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Formed initially from a group of like-minded people over a decade ago the informal club became official in October 2006.

Many members of the Club have a long history of competing in motor sport events, with members competing at a high level in Hillclimbs, Sprints, Autocross, Autotests, circuit racing, Rallies, and Navigational Runs. It aims to be encouraging to new members to start competing and then providing the stimulus for them to further develop their skills.

Many members of the club come to it with no competitive inclination, but simply a love of the hand-built car and the open road, and the cheerful friendship of like minded enthusiasts. The club runs many events to cater for these members too. Of course many competitive members like to join in with the social side too!

Our programme of events is formulated annually and constantly updated, and we welcome requests from all members. If people want to do it, in a roadster, and it's legal, we'll organise it! (Probably).

Our main object is to encourage interest in enjoying wind-in-the-hair, seat-of-the-pants motoring in all its forms, and our emphasis is on 4 wheeled hand-built or modified cars and motorsport. Membership is open to adults of any age or sex with neither age, nor type of car owned, precluding participation. It is not necessary to own a vehicle to gain the benefit from our club as armchair enthusiasts and spectators are just as welcome but members active with their own transport gain the most. As part of its communication process, the Club also publishes 'Torque Tales', its own newsletter containing news and information for members. There is a continuing need for willing helpers, both male and female at our events and there is a vital and interesting role to be played by anyone keen to act as a marshal or other representative of the Club. Are you interested in finding out more? Then come down to one of the events in our calendar, or our monthly 'first Friday' meet The Old Colonial, Dunbottle Lane, Mirfield, WF14 9JJ just off the A62 or the A644 at Mirfield (M62 - junction 25 eastbound or J27 westbound.  You can then meet the members of the friendliest motor club in the North, or apply for membership by either downloading the membership form or by e-mailing membership@northernroadsters.co.uk for details of how to join by snail mail.

Check our calendar page for details of our forthcoming activities.

Latest News

2018 Gregorian Penultimatus and a nice tough quiz started the evening. Mick came and went. Seasick P had other engagements but CD1 – where was he ? The guest beer on tap was called ‘7’  and had to be drunk because we all drive ‘Sevens’ except Mr. Darkbeer who does drive a Seven so he drank the other guest beer, number 11. With the new beat chum at the bar he now wants to take up dancing but can't stand the point or all those jazz hands. However, ‘Digger land’ was well enjoyed by those that went. 
Conversations varied from De Dion axles and F1 cars De Dion theory and other such suspension talk. The racing tiger upgrades are not yet finished, the target is to lose 60 kg before Tiggergal can have her winkers but the beast should be a better a balanced machine after it all, especially after some driving school tips.  Lulu-man showed videos of the Sprint at Cadwell, Fencewrecker Junior is now a beer and whisky addict ! Mini handling is dependant on wheel sizes with 10 inch much better than 13 inch. Smaller is better. Vietnam is now a venue for F1! A new street race but will they have to negotiate the bicycles? Track limits could be interesting as overdoing track limits may have issues running over landmines.  The Christmas Dinner menu was passed around and mostly sorted with only a few ‘we didn’t know the date’ comments. It’s only been on the website for a year.  The next social gatherings are the bonfire party on Saturday 3rd and the 100th anniversary Armistice Car Parade on the 11th.  See you all there.

October - A very busy pub for those attending so we had to split into two factions east and west squeezed into the cosy corner. But where was Seasick P ? -Yerting in a tent somewhere and Gulfdriver was currying somewhere for an anniversary.  The Nomads were there but with no house yet. 
Various topics of conversation were Tractor pulling tales - apparently size matters! cornering techniques treating a bend as a 50p piece apparently it's faster. (Mmmmmm really – ed), ZZR vs. ZZS tyres and the confusion of what list is which so confusion reigns over which are legal and can be used? Last year was different to this year – MSA eh? – Huh !! Etna and Italy, Sorrento, Positano, Capri & Corfu holidays talked about.
Some debate occurred about the Lotus now in bits. The new chassis from Arch Motors (noted as the original suppliers) has been used but does that change the car VIN?  Nobody knows. Immaterial really as it's just a track car. Fencewrecker’s son was out partying for the first time. However Papa was worried (that he was sober !). Sec talked of the 60’s but he can't remember much of them – so good times were to be had. 
Some misunderstanding occurred when discussion turned to Brazilians – OGL & Mr. Corgi both had similar thoughts but were down the wrong track. 
Johnny Petrolhead proudly announced he was involved in the production of Viagra, and then it was time to abandon ship and go home.

September First Friday ..... 8 cars present - 2 of them yellow. Silly quips sent in from those toasting themselves far away places.  Non attendance is not an excuse even in foreign climes. Latest car builder picks up first speeding points - seen as badges of honour!

