black with no colour. Makes for difficult building!! We had two geography lessons firstly, where is Montenegro that England were playing and secondly the Lapland quiz - where actually is it ??  Bill thought Lapland was next to flipperland or was is Norwayland or Swedenland or was it Russsialand? OGL was visiting the Oil Can Cafe in Hepworth for Sunday breakfast for any followers of fashion to turn up.
Next event is the Blyton Kit Car show followed soon by a HMC Blyton Track day on October 7th.  The Christmas dinner was booked 7.30 pm but with no numbers yet for 14th Dec. Camping is optional at Fencewreckers if required.
There was a quick age competition that embarrassed all before we all said our byes to the barmaid beauty; off to Liverpool for her studies then, it was the wet drive home.

Donington 13  Naff rain started the day and hence, convoys were delayed. Fencrwecker set the pace with texts all round which caused consternation with OGL as he thought the event was Sunday/Monday!! So most set off in parallel to improving conditions and got to the show in good time only to find Mr. Tango had already pitched camp!! The rest did the same and viewed the racing that went on until 7pm. OGL in the meantime finalised Saturday commitments and threw kit ‘n caboodle in the Yellow Peril and arrived in time for tea with his own Spam & rice.  Better late than never. The music tent next door was entertaining and seemingly a ‘Claire’ stole the show with the voice of an angel !!  8 camped over with chatter, ale, Spam (had to be explained to the young-uns and the oldies all did the Python chorus much to their amusement), and burgers. A few went down memory lane of childhood TV programs with nonplussed looks again from the whipper-snappers. Sec regaled more tales of past employment and this time it was the relining of the Glasgow sewers that enthralled those listening.  The general flying curfew brought peace apart from rain and the 1.30 & 3.30 cargo planes taking off plus the rush hour six planes at 6am the cue to put Ernie on the stove for the first brew! Sausages, bacon and tea munched before helping the voice of an angel singing ‘just shuvv it in’ pack away a 10 second pop up that took half an hour to get down. Cries of ‘
Eleven turned out fro Sunday in 9 cars.  Track action was entertaining and the show had expanded from last year but needs more support to get back to the good old days.  Another brew before packing and with Paul driving up into the back of the van this was the catalyst to set to and go.

Heisser August Regennacht or put another way - A hot, warm rainy August night saw 15 turn up in 7 cars. with the omission of Sec in a tintop (noted) but still dressed all in yella.  CD1 was absent again – a wedding this time so maybe excused. OGL has put the old trailing suspension arms back on with to allow a bit of twist to stop the bushes from going oval.  Two new bods didn’t show. But Mr Clive is moving up t’t north once garage with house attached is found.  The road outside the meet venue was mad with max powers sprinting up & down. Not good for the neighbours. Seasick P announced he is selling & OGL has first dibs. 
Talk and general babble was of a new potential three wheeler for Sec and ALG still wants a car. Johnny Petrolhead and OGL were unknowingly in the same hotel at the same time but never saw each other. F1 cambers and tyres, rose jointing live axles a definite no no for the road, kit planes and kit plane shows & is PPC getting scarcer in the shops?  Donington plans were set with a meet at Woolley Edge 9-9.30 with camping & the usual sausages but Mr. Polish is off for a proper fry-up though. Rain abruptly stopped play and boy what a thunderstorm on the way home. Took a week for the car to dry out.

A Balmy July evening – brought balmy talk from fourteen balmy members with 8 balmy cars, .primarily yellow keeping up club standards.  Midges & flies added to the protein content of the ales.  Sec dressed totally in yellow: flip flops, hat, Mr. Happy T-shirt, yellow shorts and unfortunately we all found out about the yellow boxers too. !!.  Nearly made Corben, resplendent in a bright blue top, red shorts, and green ninja socks drop his Superman car – his ‘kit car’ made of Lego !!  A best shorts competition started and the winner was Mr. Polish who won on account of his proper ones being packed for jollies to far flung shores.  So to make up for his loss took Mrs. Seasick P for a joy ride and paler than a very pale thing she was when she got back.  Probably still trembling now !!
CD2 attended but the original CD1 was absent – probably using the ‘I’m working’ alibi again.  Fencewrecker brought a mate who may be buying a Fireblade Mach#1.  Hereford beckons. A mid meet interlude ensued whilst we watched an horrendously massive barn fire on horizon.  Then Johnny Petrolhead regaled tales of poisoned blood and hospitals,  
Newark nuggets  - Seasick P loves the Vectis but no doors yet.  Who said practicality was needed, but looks are ace though and he thinks OGL should get the Buckland B3. Petrol; tanks (or really petro; colanders), fuel senders, gauges and dipsticks were discussed along with tyres on the MR2 different being awkwardly different sizes.  Bionic Man wants to tour to see the family grave he didn’t know he had in the land of the Kelts
So, Blyton & Donny shows left this year – more camping frivolity to be had.

And So To Newark.
At the appointed hour, Mr. Polish, Sec, Dave W, Mr. Tango, Seasick P and CD1 in a tin top, rolled out of Woolley Edge and arrived at Newark just after 10.30am. Paul insisted on continuing his habit of scenic detours by turning right at the first A17 roundabout but made it none the less.
Under the clear blue sky, flags & tents were erected, and ERNIE placed atop the gas ring for the all important cuppas.  The crowd was thin early on, and defied expectations by remaining so as the day rolled on.  Many areas allotted to clubs remained devoid of cars while a number of non-kit car clubs had been invited to cover some gaps.  The Opel Vauxhall Drivers Club featured many a de-badged Corsa!
Although the Hall held a varied selection, there were notable absentees, Sec thinks a MEV tR1ke could be his next toy.  The prototype Vectis, already moved on to a new owner, was on display and looked good with the MG donor wheels. After a good tour around, we returned to find the pitch bolstered by John R, Bill &Lou and Chris D2 together with a couple of Westiboys. Touring, buying, and chatting to visitors filled the afternoon.
In the evening, the happy band split – half ventured into town for a curry, others visited the MNR BBQ to be slagged off as usual.  It was then on to Bar where the DJ, Band, and the inevitable empty beer glass tower building competition kept us royally entertained, and put Stoneleigh deep into the shade.  The late evening can, bottle & natter session split at around 11.45pm when the delicate flowers hit the sack, and the “I’m not drinking too much” faction carried on the banter and worse ‘till around 2.30am.
Sunday’s dawn chorus started on cue at 4.30am and the early risers were up and about by 5.30/6.00.  The giant breakfast and more from ERNIE set us up well for the day.  The grass areas were generally filled, and the crowds came in respectable numbers.
The sun shone all day.  The sweep-stake on what time will OGL arrive? was declared Null & Void when he failed to turn up at al!!. Later investigation showed that he suffered undue delay unto infinity when shopping for a new Excuse Book.  After a final wander around the stalls to pick up those not to missed bargains, some Fathers left early for Special Day duties, and the rest were away by not too late afternoon for the chase north – All arrived home safely.
Roll on Donni for more Sun n Fun!

Just Jolly June  A nice set of 11 cars filled the car park with 15 behind the wheel. There were more chips chips than Paulo Conte. Wonderful !  Jim is having fun with his carbs (petrol not starch) so had some chips to quash the sorrows.  Jonny bought a chip round and Steve has chips on the wheel arch.  Suitable news re new sticky tyres – Yoko are upgrading the A008’s to a new Y043 nicely E-marked and suitably grooved for lightweight roadsters.  Seasick Paul (remarkable resemblance noted) had a throng inspecting the latest work on the Fury and all 6’3” of Johnny Petrolhead tried to squeeze into the drivers chair asking ’does my bum look big in this?’  He may be ‘wearing’ a Cossie powered Fury at the next meet  Bracey is still ;hunting for a bargain kit car and ALG still hasn’t got the go ahead yet from her who thinks she should be obeyed.  Albert needs to bring bruvver to a meet in the recently restored Fraser Nash.  A few more dates of note discussed namely Cholmondeley POP, Blyton Trackdays, Oulton Touring Cars, Classics at Cadwell,  Newark ahoy with a meet set at Woolley Edge leaving at 9.15 prompt for those wanting to ‘convoy’.  Fencewrecker is taking Fencewrecker Junior as it is Fathers Day and he can do what he likes.  Mr, Polish announced plans to dine ion fine style in the hall and Johnny Petrolhead is going to find a corner to pitch away from the main snorers.  Well that’s his side of the story, – the rest are avoiding his Richter Scale after effects of a curry !!

Scorching Stoneleigh - the sun shone (for once) and on a Bank Holiday too!  So, the RV at Woodhall set off at a sizzling pace with a few from Squires assisting.  No dramas with the trip and camp was set next to the Scorpions.  The Squireboys peeled off and 18 of us came with 9 cars.  My stars of the show were Buckland B3, J15 Vectis that Jeremy drove down, Triking, Heeley Design’s modern retro MX5 based take on an Austin Healey 3000 that should have been an MG but never was when the Chinese got their hands on the assets of Rover, a sumptuous Ultima, Hawks Cobra and GD’s fabulous droolworthy offerings.
The Kaipan Club of Czech r hosted us warmly whilst we looked around their new Skoda based car with very sound engineering, before we sauntered over to MNR with Fencrwrecker’s strange sausages and ‘quality’ budget gritburgers, which were unanimously rejected by the Haut Cuisine MNR chef who lent the BBQ space but our hungry mob still scoffed them.  An interesting Speed Six engine squeezed into an extended MK proved a talking point.  Night time saw a balmy evening with a bar, band, banter then bed.
Next day saw more fine weather and Mr. Polish bought yet more Auto Glym, Jonny Petrolhead was chuffed to blazes to sell the four bands of black stuff and a Haynes book which he brought all the way only top sell it to his camping neighbor.
Another lap of the show before 6 set off home in convoy with the rest following on later.  So Newark next.

Merry May  Di Sociieta Auto Giallo Settentrionale (that’s Yellow Car Club to you and me) saw 5 cars turn out with 11 happy souls.  Talk soon turned to meals on wheels (aka cooking as you motor), tent frames and tarpaulins cobbled up as makeshift garages and OGL has had plenty fun playing with magnetic bendy things to assist in fuel tank woes  Stoneleigh plans were set but with no support vehicle space is at a premium this year, so the man with the Eliseything was ‘volunteered’ for space for the bread.  The rendezvous set at Woodhall to leave prompt 9.15 with the back road route in to the show set.  Food sorted –or else it was home cooked rats or fish n chips for fourteen !!.  Steve wants to take half a ton of Lyons Fruit Salads –well it is part of your 5-a day isn’t it?  Half of the attendees had new mobiles so nobody had anyone else’s numbers so those that hadn’t had a testing time taming their telecom technology. 
Sec awarded himself the ‘Best Yellow Dressed Man’ award and announced he now has yellow tiles in the garage floor. Fencewrecker is improving his Feng Shui and weighing in loads of garage crap (oops I mean scrap) ‘cos it ‘didn’t come in useful some day’. Some Blaster Bates tales with the naming of Knicker Brook and other antique notable comics from the same era were recollected by the ‘elders’ as Mr. Tango looked on perplexed as he was not even a sparkle in his ma’s eyes in that era.

April Meet Only 2 RED cars at the Yellow Car club but 10 chaps to tell tales. Sec caused a stir as he ordered a plate of bangers & mash with garden peas - and ate the lot!  As the evening settled down, he struck again trying to juggle the table on his knee, only to succeed in pouring a perfectly good pint of dark mild down Dave P’s leg!  There was much talk, but not a lot of clear planning for Stoneleigh beyond general agreement that camping would be the done thing.  OGL was absent yet again, and there were muttering that a delegation (hit squad) would be sent round.

The Ides of March hath come
whence AGM & officialdom
with speedy deft agenda done
then ale and sac was quoffed by some
15 in all involved their time
but some arrived just after nine
two new chaps with new budget build
came to join and with beer they filled
T'was the first Friday and Spring p’chance come
winters dark is 'ere now done
all met in pubbee of fine ale
Sec as yellow as a mustard pale
Revelree ‘bout love of horses,
nonetheless ney not of courses
but contained in compound of block & head
and put to speed on the strip of tread
Hopes of summers wished for hence
hot escapades may abound whence
birds of song and eves of long
may rubber and oil in wake doth pong
Check water brimmed and full to line
the stick of dip at same time
Juices of pump fill to lip
cough to life revs first sip
Man of no fence after blow
travelled to popular TV show
Hammond, Clarkson & the May
said he had an enjoyable day
Nubile beauties at the bar
set fair for night in limo car
a buxom bunch of landlord’s staff
off to casino for staff night laugh
Man of sparks tried to trade
with balsam Glym of hood he’d paid
but interest nay but sell he might
when king of fridge attends next night
Mr Brace with pockets deep
bartered for membership cheap
short arms in pocket kept hold of coin
was cajoled to join less lose his groin!!
So April beckons with emotion
and warm days, what a potion
polish metal with some  lotion
don't let showers dampen motion
Cars now awakened from snowy slumber
with visit, perhaps to land of Clumber
hopes of roads that are empty
of course with corners more aplenty
Badge of brand car named a flower
with wondrous roar unleashes power
hugs the ground  like on rails on track
with rubber matching toffee black
Hopes of plenty new happy miles
of course with grins and  many smiles
rush past greenery in fresh air
leave till last the tidy of hair

Jonny Redmist eventually makes it to the Nurburgring !!!!  “I didn't realise how hilly the track was..... Some of the bends are awesomely scary.  I left Karlsruhe early (40 miles from Switzerland), passed Hochenheimring 20 minutes later, could only manage 132 mph out of my trusty Seat.... need much much more power, so got to the ring 2.5 hours later 240 miles away.  Cruising at a gentle 125mph ain’t the autobahns awesome!!
Investigated the important things, found gas station, and bars, then found the Dorint hotel where all the rooms overlook the start and stop line.  What an alarm call, cars racing past your room at 7 am.  Nice bar, sauna and steam room, followed by a nice dip in the pool followed by food and vino.
Three pubs opposite selling top notch Germany beers plus the only downside, German food....  - not the best.
Come and join me in the summer........ There are also several campsites situated next to the track to cheapen costs down."