Hot August Panorama Pictures as 17 bods in 9 cars plus tintops cluttered up the car park. A few panoramic pics were taken with the more athletic sprinting to pose at both ends of the picture.  Mr Darkbeer had his car there in spirit but now in heaven so not physically there but he has his eyes on a replacement cat so is off to Harewood to seal the deal. Gulfboy’s car now has its MOT but a lumpy tickover so Tigerman took over with magic hands and played the throttle position sensor game sorted it. Gulfboy was so please he lost his phone under the seat which took a deal of manipulation to retrieve.  Good to see both Mr and Mrs Seasick P and Sec was aghast as she told us of “Cost Centre number 1's” misadventures.  Johnny Petrolhead told tales of Wuthering Heights hostels and how his “Cost Centre number 1” dumps any boyfriend who happens to like dad.  New potential member Steve came with a brand spanking tasty bright red Westie with a brilliant configurable dash board.  Marlinman and Fencewrecker made the grade at Blyton with 118 laps with the latter doing just an extra half lap due to the Marlin losing the throttle cable on its very last lap otherwise it would have been tops. All the bonnets had to come off of course to compare the shiny bits.  Tigergals new car is called Tilly, so is in good company with Milly and Molly. Milly’s rear lights are brighter than Blackpool illuminations requiring sunspecs for those following Mr. Corgi has finally joined the Tec-age with a new iPhone so is now in WhatsApp range.

July Expectations. With the World Cup in full flow with hopes of it coming home one car is dead, one is awaiting MOT, one is in bits awaiting diff set up for Hillclimb use, one is now free from its captive drive building jut finished but couldn’t get an MOT slot, Mr Tango has his car due for a new wing repair as well and Sec just didn't bring his car!  So the cost of repairs was hot on the agenda - where do values come from Mr. Darkbeer’s car is £17,000 to repair – mostly labour but there are only three similar in the country for sale –one at £24k. He does now want a tank. Conversation then turned to the last event where one HMC member was VERY lucky with a QR boss steering wheel failure at 100 mph but his car is only £7k to repair. Even so, luckily the tree branch went above the leg Sec worryingly discussed his Fritzl cellar and regaled tales of plod’s embarrassment with old-fashioned style seatbelt's and pop out indicators. Conversation then turned to IVA and required indicator positions, rolling road problems with calibration of speedos on rolling roads with LSDs. Mr. Darkbeer fancied an automatic lawnmower then Tigerman then mentioned someone with an auto-vac managing to smear the doggy poop accident all over the carpet one night ! Blandy's fantasy garage is the envy of many with a tractor too.  Deliberation raged about Mustangs/Mondeos/Mercedes and Stangs vs. Vettes.  OGL liking the latter but most preferring the horse. A busy weekend of fun sees an England match to be viewed at the pub adorned with waistcoats, a Cars in the  Park & Harwood hilclimb.

The fourth Filey Fish and Chip Run. 13 Made it. Sec & the Tiger Twins dissented to Silverstone (two competing on a late passover entry, the other acting as pit boy. Mr. Darkbeer blobbed because there may be a cloud or two – no excuse! The first rendezvous was at Miller & Carter and setting off on time in bright sunshine at 9.15 prompt to RV on route with the rest. The remainder arrived at the Old Red Lion to a photo shoot – the landlady was impressed. Then onwards to Seaways for a coffee stop & bike feast. Onwards and eastwards into the overcast, passing the prancing horse and reaching the North Bay car park without any farmyard detours. The weather was OK if only 14 degrees. The ensemble descended down to the landing and of the breeze for fresh cooked fish and chips. 
Entertainment was provided by two yokels trying to launch their day boat first nearly running us over at forty MPH on the sand then getting stuck reversing into the ocean. So attempt number two included unhooking the beached trailer, attaching a forty foot rope that soon became fifty foot following the leap up the seashore as the vessel catapulted forwards nearly knocking papa over and spearing the back of the 4x4 luggermobile. Eventually the boat was launched but father had to wade up to his chest to catch it floating away in the breeze. Grand amusement. With the clowns parked safely the mandatory sandcastles were made before half opted to test Olivers Mount café whilst the other half walked on the prom to the paddling puddle where the sun properly came out. Young (and old) played and chatted for an hour before walking back to the North Cliff to meet the cake hunters and set off in convoy on the way home passing by the bad accident which must have only just happened. Comments later said it could have been one of us if we haven't stopped off for fuel! All got home safe and sound with no breakdowns this year. All in all a grand day out.