Fun Filled February Feast of First Friday Frivolity Two cars ventured through the salt and rain to join up with the other seven members.  Jonny Petrolhead however was loving the Frankfurters too much so couldn’t make it.  Sec was letting standards slip being only half in yellow.  Someone mentioned a prized delicate aroma with an archetypal English sweet temper, savory and affable with a scent of sweet citrus fruits and nectarous flowers.  We thought it was a description of CD Mark One but no – just the tasty East Kent Goldings single hop beer!!   
News is that there is a Blyton Kit Car show (see calendar) with on track manufacturer piloted action rides to rival the Donny car show maybe
another camping opportunity.  Mr. Polish is itching to organize a Wales rush bash dates to be announced.  A Lakes trip was also muted.  Long distance member joined again so ta to Mr. Sarff.  Fencewrecker is teaching anti--bully tactics to Fency Junior plus he’s splashing out on a new hairdryer after only 20 years.  Mrs. Fencehairwrecked WIIL be pleased !!  Leccoman compared some grandiose houses of workmanship with OGL before announcing he still holds a grudge to Toyota garages from a useless salesman over 20 years ago !  Have Orange gone all Yorkshire?  Mr. Tango may become a governor & Fencewrecker is one but only to control the neighbours.  Mr. Polish, now a Lotus flower wants to contend the ‘European Polish League’ since the bath tub had been sold.  Stepping up a gear or two he has bought all the latest chemicals for the new buff-up.  We wait to see the action of this skirmishing talk.  Top gear is a must view 17th Feb to see our man hiding behind the friendly buxom blonde just to try to get some TV fame for five minutes.  Soap Box racing was raised and - maybe we should form a team (Eee Baa Gum Racing) but OGL was the ‘butt’ of some jokes for not being able to fit in the seat.  Then it was decided the new Orange network surely must be a Yorkshire based network called EE thaa can mayke a call reet crackin’ tha nos?  Leccoman & OGL both agree that 3D TV’s – aka CRT’s are so deep from front to back that they are 3D. But they are better than fancy fangled modern Plasma & LED/LCD stuff.   

Opposition to the Mayan end of the world saw a January 2013 meeting albeit with some Norovirus revenge so 11 bods all wrapped up warm came in tin tops except brave Banzai Bill calling the rest if us 'wussess'.  Mr. Tango sent his apologies but gave no clues to his whereabouts.  We all wondered if he had got the BIG Noro so were glad he stayed away as diarrhea in a spacesuit is NOT funny (well it is if you're watching) !!  Sec arrived in full yellow regalia again – sporting a new yellow jacket – a 'steal' from Ivor, and he says he only bought it ‘cos they supply in yellow bags.  Anyway after japes and jesting it was announced he is a grandpa so he must be safe!  A few plotted a fully yellow meal for Stoneleigh. - maybe a custard, turmeric, lemon and yellow pepper soufflé – let's wait and see……  Christmas notes were compared – OGL went 'Tap Dancing', ML went everywhere in the new MR2 Jonny Petrolhead went to Blyton but danger loomed all around so retired before the grim reaper took over. Paul was singin' the blues – a ditty called “Ma Brakes a Weepin an I ain’t had chance to fix 'em”. 
Plenty discussion about floods and rain and drains and recent stats and who has a car that can survive these modern times – why are air intakes mounted so low on cars these days. 
Fencewrecker may turbo the Mazda MNR I suspect to keep up with Mr. Fastidious who has three A4 sheets of IVA amendments to please the audited auditors auditing the assessor. A few remembered the good ol' days of SVA and indemnity periods of build. Jonny Pertrolhead is plotting a business trip to 'The Ring' with the boat anchor trailered behind but is tyred of Pollysports poor pick of surface scrubber. So let’s hope this new Mayan period includes some solar rays with some consistent consecutive desiccated days of dry

================================================= 2012 ======================================================

16 attended the festive friendly feast and a few frothy firkins of fine ale were quaffed.  Bill turned up on crutches having rehearsed his own version of Bambi on Ice with her Ladyship having also tried a version as well.  And a few others admit to having taken part too.  Fencewrecker even tried to view the underside of his car from afar.  Sec, in full yellow attire including yellow socks (must be cold !) and coordinating flip flops gained the ‘Bracey Snaffle Award’ for waste not want not from Her Ladyship’s platter.  Jonny Petrolhead having only just arrived back home from Krautland earlier in the day amused all with Frankfurter Haut Cuisine recipes but how we all laughed when he announced his favorite show of all time was the Chuckle Brothers.  Fifty Shades of A.L.Grey came well dressed for the occasion but how the black stripes tuned pale when Gail announced a love of Audi A4 Cabriolet’s.  OGL of course entertained with a few jokes in the fancy Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with the ‘tomato sauce’ stain on the breast pocket.  After the food fair a few left to reunite with Babysitter Reunited whilst the rest reclined to the sumptuous sofas to reminisce about TV programs of childhood and frighteningly Mr. Tango announced that whilst Fencewrecker was learning a new job in the 80’s he was learning to write.  We stayed with cosy chit chat until the lights went out and Tim (not Zebedee) said ‘Time for Bed’. 
Th Th That s all Folks.  Merry Christmas to you all.  Hope Santa brings you all the shiny bits you crave for. See you all in 2013.   

17 Days To The Big Ho Ho Ho
Who was the stranger?  A gate crasher? No it’s OGL returned from travels only to find Mr. Polish has a new car with no airbags, no engine space, no sheen yet but it has a heater!!!  Then Mikey L has a new car with no engine space and double lined hood and it has a heater. !  They’ve both been tooooo busy driving their new prides of joy. ALG however hasn’t got a car yet but suggestions to tempt Gale were made a plenty. Bracey is looking for a car with no heater and hasn’t found one yet but has been to the Mexican and had a chicken ‘forheater’ instead.  CD Mark 1 was missing still injured and hasn’t met the rebodied CD Mark 2 yet.  Sec turned up half tailored in yellow in practice the Christmas dinner next week. OGL has made the press again with another letter in PPC so tacho talk ensued  and cries of why repair just get a new ETB 80mm or DigiDash.  Then Race Technology digital dashboards were mentioned. Research to be conducted.  A ‘Calendar Boys’ charity calendar was muted which could warm the heart of some cockles but frighten off most,  The relative merits of TV’s, 3D TV’s, Flat Screen TV’s, Augmented Reality TV’s and CRT TV’s.  How good noise cancelling HiFi earplugs are for roadsters and reminiscent tales of past Ribble Head.trips.  Fencewrecker admitted to now being lactose intolerant after devouring about a gallon a day for his past life but Mikey L says no buts if it’s butter. . 

November  'Twas a wet & windy night when many tin-tops rolled at the Old  Colonial - the BFG was absent again (insert an excuse of your choice) but the gang included Chris Downes owner of a Turquoise Striker!  Confusion and hilarity was resolved as it turned that this Chris - yes there is another one (beware of a Cloned Take-over from within – ed !), hailed from Manchester, and he had been shopping for a Kit-Car and ended up in Harrogate & bought the shiniest Raw in captivity, so welcome home to the Turquoise Terror.  The pub has won yet another CAMRA Award, and there was a supper to celebrate.  The tasty repast cheered those who have wisely signed up from the Christmas bash on Sat the 15th Dec. - no further delay if you don't want to miss out, connect the Sec asap (or else !).

A Grand Day Out.  The sun shone bright on a small market town in Lincolnshire to transform the town into a mini Monaco for the day.  The evocative roar of Formula One cars from an age when form and function combined to produce truly beautiful cars made a wonderful cacophony of sound echoing between the tightly packed buildings fronting the main street with a perfume of Castrol R wafting in the air encircling the large crowds that turned up in their thousands (estimated at over 25,000 !).  The event was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BRM Team, which was based in Bourne.  Their collection of trophies and heritage are celebrated in a small museum just away from the main street but this pageant was special – VERY special.  OGL’s favourite, the P15 V16 BRM turned it’s tyres again generating 600bhp from a meagre 1500cc engine and a Rolls Royce centrifugal supercharger.  The sound from this engine caused the hackles to rise and a chill to shoot down the spine and was worth attending the day for this sound alone !! 
The day started with a recreation of a 1962 street scene with cars and wagons from a Heartbeat set.  Damon Hill, Sir Jackie Stewart, and several others were there at very close quarters.  Damon drove his late father’s car sporting the
London Rowing Club helmet whilst, Sir Jackie also took to the wheel sporting his famous tartan strip.  A fabulous succession of BRM Grands Prix cars were present and being driven, some with gusto and showmanship leaving streaks of rubber on the tarmac and spitting tarmac off the tyres others with rather a lot of TLC. The turning circle for the track was the former BRM base which is now the Delaine Bus Garage and Richardson’s Auction Room and it was here that OGL could get within six feet of the action and some pretty good pictures too.

Oct: Short on cars and numbers, what's his name was missing again (see report above – OGL), as was Dave Polish and Jonnie was as a foreigner.  Treasurer Chris was presumably counting his (our) money!  Never the less, once we'd put the world and 'the young people of today' to rights, we moved on to the really big decision - Christmas Dinner!  To cut a long tortuous tale short, we are to stay at base and sample the chef's best at the Old Colonial, Sat 17th December - Be There!

September Standoff - The Old Colonial car-park witnessed 3 Red cars lined up opposite 4 Yellows, with a single green machine ‘skulking’ off to one side, when the boys came out to play. Johnnie's boat anchor bolstered the Yellow team, having gained an MOT without a question! Once settled inside, Mike fired off a deep discussion around his search for a new steed following his write-off brush with the 'Wild woman of the Dales'. Who was missing? .....OGL, can't say we noticed!  (Ah,  sunning himself in sumptuous sandy southern seashores in Morocco      ).

Dry Donington At last a fine weekend !  The convoy cavalcade commenced from Woodall at 9am prompt with not many frights en route. The club plot was found and a flag raised before hurriedly finding a camping spot where another flag was raised (still the brightest on the park).  The tent circle was erected around the Glampervan before scooting back to the display patch. Then OGL arrived but where was Mr. Polish?  Sevens alive – he’s bought an Elise – but sec says 'he did it first'. Then Mr. Polish's  protégé arrived in the gleaming green machine.  So onto the show to look around.  Ten minutes later we returned having seen it all !! Outside the Westie boys were burning rubber and making clouds of smoke giving scare rides to those who crossed their palm with silver but were eclipsed by the fabulous displays of the Autotest boys next door.  They were burning even more rubber and making bigger clouds of smoke with spectacular displays of car control with a finale of four cars (briefly) do doing doughnuts around a cone (three were easy).  Another 10 minutes to walk around the hall with a pit stop to talk to our mates MNR before hitting the infield to view the 750 MC racing.  Plenty of action and bent metal was viewed from the ‘Esses’ with whoops aplenty.  After the final race we went back to base camp and the barbeque with the CKC Unplugged playing next door.  Then, Sec entertained us with his ‘racy’ videos in comfort and copious cups of beer (and tea).  Blyton looks a good circuit to drive.  Then a HUGE spectacular firework display commence d somewhere near Burton which was helped musically by the nearby rock concert music wafting on the evening air.  Then to bed. Then the noise as one plane took off at 3am.  Then another at 4, then 5, then 6, then 7……… Camping under a runway has its charms ! Breakfast of sausages, followed by sausages and more sausages washed down with copious gallons of tea set the morning before packing the gear away. Then we went to look around the show for 10 minutes but with a few bits bought this lap before filtering off to the race meet again.  More 750 craziness was watched before the gang dissipated mid pm for home.