Misfortunate June and early attendees having tea saw Mr. Tango shake in after being run into en Route, the posh Jaguar diver likes oranges it seems. Not too much damage but a new wing required. So after tea everyone hotfooted out to look at his car followed by random standing around each vehicle in turn generally chatting and looking at shiny bits. Johnny Petrolhead talked about ‘cats’ for MOTs, Mr. Corgi talked about his new kitty and vets bills galore ! The Tiger Twins have a misfire following the Scammy event and after scrounging some sparky leads & new NGK's are ready for Blyton. Gulfman’s car is still stuck in the garage awaiting completion of the drive. Not turned a wheel in the fine weather - timing is everything! Collective nouns for kit cars were a topic with the most probable conclusion being a ‘frustration’.  Mr. MK having just completed jury service brought out some conversational points and showed off the new front wing on the supreme green Saab MK. Everyone likes the green colour. Plans were muted to go to the Cock of the North road race. Various offsets seemed to crop up, Fencewrecker having new spacers to fill the arches properly, Seasick P having some & Mr. Tango now having a big one! Spring rates for a comfy supersoft compliant suspension  Filey Fish & Chip run out itinerary was sorted before we all drove off into the warm night.

Sizzling Stonleigh. The weather was hot hot hot and 17 eventually made it in 13 cars to the same place as last year. A good thing since the old camping pitch was still a paddy  field after recent rain and the MNR transporter got stuck up to the axles.  Mr Darkbeer was on daughter duties and anyway doesn't do camping and Gulfdriver has a good excuse since the baby was on its way. Seasic P was on hospital duties with family. OGL nearly didn't get there - breaking down 4 miles from the Showground running on no electrics alternator. Johnny Petrolhead & Sec came to the rescue put some juice in the battery so he could  drive the last 3 miles with the pair riding shotgun. Everyone descended on the car to test what the problem was and confirmed the alternator had packed up but with no warning light.. And attempt was made to pre-book a breakdown for the next day to flatbed the car home but this corrupts the system so it would have to be attempted the next day. Sizzling Stoneleigh. Tigerman wined all the way down (that's straight cut gears  for you). A busy show with a few tuning company omissions but the major manufacturers were there (except Caterham).  Sporadic barbecues were fired up for an afternoon tea and followed by a perimeter lap round in search of more beer. We chanced on the North West Oners Group stand where CD! And dad were and watched some half price pizzas being delivered (all 17 of them) and MP3 passed round a very swig-able apple whiskey from America before cajoling a few in to the fluorescent orange alcopopapothecary when the next door stand sponsored by a beer company announced that had an excess so we just had to help out! The temperature dropped dramatically in the evening but was survivable if wrapped up warm. The talking continued on into the early hours before the hard turned is as well. The following morning saw breakfast at the farm shop and more laps around the show. OGL phoned the breakdown in and much joy and frivolity was had as the car was loaded onto the trailer with pity for the driver to be trapped in a cab with OGL chattering incessantly fro 120 miles. The reminder set off in convoy an hour behind with Tigerman whining all the way home. Everyone got home safely and let's hope the weather is as good for next year! Talk is there will be a tripleheader band on the Saturday night so it may be a full weekend affair next year.

May 4th be with you – Plenty cars came out to play for the first time this year. The nomads are still nomadic but no Sec this month as he was having a culture night at the theatre so Darfdriver lowered the tone instead with tales to the assembled clan about Ravensthorpe ramblings and daylight liaisons - shocking all it seems. The Tiger twins are set to go racing starting on the 20th. The new tiger is set for the IVA and should pass easily ready for the roads and track. Mr Darkbeer enjoyed a 100 : 1 girl boy ratio concert at the garden centre but couldn't find the correct toilet in the expansive display of 50 new bathrooms but did find the frog gnomes. Johnny Petrolhead confessed he is into gnomes with a frog adorning the drive then entertained us with USA relaxed gun laws and the stupid strict drink laws in Denver where you need an ID drink under 15 but anyone can fire a weapon ! Mr.Darkbeer also has designs on the plastic palm trees at Batley and wants to convert his house into a Thunderbird Island set with the black panther splitting the trees on departure from the garage.  Tigerman admitted he can't change straight cut gears easily on track. Data protection forms signed for those present. Roll on Stoneleigh but Mr Darkbeer doesn't do camping and Gulfman has a pending new family member ETA bank holiday Monday so aren’t attending