Gold (car), Sylvas and a Bronzed Bruce celebrated the Olympic night meet.  Sec, showing off the ‘Bradley sideburns’ dressed in yellow shirt (and yellow car and yellow shoes…) claiming ‘I did it first’ looked remarkably like a leprechaun.  The individual medal for the best polished car heat is being hotly contested by the newcomer with his featured driver in Kit Car Mag.  Mr. Polish is claiming him to only being his apprentice and he taught him all he knows.  Zen Man Jim brought man’s best friend who looked longingly towards the kitchen all night hoping for a chip or two.  Donington was ‘sorted’ –we all bring sausages - again!  Meet at Woodall 8.30 for bacon sustenance before convoying to the show.   Will we all dress in turquoise?  Camping maybe inside the circuit or, outside, nobody knows…. Jonny Petrolhead will bring the ‘garage’ and the event tent should be replaced by then.  OGL has a misfire at 5k+ caused we thought by the tacho failing or could it be the dizzy cap, or the coil, or the rotor arm, or the sparky spaghetti………?  To be investigated.  The weather this year has caused Mr. Polish to announce that Toyo 888’s have a tendency to give you a twitch in the chinos in the wet & Jonny Petrolhead to consider packing the loofah and Lux whilst driving in the yellow ‘bathtub’.  The night ended with Fencewrecker taking his time to get home as he had come such a long way !!

‘Pluit Felis Et Canis Iterum !!’- or, to put it another way that’s Latin for ‘Raining Cats & Dogs Again !!’.  Eight of us canoed through the floods to the Saturated Sodden July Colonial meet and two of the more easterly members chanced it in the drying conditions. Most of the westerly roads were running as rivers.  Two members have their cars featured in this months KC Mag - Mr. Polish (the star with a reasonably bright car) with the sun reflecting off some shiny bits (his teeth behind the Cheshire Cat grin) & a turn of the page sees Howard & son with an equally big smile.  Next month is Andy’s turn to buy your copy early.  Bill has some new wheels & rain tyres but it’s too wet to put them on but he set a conundrum, with a question about which engine V4/V6/V8 of equivalent capacity produce the most torque/power.  Talk of stealth planes, model planes, stunt plane rides, helicopter rides and tanks ensued.  Soggy Newark joy was re-told with hopes that Donington will be kinder & dryer (camping plot and stand booked).  Fencewrecker and OGL talked of happy farming tales, and Glassboy did a tekky feature on strand mat production.  The event tent needs some TLC & sec is bidding for bits and bats.  Cholmondeley POP sounded wet but good and the historic BRM Celebration Day Sunday 7th October is added to the calendar.  OGL is going just to hear the V16 1500cc run !!  Anyone wanting to join forces to assault the Old Colonial Wednesday Quiz (every week) talk to Fencewrecker and a posse could well be mustered.

Old Colonial Meeting Yes a massive club turn out !! Sec and Fencewrecker, but we had the flags out on the new stand bases.  The weather wasn’t the best so not the ideal, however the fort was held by one until Lotus man in the yellow peril arrived dressed all in green this time.  He was speechless (unheard of before) when asked by a busty “young” lady: “did the car come free with the tee-shirt?”  Tim at the Colonial was pleased we had gone and looks forward to seeing us at the next meeting.  Two new sports car nuts with Porches may have been recruited. They will come to the Augusts meet.  So all in all not a bad day, with a free lunch.

Nasty Foggy Muggy Windy Coldy Rainy Newark The weather on Saturday was sooooooo foul that only two cars were brought.   Sec was off at a ‘POP’ show elsewhere double booked.  Jonny Petrolhead’s is off the road so he has an excuse.   Last years stand record wasn’t in danger of being beaten.  Turnout for the show was poor & stands were closing from 4pm onwards.  Jeremy P called to the stand but nearly drove right on by as he couldn’t see anything through rain covered specs in the J15 (beautiful).  OGL went ‘maximal camping ‘Glamping’ this time in the ‘campervan’.  Amy proved herself to have hollow legs tucking into tucker every ten minutes.  The event shelter went up then had an ‘event’ of its own.  On the show front Hawk & GD had nice cars on the stand, MNR were well represented and a nice new MX5 based tourer was shown on the MEV area.  Thanks go to Justin at the Robin Hood SCC for feeding us pork, pork & more pork from their hog roast.  Good hospitability and gleeful tales of going sideways on roundabouts at 20mph !!  That did astound the striker boys somewhat.  The party in the pavilion went well and then the party continued on for some until unheard of hours in the morning.  .  Sunday dawned bright & the cars turned out for the better day with well attended stands.  Fencewrecker smelt the sausages cooking and turned up just in time only to run a few oily errands before tea and sausages galore.  All in all Sunday tuned out to be a fine day.  Maybe next year the sun will shine. 

Jubilant June The ‘team’ met at the Old Mill as usual and then a treasonable faction requested a run out to hunt cheaper ale to quaff.  So, following manic calls and texts to the stragglers and late arrivals (with apologies to the ones missed as we didn’t have all the numbers) 11 of us set off in a seven strong convoy of ‘Sevens’ to the The Old Colonial, Dunbottle Lane, Mirfield WF14 9JJ Tel 01924 496920 where Tim Wood made us very welcome.  OGL won the closest to the wall competition with only 5mm gap from bonnet to brick.  Mr. Tango finally found us and pulled up in a flurry.  Lots of interest from the yokels with many questions of ‘what issit mate?  Banter of bikes jet cars- especially Bloodhound the land speed record hopeful, jet bikes, white army diffs, bikes and aerodynamics ensued.  Loandycost wants a bike, OGL wouldn’t trust himself on one, Sec doesn’t like then and Johnny Redmist had his head turned by one once…..  Newark is looming so plans were formulated for the anticipated attendees. Sec is double booked at Cholmondeley POP, Donnington Show ids booked with displays inside the circuit and camping outside (pressure on the tunnel me thinks !).  //+Everyone attending like the place so much it was decided to meet here again for the next meet and also for the Old Colonial Army Day on June 30th at 12.30.   Oh and bikes were mentioned ? 

Stoneleigh 2012 On Wednesday before the show our man Mr. Polish enquired of the organisers– “All OK?” “Same as last year” was their reply.   On Sunday, our happy convoy rolled down the triple carriageway south & the Westieboys peeled off to their allocated pitch.  Our frozen bunch plus the stealth camper arrived to find the Cattle Ring with gates all locked to protect the ‘paddy field’ – well not quite all, there was one round the back, and our frozen heroes provided a splendid 7 car display, not forgetting as ever  the ‘ Best Flags in the Park.. Sunday saw a bright, dry but chilly day with a reasonable attendance considering austerity times or a dread of the weather forecast with a good collection of exhibits, but a not so large crowd show?  We liked the new Gardner Douglas GD T70-moda.  Lots of bits were bought and compared but Mr Polish is into wrap now to keep his cool.  Then just as he said his farewells the clutch cable snapped on the blue bathtub. So off he trotted to The AA (we thought it was Alcoholics Anonymous) whilst the rest set to and repaired it.  So by the time the fourth emergency service even had time to turn on the amber light all was well for his journey home.  Jonny Redmist had a matching bathtub blue coat & chairs.  A new event shelter and four sides was purchased for the club at a ‘steal’  The non camp convoy set off back with those remaining setting camp inside the sheds now designated ‘Area 59’ although string a plenty had to be used to tie up tents .to cars, beams pillars, etc..  At least it would be warm with a dry pack up as the forecast was for more torrential drought.    Sec gave a guided tour of the campervan before tripping off to the MNR party for an evening of food and frivolity.  Monday dawned and after a leisurely luxury breakfast aboard the Sec’s camper.  A second tour of the Exhibition Halls had our boys buying shiny bits and yellow belts (guess who!), before an early run north starting as the forecasted rain arrived just after 10.00am.  We outran the wet stuff north of Leicester and arrived back just as rain was again threatening.  Mr. Tango admitting to baling out at Woodall for a Pee !!!  Roll on Newark & hopeful wall to wall sun & warmth.

May May May stop raining & get warmer soon !! Six cars braved the arctic night.  Chris arrive looking like Huggy Bear in a rather fetching hat, Bill announced Milly is 20 years old, Fencewrecker put on the new windscreenless hood but where was OGL’s car?  He wussed it as the Yellow Peril had only been back on the road all but 1 day (MOT passed though) and had driven 10 miles without using a horse trough full of water.  Sec arrived in the ‘stealth’ campervan which was filled with all things needed for the show ‘cos his car has engine swap clutch woes.  Andy showed off the new aero upgrades, Paul the side vents Mr. Polish stood guard.  Sec mentioned a blow up mistress with real vibrating bits – or was it a mattress?  Jo regaled tales of mad cows and some toreador tales whilst we all looked at Corben Button control tail end skids on the pedal trike.  Johnny Red Mist wants the tuned ‘boat anchor’ when it is relisted back on the Bay of E.  We talked of ‘why a women’s physiology means the men get the cold buttock treatment 2 degrees early, homing snails’, deep fried slugs, dripping sandwiches, squirrels with good PR making tasty burgers that taste of chicken – oh and spring rates and anti-roll bars.  The night went fast and after the coin history lesson, an early ETA set at Woodall Services for the convoy (along with the Squire Westieboys) to Stoneleigh………….

Après Avalanche April  8 bashed through the post drifts & rain to make the Easter Friday meet, several off on holiday jaunts.  Stoneleigh plans were set and Sec is having the stealth support vehicle this year.  Winter refurbishment plans are coming to fruition with garage activity having been done.  Paul made a wish & the wishbone is back on, OGL’s car heads off to more overheating so, off came the head, then on, then off again and is now trying another head hoping this one won’t be hot stuff like the other, Fencewrecker has a new diff, Mr. Tango is stopping the tiger in his tank from smashing up to the bulkhead & Sec’s new yellowmobile is immobilised but not for long.  Absent Mr. Polish has probably added another loving coat of Waxyweight to the Raw bathtub.
Bills car celebrates 20 years of worldwide potholes having covered over 60,000 miles.  Jeremy Phillips builds ‘em well.  Jonny Petrolhead told us fables of string theory – not quantum physics, but physical teamwork between passenger and driver used once to make windscreen wipers tied up with cord work after failure.  Babble topics this month:- “What is the future of automotive power” we asked, - debates of electric motors vs. LPG vs. Hydrogen vs. diesel.  Water gas came out on top but SEC thinks diesel is approximately about 20% a ‘cracking’ fuel.  We like the helmet cams on the F1 coverage, Emerald vs. DTA ECU’s with the former winning cos we like backup over tech which led to bike throttle bodies & potentiometer chatter and finished with a side pod heat exchanger idea for a Fury – good until the exhaust blows !!  We all departed pretending to be meeting in a month but the secret 60th party looms on Easter Sunday.

March & AGM No OGL  – but this time he had a good excuse, and he supplied an inspiration address along with the apology.  Sec & the Treasurer held it all together and the Treasurer gave all present a great lesson in reading the Finance report to the end before asking questions!  The team was re-appointed, things must be going OK, and the meeting closed quickly to allow the important business of planning for the shows – and buying a round – to get underway. Not many cars, but next month the Tax discs will had been bought and numbers will surely be on the up.

F F F Freeeeeezing February saw 13 make it and Sec brought the new yellow S1 and took a double take as he parked next to a yellow S2 that was nothing to do with us.  Dressed all in yellow, ‘King Custard’ challenged everyone to a ‘hop in & out’ competition with the hood up.  Bill came last but has a good excuse with ‘the leg’, ALG claimed a bad back & OGL amused the crowd by extracting bum first whinging that his shoulders were larger than the available exit hole.  Double takes took another twist as Johnny Petrol Head is the twin of Michael Rutter (autograph hunted to prove it). Jo brought all her gloves firmly secured on a lead whilst Paul still only has three wheels on his wagon. Talk of attaching paintball guns to ‘splot ‘annoying cars raised a titter or two but nitro glycerine balls were deemed a bit unfair. New member Clive will attend events driving all the way from Londinium Town..Mr. Polish extracted a pair of new gurney wings calculated to make actual downforce, rather than the usual ‘7’ style nonexistent downfarce. But debate raged over the angle of the dangle.  Fencewrecker was bidding for a spare car on EeByGum Bay. All three major shows are booked and debate of pub first followed buy run out or, run out followed by pub solicited 13 individual preferences.  The karting challenge vs. the Squire Boys raised it head again – date & venue to be fixed. Finally Bracey showed off his classic Christmas pics of ‘Lucypoohs’ embarrassingly sent in error to the whole family !!

New Year, New Venue, & a new car for Sec – yes, yellow of course and a new engine too.  11 of us agreed Christmas was good to us all – we all got the ‘Senna’ movie & Sec got two so, if anyone else wants a copy…….
Jo believes in love for all, well the T-shirt said “Ja” anyway. Still she does have a soft spot for Guy Martin.  Mr Tango was “sans sling”’ at last so, ought to be in the one piece contraception suit & driving soon.   Next meeting there will be a run out to find another watering hole. OGL has one in mind next to some water. The Stevio Pass was mentioned but it could take a mortgage or two in fuel just to drive there !! Jeremy P has a couple of Riots for sale. ALG has no car yet but two garages (one a double).  Johnny Redmist wants to do the coast to coast on a bicycle, ALG offered to follow (in the car). Stoneleigh and Newark are all booked. Now what about Donniy Park with some trick track time anyone?  Andy T showed us his fins – an extra 10kg downforce for a mere 2” of Ali winglet at the front. 
Torque talk followed & Paul described changing wishbones from inside the car upside down.  Nobody likes the Top Gear Christmas show. Too much of the same old same old so we’re switching to 5th Gear But a debate of which is the best Stig, the middle Stig and the new Stig – who is it this time?.  There’s maybe a party (BBQ) at Johnny’s in April, the traditional ‘summer’ before the rainy season.  We don’t like train fairs but a cheaper route was sorted by buying tickets in stages. . Mr Polish has been at it for a month now and has finally got to the sides now.  So only another three panels left before the flies spoil it all again.  

===================================================== 2012 ====================================================

The anticipation of festive food and feeling (only a fortnight away) boosted the expectation of our yuletide bash. It didn't dissapoint. Christmas dinner was enjoyed by the 18 attending.  SEC was adorned in yellow from head to toe in support of the ‘Yellow Car Club’.  Only one hiccup on the night – the “Yellow Peril” had ticked two meal boxes wrong but The Mill came to the rescue with two ‘chosen’ meals rustled up in good time.  In fact we enjoyed it so much we are moving back to The Old Corn Mill (Wakefield Rd, Brighouse, HD6 4HA 01484 402161) for the January meeting onwards.  A mass barbeque was muted for April since the weather will be better than the summer no doubt.  Much jovial chitchat and banter helped pass the evening all too quickly and as the midnight hour approached we all set off for home in happy spirits.  See you at the Old Mill on January 6th folks !!

Dark, Dreary Damp but Decent December & 11 chums are looking forward to the Christmas party. Sec & Andy ‘the loners’ were deciding who should wear a dress. Bracey can’t go - the babysitter is otherwise employed but we will send him pics of the dinner so he can share!   OGL’s Head is OK it’s just the gasket maybe a tad too wide for the water jacket/union.  ALG has no bits yet but a MX5 is the preferred route.
Mr. Polish now has a young contender to the cleanest car on the grid so let competition begin.  Round1; Mr. Polish opens with wheels off and brakes & wishbones getting some shine, Andy raises him with a polished the undertray. . Although Sec & OGL think that too much shine slows the car down with talk turning to hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.  The consensus is that the Ratt approach makes for faster laminar flow with micro adhesion of air to a rougher body promoting frictionless air flow over the panels (a.k.a. golf balls and America Cup yachts !!  Jonny Petrolhead has spotted a K-Series bargain and may replace the boat anchor Pinto.  Andy prefers the bulletproof C20XE.
Traction topic of tyres and track abrasion – soft vs. hard ensued but Bill doesn’t care with the black stuff standing at just £10 a corner.  Stone chip plates made from ‘helicopter rotor tape’ sound feasible.  Mr. Tango was still in the sling so couldn’t bring the car which meant he didn’t have to put the space suit in half an hour before closing.  Then an interesting discussion of what constitutes ‘drunk in charge’ with references to campervans and key swapping tales and entry only (non ignition) keys ??  Finally Stoneleigh is booked.  Donnington is back (with a track day) & hopefully a Westy Weekend at Blyton in July as well.

Naughtiness Night November  12 made it for mischief night but the deluge at 7.15 meant that all cars stayed tucked up in nice warm garages. Even John’s who was itching to show off his new 20v pride & joy Striker (yes another yellow car to swell the custard colour ranks). Mr Tango turned up with his arm in sling this month now wanting to be outdone by Mr. Polish last month. Hope it recovers quickly Steve). ALG turned up clasping ‘The Book’…….. - How to Build a Sportscar Volume 2 !). Talk soon turned to Christmas and the entourage decamped to the Corn Mill to reserve a festive soirée on the 10th (see forum for details). Once happily booked,  Johnny Petrolhead wants a Zetec SE  to swap for the boat anchor, he talked about  torque and Scooby Bashing at Anglesey, Mike has some cheap track day offered, Bracey’s hungry for a R1ot so, decided to scallop out some chicken sticks to cool the hunger pangs helped by’ Twin Brother’ Fencewrecker.. Bill likes bonkers blowers but prefers turbos to chargers ‘cos the ‘force’ is free and blowers bash yer fuel budget to bits !! Oh and we may now be the owner of a spare set of striker body panels sourced from the Bay of E.

Orthodox October - 12 merry bandits and 3 cars were briefly joined by OGL on yet another curfew enforced by friends imminent arrival.  Johnny Red Mist regaled old tales of Pinto Woes & Breakdowns, Sec showed us he was a ‘union man’ by wanting some ali welding on the two parts of the oil cooler outlet  We all agreed that Bill will bend it when he does it.   We discovered that Mr. Tango’s car has a VERY long accelerator movement, so much so to become quicker the best route to take is to drive in clogs.  Mr. Polish with arm in sling now plus needs to get his bearings as he has gone very wayward at the rear of late.  ALG is finally into some serious heavy metal and eyeing up single donor vehicles like MX5’s but its BMW that gets his juices flowing.  OGL’s car is in dry dock following a water works problems but it’s not the pump, gasket or blockage, so he’s off to the Boggs for bike carbs on the spare.
Christmas dinner will be the 9th or 10th December with the venue to be decided (and sorted).

Swan Song September 10 cars and 19 lucky lads ‘n lasses pilgrimaged to a warm and entertaining night at ‘The Nuns’, but Sec let the side down & didn’t bring his car – “time ran out was the excuse !! Ranks were swelled by a few from the RHOC who turned up for our meet. Thanks to Justin for organising it. When his Robin Hood arrived Mr. Polish was heard to say “LOOK HOW SHINY THAT CAR IS”. (Jealousy is mirrored stainless steel). OGL Newlywed ALG wants a GTM Spyder & may get it past ‘The Mrs’s scrutiny.  Bill was checking camber angles & OGL was checking fresh arrivals tyre temps before announcing he is going to put a header tank on the Yellow Peril,.  Lou is looking forward to all the legs on show at the rugby, Jo thought her clutch was “too ‘ard” especially after the fifth attempt at parking bay juggling & lost her ‘dongle’ in the process only to be found in the air intake!.  John was astounded at the price of VW anti-glare mirrors with cries of “£83 for the glass - OW MUCH’.  Bracey was into his Zombies on the phone, Jonny Redmist’s car twinkles more than a Christmas tree in a shopping mall with all the reflective stickers blathered all over it. Chatter turned to dream cars - Ferraris to Smart Roadsters, and then K-series engines before Mr. Tango made the first move to get ready to leave, applying the space suit before being the last to finally go !!!

August 10 cars – including Jo in her new sumptuous GTM Spyder, complete with Corburn’s seat, pram & nappy rack! ALG was insanely jealous & may have found a route to automotive harmony at last !! OGL turned up in a tin-top, accompanied with Minder Rachel, to ensure he left early on yet more ‘Family Business’ only he spelt it ‘Rugby @ Twickers’. After much chattery, and a thorough inspection of the Spyder, our happy band melted into the night. Sec left in a cloud of rubber smoke – 'Boy-Racers’ indeed, it’s the ‘Old-Man Racers’ you have to watch.

Balmy July 12 cars (¾ Sylvas) & 17 bods turfed up. Clive now holds the award for furthest club commuter with a record 200 miles although we all thought it was to collect the £5 Fencewrecker owed him! Jim drooled over Paul’s carbs. ALG drooled generally as always. Jo re-evaluated Corben’s birth and is considering a Dickie Seat but may make do with an adapted rucksack strapped to the rollbar ! OGL showed off his new budget sticky tyres shine wheels and Jonny Redmist wants some but couldn’t hear from where they were sourced because he saw Metallica the night before. TT talk made Jo swoon every time Guy Martin’s name was mentioned. A competition was held and the sparkly cars drew with the ‘rats’ - 6 all. We all had some extra camping snippets to tell. ML told tales of the latest Cadwell adventure and how ducting out under-bonnet air has given 10mph more !  Bill is really perplexed by computers but could ‘Pad’ his way to surf to the bay of E. Treasureman has hazardless hazards - well unless one flash is counted - to be sorted soon. Sec really wants a Riot. Mr. Polish wants to glisten at a few local car shows so look out for him at the events on the calendar………

Notable Newark 2011 Over the weekend 28 mad men & women used the stand with 11 cars but notably the ‘Westie Boys’ wussed out because of a possible shower ! Camp was set with the brave (or deaf) pitching next to our newest member (1year old). Ernie made his first outing and was immediately put to good use. Jeremy Philips made time to come & see us all & so we descended on his stand where we swapped consultancy ideas. Sec fancies having a Riotous time with ‘The Pure Essence of Driving’. Mr. Polish was caught caressing a full bag of new sponges, Treasureboy found his indicators. Fencewrecker split allegiance and took the MNR to sit with its friends on their stand for a while. The weather was fine apart from one very heavy downpour for 20 minutes late afternoon but it dried as fast as it soaked. A few sought out a curry nest the other half had a BBQ. A few tried the band in the pavilion and swiftly retuned. Bill suffered badly with hay fever. Jo was inventing new avatar names for all. New member Corben went for a drive and eventually fell into the land of nod and slept well for his first camping trip. A bit of drizzle in the night but no leaks then Sec called Reveille and set up Ernie. Sausages, more sausages and yet more sausages were scoffed, then bacon, then beans then some 5 a-day finally say daylight. A few left early to appease their Daddies Day obligations. 750 Dave dropped by and regaled tales of this years circuit antics - always good to hear. A few more shuffles around the stands then slowly we decamped and set off home with happy memories of our best show yet.

Jolly June 11 came in 7 beasts. We were missing the ‘Gruesome Twosome’, both on holiday. Mr Polish was presumed sourcing new supplies from sunny Cyprus.
Sec related more tales of Scammonden build, bridge theory and testing times. Even fence theory came up with possibly the best job in world. Newark Show was thrashed out with possibly 14-18 camping (weather dependant !). There was a lot of food indecision with who takes what. After 5 tries it was still undecided so, sausages all round again eh chaps?  The convoy setting off from Woolley Edge on Saturday morning (see Forum) with the Squires Westy Boys tagging along. Ebay has provided a kettle - called ‘Urn’ in view of it being the size of a water bowser! Tin top support was sorted, or is it?  - Bracey is looking to escape from Birthdaymania for the weekend but ALG is trapped by Daddies Day. Corben will make his camping debut. Bracey showed everyone his best screw yet (self drilling and self tapping in one go for metal). Mr Treasurer’s car is nearly reintroduced onto the highway – hopefully in time for the show weekend  Stveie W’s tyres are now pointing all the same way - at last so that should help the cars driving somewhat.. Jo relived birthing moments & Paul still rues missing the British GP start !
The midges moved in on us so, we swiftly moved off. See all you folks in a few weeks.

Moonlit May 9 cars brought 11 people. Sec just came straight from the vets (cheaper than the doctors these days so it seems). It was a warm night. Dave P got a fly on the bonnet so out came the polish – pics on the gallery page. Those that went reminisced about Stoneleigh for those that didn’t go. Then pleasure rides ensued for the friends of Captain Lisa Head (Charlie, Dolly, Hannah, et.al.) up for her funeral. It is a tribute to her character and the high regard her friends and colleagues held for her as most had come from all over Europe to attend. A sad and untimely demise from this world for someone who must have been an EXTREMELY brave woman, who lost her life in the duty of saving others. All enjoyed the rides and a few may become converts from bikes to Sylvas/Raws, etc. We are looking forward to the favours exchanged one day chopper chappies and chapesses. Good luck to Hannah on your next unique tour. Then the tech talks started as follows :-  
Rear diffusers - those that haven’t got one want one especially as they increase top mph by up to 5-10mph.. Compressed air cars
! Diode talk on OGL’s new alternator that may be malfunctioning. Tyre pressures affecting temperatures. Harewood meet up. TOCA travel plans. Llandow day – Jon wants to go. Mike L has already done a Cadwell this year. F1 Flexi wings are actually a flexi-nosecone giving Red Bull the edge. Brabham fan cars had large engine cooler not a ground effect – still banned anyway. The meet disbanded and certainly the downpour of rain caught up with both Sec & OGL flying in formation convoy on the way home.

Sundrenched Stoneleigh Two ‘teams’ set off in glorious sunshine from separate meeting points to effect a pincer attack on the show from two sides. One the direct motorway route the other the scenic drive over the Peak District. Sec stated ‘I know the way’ but still nearly going wrong – twice, OGL had half pint bladder syndrome and two ‘pit stops’ were required en route. One was a duel fuel stop and we witnessed a fine crash in the garage – probably as the driver was rubbernecking our cars rather stupidly using the car in front as a brake!. The drive down was a tad windy but warm. Camp was set with ‘pitched and gone’ tents such was the gale blowing across the park and the gazebo made an effective ‘sail’, The show was well attended with clubs especially Caterhams(now Lotus again) as usual, with plenty lovely Cobras and Ferrari replicas to drool over.  Few new things but the two stars were a ‘fold down’ trailer in aluminium that was really a very clever piece of design, and chrome coloured powder coating on the Gardner Douglas stand. Once again those that camped palled up with the kind hospitality of MNR (many thanks again lads). We partied the night away with them until time to say bye bye, and our night cap this year wasn’t in arctic sub-freezing conditions.
Breakfast next day was ‘sausaged’ out with enough brought for lunch too! Copious gallons of tea was drunk (urn needed to keep up!). Better co-ordination needed next time chaps else the chant ‘all for sausage and sausage for all' will become a new motto! A few more looks around before packing up to head home in convoy with only one traffic jam en-route. Roll on Newark.