April & Deferred AGM - the Coterie attended the postponed AGM- the longest yet. OGL must be slipping.  The Junta sidestepped and became the banger of the baton loaf admirably assisting proceedings.  A new promotional media position created with existing posts re elected and dynamic H&S risk assessment proposed for every venue attended and more trips out penned for this year with Thornes Park car show getting on the list, maybe a mid month venue meet or a First Friday drive around to pastures elsewhere.  A list was passed around for people to add more ideas summer/winter trips out, social events or perhaps a barbeque hunt.  Ideas so far muted - going to the dogs/speedway/tractor pulling/bowling/eating/breakfast club, TOCA, etc.  Mr. Darkbeer fancies becoming the Adults Entertainment Officer!  Watch this space. 
Events since the last gathering see the nomads as still nomadic, OGL had windscreen washer woes, Sec had snow woes as his car set off down the hill and had an accident all by itself, on the ice and snow whilst he was watching telly at the time.  The TiggaTwins are nearly ready for IVA and MOT to get the Martini completed and on the road and the beast on the track but illogical changing MSA tyre lists causing frustrations.  Gulfdriver told us about his mini adventures of youth with spurious copper stops and how Westfield's (and Minis) were not square, Sec and Tigerman talked about gearboxes and years of gears  So with tonsils oiled, the world sorted, an extensive year mapped out, costs ratified races penned everyone set off home but where were the lemon pancakes?

Snow Show AGM – The Beast from the East battered the hills and dales and the Pests from the West were hunkered under drifts so, the AGM is postponed until April First Friday. A couple of Yokels made it in, Mr Darkbeer and the TiggrTwins plotted a mutiny with the new sheriff in town clad in ceremonial robes of LUFC shades.  The new rules immediately set by ‘Fidel’ Darkbeer consisted of increased club fees to cover the costs of Fidel’s replacement M&S R888’s and rules of how to get full marks at the quiz with every answer being Kylie…… Marshals Tigerman and Tiggergal posted possessive placard rights to Cas Town warning all to stay away, no doubt this will not be hard to heed.  The quiz on Wednesday will doubtless see the new ruling junta deposed and the failed coup d'état quashed and consigned to the annals of lore.

February First Friday and a meal for many early attendees helped down with lots of retro music from the birthday party.  The only person turning up in a kit was Mr Corgi braving the sub zero temperatures !  Mr Darkbeer walked the bad week blues away and cheered up once oily bits were discussed.  Tigerman now has 7 seats but only 2 cars, and one car has two seats fixed already!   Fencewrecker has one car and no seats !  Tiggergal was showing off her partly clad body to everyone who cared to look at the photos.  A sight but no blue stripes showing yet  Tiger man is barred from working on his own car until ‘Martini’ is completed and a big push needed to finis the build to get ready to fit in with the hectic social events and 2018 competition calendar.  Johnny Petrolhead questioned the durability of BMW bushes and Mr Corgi questioned the cost of government courses teaching you how to do the job you do daily and already know.   Both the international and league ‘egg chaser’ season started this week and sparked a debate of rugby vs. rugby with  a debate of which is the best and proper discipline .  No actual conclusion was reached.   Sec admitted mixing up his pop artists way back in the day, hob-knobbing with the stars.  Seasick P thinks offspring no. 1 looks cool with the accidental skinhead cut but   Cost Centre One didn’t seem to agree.  Many are sad to see the grade girls go.  Most subs are now paid but more will be accepted by anybody not yet handing over their cash.  The AGM is next month.

New Years first meet January 2018 and the question is raised - Is it 12th night yet? Some say 5th some the 6th. The pub decorations were still looking very festive even though half were removed!  Mr Tango is back and good to see he is OK and is now added to the WhatsApp group. A small motorsports quiz started the proceedings then various tales of the festive holiday were told.  Tiggergal transformed her holiday in an exceptional creating much jealously amongst the other lasses! Holly Willoughby was there too and OGL announced she is his mate although she didn't know it at the time.  Mr. Darkbeer likes the USA because it has trucks, big cars, muscle cars, barbecues made from Tractors, gung galore, big birds and belly dancing barmaids. Tigerman has been given window of opportunity to put the gearbox back in his Tiger before work recommences on the build of ‘she who thinks she is obeyed’s build.  Fencewrecker's dad apparently likes washing phones (in toilets).  A new business idea for a sure fired Dragons Den investment cert for a spiffing local business venture was countered a little until the possibility of a pole to gyrate the ‘meat’ round was mentioned.  Some talked about ECU’s, V6 Mazda & Ford engines and which gearboxes mate up, hydrodynamic catamaran sailing theory and the technology of the Americas Cup boats, others about driving instructor teaching on the limit counter steering to steer into a circle. This years events calendar is planned in outline and new ideas are being put forward so keep an eye out for updates on the Calendar page. Christmas dinner is the diary so no confusion this year.

For more narratives of  our monthly gatherings and adventures take a look at our History page

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