APRIL. Andrew T in his immaculate Locost one the star of the 4 cars who made it, along with 9 members. Steve W. was aboard his tin-top, with a boot full of 2 smashed Alloys courtesy of the potholes we all love. Sec arrived with tales of midnight taxation - but NO car - "I'm going on elsewhere, Honest!" Notable absentees were OGL & JR, but an enjoyable natter non the less. Thoughts now to turn to tents at Stoneleigh over the Bank Holiday - Be There.

March Forth to hopes of summer sun. 14 merry members, 3 hardy souls in cars (Steve in the snazzy rubber luge suit) made the meeting. OGL rattled through the AGM (maybe in record time?) with committee re-elected & requests for a ‘TalkTales’ Scriber. The idea of a club ‘Tools Resource Guide’ was considered and Jon will compile the list. This years calendar has more events already posted with Track Days, inter club karting and camping also yet to be confirmed. 
Chat turned to oil (getting too complex for old engines), aerodynamics, ‘end plates’, under trays, ‘Gurney flaps’, windscreen theory (or to be more precise laminar flow over scuttles to permit no windscreen. This meant that Steve at least is safe from contracting washer bottle Legionnaires. Bracey thinks that an Arial Atom beats both Botox and face lifts for keeping that yoof-ful thin look. Andrew thought the future was orange when he painted his nose cone so everyone can now see him coming. Jon has polished his car (so he says), Dave is getting nervous his shine title may be slipping and Bill has washed his car – it’s yellow !!
We all tutted at numpties that purchase houses next to known noisy locations that have been there aeons (churches and race circuits), subsequently complaining and the law siding with the post traumatic stress activists spoiling everyone’s fun. Whatever happened to Caveat Emptor?

January - 11 made the New Year meeting but OGL was laid up on the sick bed with Man Flu (or was it Swine Flu as he had Rashes all over his body).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Whiteout   Six members, no cars, no OGL, terrible weather, empty pub with most of the lights out - so with thoughts of the upcoming Christmas Dinner to sustain us, the get together closed at the unbelievably early hour of 10.30pm!

Remember remember the 5th of November………
Whoosh, Fizz, Weeeee………………  Phut
and that was just SEC’s car trying to start before the meeting !! 9 dragged themselves away from bonfires. The countdown to March 1st begins now as most cars are off the road tucked up for winter whilst we dream up another 1001 excuses to go and buy a pencil so our cars can be used. Those that went on the curry night reminisced about it. A potential new member came along with pictures of a very tidy Locost C20XE. Fencewrecker has contemplated an ‘F Duct’ on the car – we all thought it was to let the trouser air out! The Christmas dinner menus were chosen. Next years trips wish list were muted and TOCA, Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, Festival of Speed, Nurburgring, Circuit Historique de Laon & Spa came high up on the priorities. SEC gave us a corner by corner blow of Cadwell, Oulton, et al. News of Raw having been sold to Bulmers brought images of cars named on apples – Katy or powerful Cox all driven by Granny Smith or a Pink Lady.!! 
ML has got his car back on the road two days before the tax ran out. Good timing! ALG has found a chink in the missus’ armour and may get to even consider buying a car. Jon still thinks diffs are definitely different so sec will send a different differential list to defy disbelievers.

‘Orrible October 11 bods but no cars as torrential rain again stopped play again!! Banter was lively with Rick L still thinking the Sonic is a tonic, Jon wants a MBE Riot with push button gear changes, OGL wants a VVC K-Series engine & DW was talking Double Dutch - that’s Ackermann theory to you and me although his tyres are still like a 50p piece following SVA brake testing. Bracey showed his ‘half shaft’ video off to one and all & sec his bent wishbone. Sec then found some MGB’sters, showed them his bent wishbone then  chatted the night away, Dave P is contemplating polishing the undertray to gain a nano-fraction of extra acceleration. His 20v plans are on hold as new bits are now wanted to make the blue bathtub more menacing. These include some new cams for the 16v to rev more and a new diff from a Sierra P100 pickup. However, different diffs divulged different opinions on pinions & duff ratios so he might get a 20v instead!! Bracey build days are over now the newest cost centre is starting to eat Farleys Rusks so he’ll only buy ready mades from now on, hence he’s selling the tool cabinet. With family fortunes featuring high on some frolickers’ agendas, extra seating capacity is required and 4-seaters are now needed. Consensus is that Vindicators will not be allowed though. Quantums will.  Talk switched to Gas guzzlers & ALG got excited, then realised it was only about suicide pacts on the news.
Stafford got DP vexed and discontent about inconsistencies of entrance payment to get, especially as we boys who take their cars to the show are the show.
The curry night is set for the 16th, Christmas dinner will probably be at a new venue – the Gomersal Park Hotel. Karting vs. the Westie Boys from the café - TBA.

Sylva September - Only 8 came but 5 luscious Sylva cars. OGL’s car was dribbling at both ends but the  tank was patched up enough to make it. Paul came without our latest member Corben – no dickey seat fitted to the Fury (yet!) but it has had the Dennis Vessey treatment. Bracey has also produced other new member – Lucy Jane – congratulations to both mum & dad.  Jon said his car was in dry dock to fix the wayward steering column – we all thought he drove like that anyway!!   General triviality included: 1001 uses of rhubarb, Squires Café tales, Nitrous injection is easier if you are a BOCM employee, Gortex sleeping bags being  the answer for the kit car shows, next years Nurburgring trip, a curry night date to be set, Xmas dinners at the Ceder Court is full so alternatives to be sought & OGL held fort with jokes aplomb. Mr Polish was on call so couldn’t come however; he was last seen fervently polishing away filling in time waiting for a job. Steve has a new tent therefore we have 5 star dining at Stafford – but no chandelier this time?? Excuses galore were made for Stafford – probably only 3 to attend (DW @ wedding, Sec @ Harewood, etc. etc…..)  By the end of the night we reminisced about EeByGum Racing (the one that nearly managed to take ovva Brawn fur a quid. We considered developing next years car but weeill ‘av to ‘Twock’ one reight quick to gerr on wit gerrin it reddy furt t’ start next year tha noss.  This led to inventing new Olympic events for our 2012  games with the ’Fencing’ event - moving on stolen goods in a pub in Liverpool, 100m hurdles - a dash over 10 back gardens in Rochdale carrying a stolen Plasma TV under one arm. If they pass it on then this forms the basis of 100m relay event.

Average Aug – Twelve members but only five cars made it as OGL, Sec & Paul admitted fears about the dreaded torrential rain (again) stopping a possible total of eight machines. Bill came in the remapped car - now driveable. ML in his car now with engine bay under tray. C Downes brought some glittering, lights sooooooo dazzling they needed safe keeping in a briefcase!! The Committee quickly determined that as a consequence of leaving the MSA, our membership of the ANCC should lapse. The mid meet rainstorm saw a few dashing for cover, some home. ALG went along for a ride to recharge his yearning for a car. General discussion revolved around renewed Stafford KC Show & plans with the hardy wanting to camp. It was then that tales of tents/vans & holidays with sump busting ferry trips were regaled. DW told us of his dry slope skiing antics in his ‘yoof’, in a car,  at Scarborough, DP of his bonnet aerobatics, OGL plied the remaining with memories of this years Cholmondeley Pageant of Power and such beasts as a 120mph JCB GT and 24cylinder Bentley. Sec gave us a history lesson of BMW & Micro Cars. But the limelight was dominated by the banning of the Teutonic Terror from F1 (the one that talks cobblers like his namesake) – perhaps the devil incarnate as well as Webber’s impressive Olga Korbut impression.
On the social front a curry night was mentioned and early planning for the Christmas Festivities (Cedar Court this year).

July Japes- Only six members and three cars attended as the rain arrived with excellent timing just before all were due to set out to the meet. An evening which featured Joy rides for a couple of guests. DW’s MNR was over its Newark return traumas, and  talk turned to Stafford in mid September.

Newark 2010
18 people and 12 cars this year - a record for us. The Toyota Twins, Kent Boys and MNR Man stopped to endure the cold night. Last years dog kennel brought by OGL proved the butt of everyone’s jukes but this year nearly all had event tents! Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. The biting north wind kept Saturday cold. The clouds went as the sun went down so it got colder. Then it got colder and went very cold. So we gravitated to the MNR Party which drifted towards the event function which, was sooooo exciting we decided there could be more fun at a morgue. Brasso Inclutcho Intacto was hailed to protect our wallets (well we are from Yorkshire) so we went walkabout, looked at some Yank tanks on display, and then re--joined forces with our best mates MNR and partied the night away being blinded by a laser show.
Sunday brought warmth and overdue sunshine, Breakfast was the usual 20 gallons of perpetual tea (urn required) followed by half a ton of sausages. Sec couldn’t get his pop-up tent to pack down – half an hour for three people ! – still saves on the gym fees.Howard came with his son and announced that the new MK with GSXR power was ready for IVA. DP’s bonnet was looking sad after making a bid for freedom on the motorway,  (polish won’t cure that) A few Lieges were parked on top of s mound, a fantastic Leyland tuck special pulling a cute 2CV based vintage Renault lookalike. Triking seem to be making a comeback with a vested interest for one member as a sibling has one in storage.A few enquiries and interested parties took membership details. Jon got a fan and was jibed as it is the only ‘fan’ he has….. PG’s Nuts are considering selling 10mm stainless steel following so much demand from one member over the years !!
DW had dramas on the way home with the car’s first outing as a water pump came loose taking out the timing sensor but a quick foray to find glue sorted it and the convoy wend it weary but happy way home.
Roll on Stafford

June Jamboree
Well not such a Jamboree, No OGL – yet another excuse! Only three cars; Sec - with the hood up, a visiting Marlin also with the hood up, and Steven W (for WET) because of course he has no hood – or windscreen, or side screens. DP was late home and the rain came as he was about to set out & so he whimped out into the tin top. Even Bill arrived under a metal lid!  Ten hardy souls in all, so a jolly chin-wag if not a Jamboree.  Dave Wright’s MNR sits it’s re-test on Tuesday after attention to front brakes & a diff change (probably), so he should be OK for Newark.  Paul & Jo arrived along with a detachable racing seat, occupied by our newest member – Corben, all 8lbs 11½oz of him at just 2 weeks & 4 days. Never have so many nappies & sleepless nights tales resounded around the Nuns!  Plans were laid for Newark, details will doubtless pop up on the Forum.

Freeeeeeeezing again. It rained – light showers were promised and we had just one – all day! 8 made the pilgrimage.  It was cold there, then it got colder, then it got colder still, then it got VERY cold! Many thanks to MNR for the use of their marquee, fire & BBQ – fine Hosts.  We all felt very old as a couple of 17 year old showed us round their cars. My show highlights were a 358kg track day MEV motorbike mid engine in a Mallock format – stunning! helmets, racing harnesses.  We all wondered if Autoglym were visiting DP to see if he could return some polish as a wholesale supplier!  Evening banter included a potential Raw merger with Manor GP renaming it ‘Ee Bar Gum Racing’ (EBGRac).
Sausages sausages and more sausages  - good food planning for brekky by all although we thought we had the best tent around with our chequered tablecloth and candelabras. OGL finally sold the Dampers. He only came to look at DW’s wheels and left with pockets full of Spax.

May Medley,
Election Fever came and went with a well hung parliament and talks of possible October elections (that’s more elections than a Chinaman on his honeymoon night!). All party’s attended and red, blue, yellow, green cars turned up.  Two new potential members with good talks of engine types to use, bike vs. car, Kent vs. Duratec, etc, Family Fortunes followed– good luck Jo & Paul.  A few mentioned a MNR Track day (£80) & a low cost Lowcost day – see their forum.  DW has only 1 week to IVA.
We reminisced of camping days and nights at Stoneleigh where DP dreamt of polish stands.  Talk of trailers, Sheep chicanes, 2 wheels bad, 4 wheels good and one member working on the toilet with the laptop!!. We thought he had piles of work and needed it to work out his logs. We all thought he looked a bit flushed and wiped out.  

April showers bring forth May..............hopes that the rain will eventually stop and we can take our cars out at last!!- 12 attended  another drenched Bank Holiday Friday evening so no cars.  However, next meet should see almost a full compliment as Mike L nearly has his back on road, Bill A the same (now he is not legless), Sec after leaving his mark or two in a roundabout sort of way OGL in a taxing way, DP (having a weekend off from polishing his car) and Dave W having finalised the build – it’s nearly ready hence: 
Formula for Fun (FF) =  DW + MNR x (IVA)/3 weeks x 2 pie.
Discussion centred around;
Bill A needing a map – not an OS one but an Emerald one to let the new throttle potentiometer do the talking so the .driver doesn’t need to do the walking, brakes - Mintex vs. Green Stuff, Volvo to Ford to Mazda and Triumph to SAAB to Omega conversions – this had Jon perplexed,  DW is ‘Tyred’ out buying  wheels. Tales were regaled of the years first camping outing to a sub zero Ribble Head.  So much fun some a re retuning next weekend! Jon has bought a new pop up tent after popping in to a camping shop.  Jo has nearly produced our newest member – due at the KC Show 
F1 – Australia was much better – however we have a split decision  - Hammy or Button, which is de man?  Concensus was we all like 8am starts as they don’t corrupt the day. Our advice to Virgin/Manor re the small fuel tank – we reckon a shot of ‘coal tar’ in the tank to be a dense enough fuel to get t’Timo overt finish like tha noss.
The next official trip s the PPC in the Park followed by the Stoneleigh weekend. See you all there.

March Expectations - The saying goesMarch winds and April showers bring forth May~~be able to use our cars this year if weather allows’ doesn’t it?  Anyway Chris D is considering converting his car to a boat in keen anticipation of another globally warmed summer !! Tales of adventures were told, with lore of ambition winning over adhesion in a ‘roundabout’ sort of way.  Hence talks led to traction control theory on the cheap without the need for ABS.  Paul is into electric cars (not Scalectrix) and wants to build one – we say battery theory hasn’t kept pace so he will need a very long lead. Better use Hydrogen engines AKA ‘bobms’.. ALG will carpet the house so gaining brownie points for a car budget. DP is to swap a 16v for a 20v and upgrade the Omex 300 to 600, the clever self learning type.  The first camping foray is in the planning stage and it was decided the only thing needed to bring is …………..a sleeping bag and booze .! 

ALG desires a car, wants a car, needs a car. !3 of us agreed !! But he knows that he wouldn’t know how to fettle it, but we all know that he doesn’t need to know because he will know somebody who may know and failing that they can get in touch with a knowledgeable bod who will know.  Freezing February got off to a lively start. . Sec seconded several subscriptions.  Merry japes about road kill and poaching laws, stray wagon wheels (not the chocolate ones), fireproof helmets, track days, tyres, Spax damper length and ride height made.  Steve is preoccupied about his wedding tackle whilst driving – or is it that the ride height is just too low for West Yorkshires finest speed attenuators.  Mikey has a new project – Fiat X19 – that may get finished ………… sometime !  Bill thinks a concrete car is the new medium for a shapely body cast.  Another F1 team may be up for grabs after we missed out so narrowly last year with Brawn GP.  If bought Campos will be relocated to Holmfirth hence renamed Compos.  New rubber would mean wellies for the pit crew - well fed on fish ‘n chips..  The competition from the new teams is patchy with Virgin F1 probably pulling out after the installation lap with worries that the fuel may be put in the wrong hole!!  Anticipation of warmer weather for the coming year abounds and a few are already getting ready for March when the roads beckon once more.

Snow Snow Slip Slip Snow for our January Japes meant only 6 managed to get to the meeting especially as it started with more of the fully white stuff falling at 7pm!  OGL braved it from moorland heights but where was Sec Stu – skidding in a snowy Slaithwaite stuck in a slow snake of stopped traffic?  Tales of the weeks weather was followed by various incidents of red mist road rage.  Paul has chosen some wheel deals & Jo announced she has broken the cat flap – we recommended using the door next time and they both now need a three/four seater kit car.  DP mentioned in passing that he hasn’t had time to polish the car yet this year (only the 8th) – we were aghast.  With this years calendar penned talks turned to tents. Big ones to act as garages as well as holiday homes. DP reckoned it would keep the rain off the Blue Beastie.  We all reminisced over past owned cars and DW explained how to rally drive a Mini with hydrolastic suspension.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ho Ho Ho ! Several staunch members braved sleet, snow and slush to grace the 2009 Christmas Party at the Stansfield Arms. Sauvignon, Santa, scoff and singers provided the usual fun filled festive frolics. Good food was enjoyed by all whilst an excellent singer ‘Nat King Kong’ lamented us with ‘lurve songs’.  Jon was awarded ‘brownie points’ for blagging an extra half of turkey, acre of veg and Christmas pud.  OGL found a secret ‘cheese mine’ and brought several slabs to the table.  Andy demonstrated giving birth to a ‘baby’ balloon then Jo got broody and practised cradling and feeding it !!. The dancing started and the ‘yokels’ whisked us off to the floor one by one starting with OGL (aka ‘Milk Tray Man’).  The girlies danced round a handbag or two until the midnight hour then the stoic bade cheery farewells with good wishes and there goes another year !!

December - Ho Ho Ho it’s nearly Christmas !!  A resilient 13 attended and talk of MSA reg changes lead to discussions of new tyre lists, FR Helmets, overalls, gloves, shoes and HANS (whoever he is). A brave few organised a Saturday morning run out to North Yorkshire Tales of ‘Ribble Head Lore’ ensued.  Attention turned to aerodynamics and it was decided that apart from the usual winglets and side skirts the extra speed wearing a 60’s plastic hair band acting as a canard wing over a baldy head would add a further 10mph ! We then discoverer we are all ’saddos’ as all bar one have photos of their jalopy on their mobile phones. Nik has sold ‘The Black Beast’. Mike L described the Holme Moss fountain - to be avoided we believe.  Dave W has bought some new shockers (bounce & rebound) but only for the Mountain Bike.  All offered Jo birthing advice & a special offer of 3 packs for £18 was misunderstood by Jon as thought it meant Stella but  Jo was talking Pampers!! The Christmas party looms on the 19th, the outline 2010 calendar was set and the next meeting will be Jan 8th as New Year day s the first Friday.

Remember remember the First Friday in November a Standard number came and the night set off like a Rocket. Where was Sonic Sec? Following OGL’s lead and escaping for a weekend away. Bracey was off playing at Will Hoy on the new wheels. A few ideas were Fused and a bit of Flare was discussed. Bill brought a home made Air Bomb (intake scoop) and Dave P (Sparkler man) said it needed a polish. Jo Barraged Rick with questions about his truncheon and hat - the world is now legally her toilet. Darrel has found a home for his Star, Fencewrecker has put some time into the garage and the new car is ready to test the Traffic Lights. The Christmas party was deliberated and the menu went round as many times as a Catherine Wheel before courses were chosen. Discussion turned green and it was decided that we are all ‘enviro friendly’, by recycling an old Banger into a Black Cat (Caterham). Jon regaled tales of maintaining the entente cordiale by joining Friends Disunited in a French restaurant in Germany, getting a meal ordered in ‘charades’ lingo. Then someone must have lit a Jumping Jack as we all leapt up and flowed out of the pub like larva from a Volcano into a Snowstorm (well a rain storm really).

Ribblehead Camping Trip No disasters! Dave & Jon have tales of a boozy camp fire session and windy Saturday night with 2 Para in the bunkhouse at Ribblehead.Was that a ghost ? No just a sleepwalker ! Sec joined them at 10.00am Sunday up in the damp clouds - their other oppos having departed. 3 intrepid Strikers set off for Hawes, crossing with 6 kit cars coming the other way. Much waving! Fuel up, with locals taking photos! then over Buttertubs at 526 mts to a drier Muker in Swaledale for a pot of tea beside a real coal fire in  Secs’ mates teashop. Once more the cars attracted a family with 2 young lads who enjoyed a sit in Jon's motor. Then it was back over the tops to Askrigg, and a spirited run along the high level yellows of Wensleydale to find the sunshine in Leyburn. Stop for chat and to remove scarves and Woolley hats, then we turn south through Middleham heading for the Ice Cream shop in Ripley. Beyond Ripon we crossed again with some 12 or more kits going north - even more waving! In Ripley it was Vanilla or Banana dipped in Hot Chocolate, and a chat with a chap lamenting the Westfield he had enjoyed in earlier years. On to Harrogate, where Dave and Jon struck west to Wetherby and the A1 (after a play, or was it a missed exit? at the roundabout) while yours truly kept on for Leeds and home. A great round trip of 150 miles - we should do it more often, forget the weddings and other complications (-noted OGL !!).

Tin Top October Time meant that the weather has broken and most cars are now tucked up in a warm garage – except Steve who braved the rain with no screen !! (he’s emulating Bill for outright hardiness.  11 attended the meet but where was our little treasurer? Hunting Rhinos again. Tales regaled of monthly daring and deeds.  Mr Polish and JR went out for a run and both suffered a breakdown within 100 yards of each other. Paul & Jo are expecting a junior member to arrive in May next year – congratulations from all. Christmas dinner is confirmed – see the calendar page. Mr. Polish has been hunting Gelert outlets to join the ‘Fancy Pants’ team but hasn’t struck lucky yet and Andy seems keen to join the hardy campers. Talk centred around JR bartering MFI wardrobes whilst ‘Sec’ bothered MI5, Customs and Excise interference. OGL can’t access his clothes because of a handbag and shoe wall. Tyres, Carbs, TB’s, Lambda’s, ECU’s and all things electronic and mysterious.

September First Friday saw 11½ (is that a future new member Andy?) attend with cars a plenty. Nobody heard OGL arrive with the new quiet silencer! DP was on holiday in Spainland checking out polish stocks in Benidorm. Andy still can’t decide which car is best and Rich wants a Sonic. OGL’s bushes squeaked more than a set of mice in a Monty Python sketch – time to crack out the silicon lube. JR’s car was ‘tyred out’ after a fabulous day at Anglesey and Mr. Mikuni was restricting him playing out. Rain abruptly cane and filled up the cars so Sec hastily drove his bathtub home. OGL chivalrously mopped his car out so ‘Er Indoors’ could be seated in more of an unsaturated style.

August Meet. A dry evening, 6 cars, several tin-tops, and a strong member turnout.  OGL left early – family business.  While the cat was away, the mice did not particularly play, they were too busy soaking up Dave & Jon’s tales of Scooby bating. Oh how Dave has changed – apart from the silly grin he can’t shed – he hasn’t polished off the trackday rubber and wears it proudly. When are we going again? he muttered all evening. Bill has 2 knees now – get back in the Striker soon mate.

Track Day Ty Croes Anglesey - Strikers 2 : Scoobies 0  Two members, DP &  Jon "red mist" Read set off for Anglesey on a Thursday evening, driving along the great roads of North Wales. Camp was set at 10pm next to the opposition all lined up in formation (about 20 hot Subarus. (A David & Goliath scene pictured here) In the face of adversity JR’s words were" Dave we are f####d". Next day pre start nerves weren’t helped when ,JR took his silencer of his car for inspection when comments could be heard from the "Scooby mob", "the exhaust has fallen off already".
DP’s first track day started well, getting used to the circuit, braking & turn in points etc. making a few mistakes in the morning stint, J "red mist’ R was off showing a clean pair of heels to the "Scooby boys" demonstrating what these Strikers can do on a track.
400bhp scoobys that had mods were overtaken - they could not keep up on the bends and we pulled away on the straights. There was only one scooby we let pass and that had 500bhp running on race fuel. Later in the afternoon a jealous Scooby owner came over to enquire what engine was in JR’s car? Jon replied "It’s a Cortina ". Brilliant! JR took his now best mate Tim out for a blast on track for a few laps and he came back singing from the Strike Hymn Sheet. “Respect, come round tonight with us for a pint".. A few pints of lager in the bar and then all sat outside till 1am,chatting had a great time made new friends and hope to meet up again at a future track day. The experience and atmosphere of the track day was fantastic. The marshalls and the people that we met were fantastic. Look out for the next track day hopefully with more people from the club.

3 Nuns July Friday, only 2 cars - Sec & Howard - then Howard disappeared, only for fuel, he soon returned.. Best not to forget after a night of jolly banter. 10 bods in all, all happily searching through another goody-bag from Jon. Post-it notes and pens were found by a plenty, then Bill dug deep and brought out a gem of a mini LED torch "How did we all miss that?" Jonathan had finally got his Striker back from Boggies, only to be out of MOT, and Dave was absent preparing (polishing) for a track day at Ty Croes. by the way where was OGL – sweltering in Frog-land we were told ....

Newark 09 - 14 attended with  only 5 cars, JR’s in dry doc, Bill for knee reasons DW building his, still!, Chris fro Credit Crunch savings, Dave B couldn’t bring the Marlin as the Webbers were making a bid for freedom ! OGL brought his car even with cracked wishbone so the rest of the troop were singing ‘three wheels on my wagon’. New member Steve with a tidy non yellow striker 20v Toyota – Mmm yummy, The weather was fine at last (for a change over the past two years) except just as OGL arrived the heavens opened at the A1 roundabout & filled the car upnicely. .Three hardy campers stayed over DP pitched his tent inside out, and also got the inners and outers order mixed up,OGL slept in an event ‘Dog Kennel’ that took 30 seconds to pitch. Then the fancy pants emerged Stu first then OGL and DP feeling left out borrowed a set.. Tea beckoned and a hunt for pies ensued. Melton Mowbray Pies are now much richer. Doughnuts, Dodgems, Discos, Dodgy Wine & Drooling over some Gargantuan American Tin Types finished the night. Day 2 - DP found the polish stand & started to quiver with excitement until he saw some fluorescent braces.! Richard wants a Sonic, OGL still wants a Liege, and we all like the new Sylva Spectre.

Cadwell Park 750 Motor Club Car Championships held on Sunday 10th May allowed a few to support Rob contestinmg in a Raw Striker. Haute Cuisine (Namely Bacon Butties) was provided by the Cordon Pink caterers (namely Rob & nik) from the 'Corporate Hospitality Suite' a.k.a. Campervan. A grand day out was had by those that attended

The Stoneleigh Kit Car Show officials waved us through and we set camp. OGL felt outdone by the Westfield demo scare rides so did a couple of doughnut demos of his own. 16 bods and 5 cars (a few in dry dock for various reasons) attended with 4 hardy souls camping – more of that later. Dave P made a beeline for the polish stand and wanted to buy some more. The rest bought more sunglasses!  Some nice new cars there and Dave P wanted a few – well actually most ! Jon & Dave were despatched to forage for tea and came back about two hours later with fish & chips (brought from Grimsby??). Merriment and boozy banter ensued – especially regarding Jon's choice of sleeping bag colour.- actually the same as Daves '60s Bath Blue' car - still they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Then it got cold. Then it got colder.  Then it got seriously cold so we all huddled into one tent. Mmmmm cosy ! There was ice on the tents at 3am !! Two went hunting chocolate and log fires. Reveille at a damp 7am, with a big fry up warming us up. Then it rained. Then the tin top types arrived to boost the ranks. Jon kept pulling the bonnet up to show off the new ‘shiny bits’. Andy thinks he may have found a car for Gail. OGL found a cracked wishbone probably after an West Yorkshire potholing adventure.  The weather improved so tents were packed away and the cars loaded up. Dave P needing bungee cord to strap on the potential car brochures and extra polish bought ‘just in case’. The convoy set off home with one last doughnut. With a dry (ish) uneventful trip home. Roll on Newark !!

Consensus was we are pig sick of hearing about Swine Flu – the news is becoming a bit of a boar! 14 members and 5 cars made the May assembly. Notable exceptions being the ‘Turquoise Rash‘ (so kindly named by Jon) because it was in the final stages of polishing! We will let Jon off for not participating in his car as it was in dry dock having the direction changer sorted. (is that the tiller then?). Pat & Tom turned up in a nicely refurbished MK and Mike L in the modified asymmetric with a grin bigger than a Cheshire cat recounting tales of the Harewood School Day  Fencewrecker has nearly finished the new car but thinks the new ‘D-shaped wheels may catch on.. Plans were hatched for Stoneleigh and the hardy two (OGL & Sec) persisted at persuading the hesitant to join in. and general banter about roundabout prowess ended the nights fun.

The Derbyshire Dales run out day started with cars amassed at OGL’s house prompt at 8am on a cold and damp morning.  The convoy set off with hails of ‘I know the way’ from Sec. Two miles later up the wrong road a hasty U-turn was made. The sun reflected strongly in Dave’s gleaming, recently polished car causing the rest to wear very dark shades to stop glare!!! The view from the top of Holme Moss was spectacular as was the look of fear from Tail End Charlie who popped over the crest into a set of stationary sight seekers.  Through fine empty country lanes occasionally stopping to admire the view, put Dave’s rear light in, re polish the horse poo off the wheel arches. Onwards through Deepest Dales with the occasional Mexican Wave at traffic lights. Sec then led us astray again so Tail End Charlie let the Sat Nav do the talking only to loose the new rear gunner who went metal detecting. We re-grouped and OGL got us ot the Kit Car Show albeit in a round about way!

‘April Showers’ brought 6½ cars & 14 bods to the first spring airing (Bracey turned up in the new tin top diesel– hence the ‘half’ but we will forgive him because is it such a good value beast). Andy drooled over the yellow cars again & Darrel arrived at finishing time..
Howard admitted he has stopped smoking – that’s the car not him – the new ZX9R engine sounded wonderful and has stopped pumping out the blue stuff !!
Jon has his back on the road with bike carbs, LSD and soft springs and admitted to Déjà-vu around a roundabout a several times!!. Still wondering how to leave the turquoise ‘trailer’ behind though. This years designer accessory must have is COSHH earplugs on a string.  Talk turned to the usual banter such as exploding plods, and what has F1 given us? Conclusions included adaptive suspension, telemetry, ABS, Traction Control, cheating, lies, steward enquiries…………..
Some lamenting that we didn’t get Brawn racing especially with a 4 second per lap advantage we reckon we could all have a go and still win.  Diffusers are definitely ‘Confusers’ but now available for .reasonable spends for the striker (contact Mike L for details). Runs out were discussed – with a Sunday ad-hoc coast blast, Boggs Bros. end April, MK in May, and Stoneleigh (including beans around the camp fire)…

The AGM managed to pass through swiftly –albeit starting a bit late due to OGL’s need for feed and Mr. Secretary stopping to view the scenery at every traffic light in town.  Hopes for better weather in 09 abound so we can all enjoy our club more.
Feelings of devastation ensued on the news that our £1 offer for Honda Racing was not accepted – still it must have been a close shave!!  Anyway what do a razor firm want with F1 ? Serious gold star points are awarded to Mike L for arriving in the Blue Striker in near freezing conditions. Andy has the hots for a fast Fiat Turbo Coupe that Bill may be selling unless someone tells Bracey first.  Dave W has been heard making ‘Brum Brum’ noises in the garage as his new builds progresses.  The wheels are tuning, well one was changing hands in the car park.  Jonathan wants to emulate Ferrari and put a plastic see through cover in the bonnet of the refurbished striker to show off Bogg Brothers best manifold welding & Carbs.  Cold March means deferring the two planned runs to April and then it will be Stoneleigh again

February Fling.
Where is he? – He didn’t ring me – I couldn’t ring him - He never said anything.  The text an hour and a half into the evening finally settled the speculation. OGL stranded in Norfolk. (building snowmen & Igloos In deepest darkest rural Norolk - OGL). Only half an answer, but enough to allow the real business of the evening to continue – Paul admits he slept through January but is now back in the land of the living. Jon has spent his beer tokens on a Diff, all he needs to do is fit it. Stuart explained, again, about the Sheep-v-Snow fences on the M62. The AGM will be at 8.00pm on 6th March, and rumour has it there’s enough in the coffers to continue – of course we will be on firmer ground when all subs are paid! (hint hint !). Come back OGL, all can be forgiven.

Millers Oils Night 22 enthusiastically attended the very interesting presentation by Millers Oils at Raw Striker North (many thanks to Rob & Nik for allowing us to use their premises.  A joint meeting with HMC (thanks to their members fro showing interest).  A great insight was given by Mike Fenton into the technicalities of stopping metal grinding away metal in a nanosecond inside the various components of our cars.  Oils have come on a long way since some medieval bod found out that when he ran over a beast of burden and the exuding animal fat slopping onto the axle made pushing his cart easier and faster ! Then crude oil was discovered and we never looked back.  Questions came a plenty - once the discussion finished with modern synthetic oils.  Some ‘tyre kicking’ ensued with the cars Rob had on display before some sojourned to the pub.

January The ‘Hardy Eight’ made it to the first meeting of the year. Honda hasn’t rejected our 1p takeover bid - yet !! Jon reckons that we will come up against some stiff competition - and we thought maybe Dave Richards or Eddie Jordan too. DW regaled us with how he led the Burmese Liberation Front over the border into Thailand. We all decided North Vietnam has good roads but ‘Ruff’ food.
The New Year brings new forthcoming activities like a run out to Boggs Bros. was discussed for early next year & a potential trip to Donington Park Motor Museum penned (see the calendar page) We have the potential for a trip to France later in the year (best not go at a snails pace eh !) and Jon’s experience at maintaining the ‘Entente Cordiale’ with Mini driving natives could come in useful. DW wants to compete in his new car, but only next year as it will take some time to unravel the spaghetti wiring from the kitchen table! Rick wants another car and Andy is still working on his negotiation skills..

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yuletide scoff time otherwise known as the Christmas Party at the Stansfield Arms provided lots of fun as usual. Lots of people trekked to the team ‘tent’ where we were placed at a table by the wind machine – or was that the door !! This was always left open by any passing people so a force 10 gale kept blowing Stuarts wig off !  Choruses of “Dooorrrrr” “Dooorrrrrrrrrrrrr” to all that left it open went unnoticed by most except one fair maiden lady gave us  “the look” -  and we assumed she thought we were shouting “whore”!
The menu of choice was the high rise pork steaks but those without their doggy bags have increased weight by about half a stone! It is amazing how a Dioxin conrtamination can make meat treble in size. Bill stoically managed to come almost straight from the operating table (a true grit spirit) but looked & was vey sore – never mind we can wait until next year for the dance routine.  Bracey enjoyed everything twice as much as anyone else apart from OGL who helped a bit with some turkey. Jo led the girls in a dance line locomotion showboat, Rick showed us he is a Disco Diva and Jon strutted his stuff in the designer wear. Paul talked about his fantasy garage but then we realised he was discussing his musical tastes.!

The Ginetta Trip to the impressive LNT group building on Tuesday 9th was an eye opener. A joint meeting with HMC, 27 turned up in all.
It was impressive informative, interesting & impeccably clean. An insight was given about the whole LNT group structure & function then onto the juicy bit – the cars!
We were shown cars from 1400 & 1800 G20’s to the all singing & dancing G50. Some bare chassis – some ‘clothed’. The new road car was there as well as a few special prototypes including the 107mph electric car.
We sojourned to the local for a sarnie, pint and some chatter. Plans were hatched that when we buy Honda F1 we will rent out the wind tunnel for a few quid to recoup our investment costs.

First Friday December – a chap arrived in a Pilgrim Bulldog and was promptly descended upon by four regulars only to find out he was waiting for his blind date to arrive & nothing at all to do with the club. Poor chap probably thought he was about to be mobbed!  She arrived in a spotty yellow car & we bid a hasty retreat.. the usual merry chit chat ensued and we decided we could put in a bid for the Honda F1 team calling it T.N.R (Three Nuns Racing). We will run on alternative fuel –chip fat collected from the locals, hydrogenated & chemically enhanced by Dr. E Bygum run in an engine developed by Willy Eckerslike. Pit stops could take a bit longer through the 4-Star nozzle but heck, with the rotation of some of our talented willing drivers through the season we’ll wing it OK.
Jon gave us a fashion parade with the new designer Packamac, Stuart gave us an excellent class on Dam construction.  Mikey tops the road kill league table (so far) with a kangaroo, OGL coming second with a dairy cow. Oh, and there was a bit of discussion about oily bits and carbs as well as the costs of repairing “The Ring” after some Volvo drivers demolished a Porsche, Transit and a corner, too !!
A ride out to Boggs Bros. was discussed for early next year & a potential trip to Donington Park Motor Museum penned.

November First Friday - Twelve people and three cars attended even though it was about minus 5 degrees !. Stoic some of our members you know ! Frivolity was, as usual high with indoor helicopter battles taking priority over the evening. Christmas Dinner was finalised as were numbers and confirmations for the Ginnetta trip in early December. OGL was off ill in his death bed with ‘Man Flu’  – but was heard to have commented that at least it isn’t Bird Flu…..

First Friday October - 12 cars again came for the outing.. Stuart led Bracey all the way to the venues he needed to visit!. A few attempts at overtaking were expertly blocked by Stuart but it just seemed the new engine just couldn’t keep up !! Someone commented it wasn't as quick as the old engine but Bracey countered saying in it's current state it is just as slow! Never mind – it was only a burst water pipe and nothing too serious ! Hopefully the pipe will be mended and it will be back on the road soon.
First Friday September -
For the first time EVER no cars turned up – the weather was soooo bad,.if any cars had tried they would have floated to the meeting Bracey’s car is still off the road but getting close to being finished. We heard tales of him sitting in the ‘office’ chair in the garage late at night making ‘brum brum’ noises. Much discussion took place about what would go into everybody’s fantasy garage and car wish lists generally.  Dave P told us of his video again but I doubt it will be released in time to hit the box office… A couple of members are on holiday - how dare they be away on a club night !! Mikey’s Mini is just about done so look out . Usual merry banter and lots of discussion about bike carbs as a few are going /have gone down this route. We have turned the corner towards Christmas

First Friday August - Eight cars and fifteen members turned up – but a lot of different ones to last month. A nice Striker with a Vauxhall XE that got Bracey’s juices flowing when it set off back home. Mikey‘s Mini finally made it !! It’s on the road. The underlying trend of membership is up as 8 cars and 15 people came which to say that one car is being rebuilt, one is having an engine change, two were on Holiday, one was at a leaving party, two didn't come because they were working, and two usual attendees weren’t there which would have made 15 cars - a club record.

July First Friday - Fifteen bods and eight cars braved the elements – not bad to say Bracey’s car is off the road and a few are on Holiday. New showing for a nice motorbike engined Fury (ZX12R) as well as a welcome return for a nice very tidy Robin Hood. Mikey announced his Mini will soon be actually on the road!! Dave P enlightened us of his impromptu ‘video’ - maybe appearing on U-Tube soon if a copy can be released! The usual merriment and diverse banter took place and we are all hoping for a decent summer to be able to use the cars.

Newark Show was a bit wet for a June Saturday when four cars made it to the powerwash. Refuge and a warm brew taken from the kind people on the JPSC Club stand right next door. If the weather could have been nicer the plot would have been ideal. Good to see we had the same turnout as the JPSC..
The show outside was quiet - understanderbly! Bruce sorted the suspension out (his car now has some !!). Stuart made a beeline for
the PG`s Nuts stand only to find they were the edible sort. They didn't sell M10 Nylocs ready salted so we moved on !! The exhibition halls were quite busy (rain shelter). Two new cars on display were the Great British Sports Cars trike, the Bullet and the Mills Extreme Vehicles Trike. There was a nice looking GT 40 replica from Speedwell Replicas . Michalak Design (German) were there with their very stylish Michalak C7 based on a Smart. Quantum Sportscars were celebrating 21 years of their cars and there was more talk of diesel options (BMW doner) for the Extreme. Alloy Racing Fabrication had some very good value fuel & oil tanks. Just outside the hall enterance was a very clever Toyota Prius converted by a genius & powered by a set of batteries producing 240V DC with over 3000 charge cycles available - that's about an 8.5-9 year life and enough umph in the 'tank' to commute properly and quickly. That sums up what's good about Newark - outstanding individual innovative engineering all on display.
Sunday saw the rain disappear but the winds come. Two cars made it. The marquee on the JPSC stand was last seen flying to Lincoln for its own adventure and Bill nearly lost his wig, which shows how windy it was because he doesn't wear one !    

So to the annual pilgrimage in May to the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh.
Fourteen members and 5 cars made it to the show, OGL didn’t take his still protecting the Eyeballs
We were notified at the last minute that our pre-booked pitch had become a paddy field due to the persistent precipitation (I like alliteration) so we were moved indoors to the shed furthest away from any action or activity. In fact the last in line of about twelve!  There were some good points and some bad points;
It made it good in case the weather was inclement and we would be dry in the forecast rain (which never seemed to materialise, difficult to have a barbecue without gassing everyone else in the shed out. It was a tad difficult to push the new (and impressive) flags (size does matter) into the concrete when we only brought spikes for soft ground so, Bill magnanimously found a convenient hole to stick them in.  That turned out to be connected directly to the sewage system, which proved interesting at packing up time. Nice perfume on the journey home !!  At least we didn’t need the binoculars to see them this time!!
Several cars were drooled over and coveted.  Good to see that the roots of the club are still being upheld - Jonathan fell in love with a MBE Sylva Rio with an R1 engine to take him back to his yoof but in comfort. Dave P wants a GKD G27 Evolution and would have probably bought the one on the stand had we not dragged him away.  Nice car & silver in colour so keeping up the ‘Sylva’ theme.
OGL fancies a Quantum with a BMW Turbo diesel engine for touring in comfort and economy.  It has a nice lockable boot with enough space to keep a squashy bay or three and the dog too !  But then he tried a Liege and fits in it so, wants one of those, but then again he wants a Marlin or a Troll T6 for possible off road production sports car trials, oh and an SSC as well - choices, choices…..
Bracey took to cleaning his car on the stand (about time) with a very nice aluminium polish – should be finished in time for Newark.
No one camped over this time – difficult pitching a tent in a shed or floating it in a paddy field so the convoy set off at 6 pm to wang their way home. A nice day had by all.

May 'First Friday. Seventeen members and seven cars braved the slightly cold evening of the yellow car club meeting (80% yellow turnout, is that a record !??). There was a particularly nice red & white Evo attending and thanks to Chris and his family for coming along – we hope to see you again soon.
The chairman left his yellow car at home a/. because it was out of MOT and b/. “The eyes have it” at the moment.  One car is off the road in bits (a blue one !) and another (yellow) was also awaiting the DVLA’s “suitability for use” inspectors.
Usual banter ensued, a few ideas for some trips out proposed and Bracey may have found a source of sticker manufacturers that are cheap enough to finally allow us to supply club logos for the cars. Plans for Stoneleigh were finalised.

Cars In the Park A few water loving members went along to see what it was all about. More will appear later on this event.

Off we go to Donington Three cars made Saturday, with ten in all attending, - some without cars -- OGL thought it would be prudent to check his sight with a gentle first Motorway trip in a tintop before committing to the harsh ride of the racer, Fencewrecker also (for obvious reasons) came in other transport but spent the day buying bits for the new project. In all 9 made it in three cars for the pilgrimage south on Saturday & 5 turned up in two cars on Sunday. Was the show good? In a word - no. The event in my opinion has gone seriously downhill, the 'club' area has now been colonised by the airport as an overspill car park so all the cars on show were strung along what seemed like a hastily erected fenced in compound right next to the dusty entrance road so everyone (& their cars) got filthy. The show was lack lustre with fewer manufacturer stands than last year. The track was booked by an historic race meet (some fabulous cars) so there wasn't even the usual opportunity to watch some of the kits blasting out on the track giving scare rides to the brave hopeful buyers. There wasn't even a small viewing platform to see the old cars racing round the track either. For any non kit car public bringing their family along for a day out - there was nothing to entertain them - even Newark manages a funfair, fun rides and displays from police/fire, etc. . However, we met with the Chairman of the recently formed Jeremy Philips Sportscar Club and a useful partnership may ensue here.

September ‘First Friday’ 13 members & 8 cars met at the Manor Golf Club. James brought his car along having finally got it registered after a frustrating wait. One attendee came with a repmobile due to an earlier appointment with a hedge in his kit car (good luck with the new build). A motion was proposed to get the cars actually in motion so a blast commenced back to the old venue. Hence, 8 + 1 cars (not as many yellow ones now though) high-tailed it in convoy. This was led for a short time by Stuart (handicapped by carrying the extra bulk of a nearly recovered OGL) until bravado surfaced and a few others took over. A few tours of the J25 roundabout proved entertaining for some. Banter then continued in the usual manner and the evening drifted away in conversation with the usual variation in various topics. Christmas dinner was discussed – same venue as last year proposed, probably early December (time TBA). Next meeting Oct 5th at the MGC with a likely blast onto another watering hole (in cars for those bold enough to brave the cold). Donington Kit Car Show next weekend, see you all there. Anyone going contact Dave P regarding meeting and possible convoy down.

June 'First Friday' The meeting was held on a lovely balmy night - though many were on holiday or otherwise detained. You will notice the new photo lower down on this homepage to prove what a great venue we have.

June 'Cadwell Park' The inaugural 'Northern roadsters Trackday' was not so well attended. Many many bonus club cudos points to Nik, Rob and Mick for actually bringing a car out to play. Excuses were varied from those who had threatened to come: 'Too poor', 'Too scared' and 'Trackday, oh, err, yes...'. Well, you all missed a great day and some of the greatest driving seen since Fangio, Clarke and Hill passed on... (I'm talking about Nik, Rob and Mick OK!). See the gallery page: CLICK!

So to Stoneleigh. We had a great stand which was until midday on Sunday populated by one caravan-cum-truck (OK so my camper is ugly - but it was popular - see later...). Eventually after various adventures members gathered and by mid afternoon we were nine! Bruce's excuse was his wing fell off and the farmer it landed near wouldn't get his brother to weld it back on until they had discussed milk pricing and Tesco's part in it's downfall. That'd be why you were 5 hours late then Bruce!

The feather flags looked quite corporate, and since a man had some huge roach poles for sale - and someone handed over some membership money - the secretary was able to fly them at a cruising altitude of 6 meters. Great weather on Sunday saw members sat under the club e-z-up and roasting over the club bar-b-que in the sun. Perfect.

By evening only Stuart and Bruce had pitched tents to camp overnight. Rob was sharing Nik's camper - we don't do basics! A quick tally-up revealed we only had breakfast things - enough between the 4 of us for a feast. It was decided this was best left for breakfast - so we adjourned to the only open on-site pub. This had all the ambience of a Kwit-fit - with slightly worse food. The 3 Guiness were poured in less time than it takes Bruce to say 'who's round is it?', but Nik's Jack and Coke had practically a full bottle of Jack in it - result! A further bottle of coke was purchased and I had a pint of Jack and Coke! After a quick drink and to save Bruce asking who's round it was again we decided to search for real food.

A quick saunter around the show revealed some nice cars but no-where open. Nik saw an ice-cream stand being packed up and suggested Bruce ask for directions to somehwere to eat. 'Are you local?' asked our glorious leader (OGL)'Where can we eat?' Now I'm sure the girl said 'byaet bawnm kpyrom noka*' but we were all pretty sure she wasn't in fact local! When we'd got up off the floor and stitched Stuarts sides up from the effects of our leaders glasnost we set about ringing for Taxis to the local indian. The first was busy. The third said 'He's out at the moment' (Well duh!), the fifth had 'stopped doing taxis about a year ago' (Well stop advertising yourself as Kenilworth cars then!), the seventh could come about 10:30 to collect us (OGL looked worried at this - surely he'd have to buy a round before then!) but on I kid you not call number 9 (all numbers supplied via sattelite link back to her indoors on Google - technologhy eh!) we got a taxi. Unbelievably he was at the main gate before we were despite the fact we were on main street heading for the gate when we called him! What a nice young man. He dropped us at a better indian than the one we'd googled and gave us his card so we could get back just as quickly as we came.

After a really good meal OGL called the cab. I saw him looking a bit perplexed and said 'will he be long?' OGL replied that 'He wasn't in but I left a message'. 'A message!... for a taxi?' I replied. A quick squint at his phone revealed OGL had left a message to some guy in Watford to pick us up asap from the indian edge (5*'s btw!) in Kenilworth! The right number got our man in 2 ticks and we back by 11 drinking OGL's red wine under the club shelter. Fortunately we all fell asleep before Stuart could find his 96 page photographic history of everything he has ever done with his Striker starting with the visit to the factory for a test drive. Ask yourself this: Who takes a picture of their road car in an industrial estate just in case they order a kit and decide to record the build and every hillclimb etc, and need a good 'starting' photo? You are a sad man Stuart!

Overnight rain saw Stuart 'up at 6 as always' and very keen to join us in the camper when Nik surfaced at 8ish. That kind of drizzle that wets you to the bone didn't dampen spirits though - a monster fry up by Bob set us all up for the day ahead. CLICK! By packing up time the weather was glorious and the trip back was a pretty happy affair for all! Roll on the next overnighter. I wouldn't miss it!(*prize for translation)

May meeting had yet another new member - welcome Howard! Now i'm not saying his exhaust is noisy, but having just explained to Stuart that Howard lives only a couple of miles away, I was then able to say "Oh, that sounds like him setting off, turning out of his drive, heading up the road... Drigh' traffic lights, didn't heel and toe... oh here he is look!" Actually it's one of the quieter bike cars I've heard - and now Rob has set it up it's one of the best handling! Howard just has what we call in the trade a 'lead foot'! Howards yellow (!) car was followed by 4 more! In a tragic turn of events the 6th car was blue so no record there then. Who says car clubs are dull! Plans were made for the Stoneleigh show and then - er... bar!

Early April was duly the inaugural Manor meeting. Arriving first Nik was greeted soon by a Yellow kitcar. Then another yellow car arrived - and another, and a 4th, 5th and sixth. My Red Mk1 MR2 was looking like it was only red at the embarrasment of not being yellow! The turn out peaked at 12 cars - and we adjourned eventually to the bar where we could talk rubbish at one another in peace. Great idea 'The Manor'... who suggested that? ;-)!

The March meeting saw hardy souls standing round 4 cars in the carpark wondering 2 things...'Why is my car at home in bed?' and 'Why am I chatting in the cold and smelling someones petrol leak when I could be in a warm pub? In the warm pub the momentous decision was taken to relocate from April onwards to The Manor Golf club at Drighlington on the A650. A private room and quiet car park in lovely surroundings are the reason!

The Old Corn mill was alive with merriment on February 2nd when The Quiz exercised member’s minds. There were six rounds of 10 questions – Supercars, F1 cars, Rallying, Classic Cars, Films & Cars, and Cars & Stars. Eight 2 person teams (three of which had 3 members!!?) puzzled away. First with quiet concentration, more latterly with jovial banter turning to open warfare when discussions over schemes of marking caused a deal of confusion. There were six rounds and a good night was had by all. 

5th January: regular meeting saw over 20 members attend. Everyone had a copy of the Club championship entry form and calendar. Entries would be lovely at this point - make your organisers think you are looking forward to some fun!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

20th December: Christmas dinner was attended by 26 members and friends. Dave cleverly managed to blag an upgrade. Good time had by all!

25th October: The 2007 event calendar was added to the site.

6th October: Meeting at the Old Corn Mill decided on Club name, elected a committee, and drank some beer. Someone wore a flat cap and came in a car older than most members (but not the driver).We are a ‘Broad Church’ car club for all types of hand-built cars. Our car membership currently includes the following makes; Striker, Fury, SSC, MK, SSC, Westfield, Vindicator, Dax, Locost. Mini, Mk2 Escort, Austin A40, etc. Whilst most cars are purely for the road some are specialist competition cars such as hill climbing or auto-testing.

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